Woman Kicks Cop in Balls, Offers Oral Sex For Apology & No Arrest

Woman offers oral sex to cop


Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures, but this lady may have taken it a little too far.

Via WESH.com:

Beatrize Carrion-Moore was charged with trespassing after warning, resisting arrest with violence and battery on a law enforcement officer, court records show.

Deputies responded to Boonies Bar at 14555 Southern Blvd. in West Palm Beach Friday night in response to a report of an unwanted guest.

Deputies spoke to the bar manager, who said she was having trouble with an intoxicated patron.

The manager told deputies that a week earlier she had an issue with the same woman who was offering oral sex to customers for money, the report said.

The woman, later identified as Carrion-Moore, became angry when she was asked once again in the presence of the deputy to leave the establishment and said that it was not right that she was being asked to leave, the report said.

When a deputy attempted to place Carrion-Moore in handcuffs, she pulled away and was able to slip out of the cuffs, according to the report.

After a brief struggle, both the deputy and Carrion-Moore fell to the ground, deputies said. When deputies tried to seat Carrion-Moore in the patrol car, she tried to climb up the side of the door panel in an attempt at resistance, the report said. She began repeatedly kicking at deputies, ultimately hitting a deputy in his upper thigh and groin several times, the report said.

Once she was secured in the back of the patrol car, Carrion-Moore continued to offer the deputy oral sex in exchange for letting her go, the report said. The sequence of events was captured on car audio and video surveillance.

From the looks of her mugshot, I’m sure she doesn’t regret anything she’s done.

Financial Aid Worker Arrested For Giving Grants In Exchange For Oral Sex

Financial aid worker

According to KXLY,

The director of financial aid for North Idaho College has been arrested in the wake of an investigation begun after a Craigslist.com post was discovered that offered NIC grant money to students in exchange for sexual favors.

Joseph Bekken, 36, was arrested Wednesday by Coeur d’Alene Police detectives for five felony charges, including attempted misuse of public funds, attempted procurement of prostitution, burglary, bribery and using a computer in a scheme to defraud.

He is currently in custody at the Kootenai County Public Safety Building.

It started with a post in the “Casual Encounters” section of Craigslist. “Hello, I have a proposition for NIC students. Email me and we can discuss,” followed by three common acronyms indicating the poster was looking for sex.

Spokane Police originally found the post, forwarded it onto the FBI, who got in touch with Coeur d’Alene Police.

Police worked with NIC administration to set up a fake student account and set up an email address. An officer began emailing the poster of the ad, pretending to be a female student.

During their correspondence, Bekken awarded $587 of NIC grant money into the fake student’s account. Police arranged a meet up, still pretending to be the female student.

“This director was using his influence and his position to misuse these funds in exchange for a personal sex act,” explained Chief Lee White.

On February 2, the day of the meet-up, Bekken showed up to the location of the fake student’s apartment, and so did police.

Bekken has since been removed from the college website and fired.  Wonder how many students took him up on his offer.

JR Smith Tells Fan On Twitter, He Gave The Fan’s Mom Oral Sex (Photo)

black sports online jr smith tweet oral

After being the goat of the Knicks loss to the Miami Heat he’s been getting an earful on twitter. But in typical JR Smith fashion instead of turning the other cheek he decided to retaliate in the most lewd way possible.

Jr Smith Tweets

JR wasn’t done.

JR Smith Tweets 2

Will this garner enough anguish in the social media world that the league may give JR a call? If you recall, he has been fined for his Twitter antics, before when he posted photos of rapper Joe Budden’s Ex-Girlfriend Tahiry booty from the team hotel.  

If a fan comes at you in a disrespectful fashion, to me it becomes fair game, but the comment that was made wasn’t out of line.  There was also some truth to it, since JR Smith’s turnover sealed the comeback win for the Heat.

JR might want to spend a little more time in the gym and less time on Twitter, because those 5-18 shooting performances and bone headed end of the game decisions are going to cost the Knicks even more when the playoffs start.

Stop being so sensitive, JR.