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Graham didn't have much of a choice considering penalties in the regular season have much bigger ramifications than penalties in the preseason. Plus, Sean Payton...

No wonder Drew Brees thinks he can keep playing until he's 45-years-old. When you possess not only a rifle arm, but this kind of...

I thought this was a new UFC move or something. The case is pretty simple. The Saints want to franchise tag Graham as a tight...

http://youtu.be/TSPuymFuCnA The NFL was a Petty Croker for this.

Someone give this guy a head coaching job. https://twitter.com/NFLTalkRT/status/444938036355534848 https://twitter.com/garlandgillen/statuses/444903098700423168 https://twitter.com/CreolePocahonas/status/444945463792250880

I guess Porter will be getting a Redskins haircut now. https://twitter.com/NBCdianna/status/444163475137630208

Understandable position if you are Sproles and it doesn't appear the Saints are keeping him in the loop and that is adding to his...

While Darren Sproles on his way out, Pierre Thomas will be staying in the NO. https://twitter.com/CLamontSmith/status/443769600811868160

This is the new age media world we live in now. https://twitter.com/DarrenSproles/status/443535406026346496 https://twitter.com/DarrenSproles/status/443535655730036736

Saints trying to change things up with their offense? https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/441679104300290048