Details on Why Turkish Soccer Fans Burn Stadium Down After Loss (Video)


Fans of the Turish Futbol Club Eskisehirspor sure do take losing hard. According to RT, three people were injured by a fire set in the stadium after Eskisehirspor were defeated 2-1 by Medipol Basaksehir.

As the final whistle blew, the disappointed supports began slowly destroying the stadium by tearing out seats and setting billboards and bleachers on fire. As the items burned, they were thrown onto the field.

Some fans also overturn the goals as a sign of showing their frustration with the loss. The defeat secured that the club will be relegated from the top division next season.

Luckily, the stadium which was built in 1953 is being demolished  as Eskisehirspor will be moving to a new 33,000 seat stadium next season.


Soccer Fan Fails to Smuggle 24 Beers Into Stadium (Video)

Turkish Fan Beer Smuggle

The price of beer in stadiums are astronomical and it might be no different in Turkey where one fan tried to do what no other man before him has ever done before. Sneak in 24 beers into a Turkish soccer game. Just watch this search in all it’s glory.

Just to be clear, I don’t know if anyone has ever smuggled in that many beers into a Turkish soccer game but I’m sure that somewhere it’s been done already. Here we have this guy’s failed attempt on video for us to marvel at as well as his buddy just standing in the back just watching all the sweet nectar from the beer gods being taken away. I mean the security just keeps finding beer after beer from random pockets. The guy even had a vest he was wearing under his shirt with many pockets. Now, I have heard that they do not even sell beer in Turkey for soccer games so maybe he was just bringing the party to the stadium. This guy gets an A for effort in my book, although I don’t know what the punishment is in Turkey for this so let’s hope it wasn’t serious since the way the video ends doesn’t bode well.

Team USA Overcomes Shaky First Half to Beat Turkey 98-77


Well the nostalgia from Team USA’s demolishing of Finland didn’t last long as Team USA had a bit of a scare versus Turkey before finally pulling away to win 98-77 by a respectable 19 points. Team USA looked like they were reeling going into the half down  40-35, or maybe it was disinterest. They looked uninspired all half long and when the second half started they began to go into the middle to the Brow. Anthony Davis scored all 19 of his points in the second half off 8 for 11 shooting adding 6 rebounds and 2 blocked shots including 11 points in the 3rd frame.KennethFaried

The real star of the night was the Manimal, Kenneth Faried, who had a huge night for Team USA leading all scorers with 22 points off a tight 11 for 14 shooting along with 8 rebounds, 3 steals, and 2 blocked shots of his own. The huge motor player played 28 minutes, more than any other player on Team USA. Fairied and Davis combined for 33 of Team USA’s 63 second half points. The huge discrepancies in the team statistics came in the turnover category, where Team USA had 12 while forcing Turkey into 28, and steals where Team USA had 17 steals to only 2 by Turkey.

Team USA outscored Turkey 63-37 in the second half when they concentrated their scoring in the middle. James Harden was third in scoring with 14 points off 4 of 7 shooting. Derrick Rose played 17 minutes and was 0 for 4 with 2 points, 2 turnovers and no assists another “not so good” stat line for Rose.

Team USA got away with a lackadaisical performance and cannot bring this kind of game vs Argentina or Spain and hope to win. Team USA has Monday off and will be back on the court vs New Zealand on Tuesday, September 2nd at 5:30 pm EST.

Soccer Fan Stabbed To Death After Match In Turkey

black sports online fenerbahce fan stabbed to death


Absolutely tragic news from Turkey, as we are once again reminded of the dark side of fanaticism.

A Fenerbahce fan was stabbed to death by Galatasaray supporters following a derby  between the two rival teams.

The man stabbed was 20-year-old Burak Yildirim while on his way home from a game on Sunday night. Reports state he was stabbed in the heart by two people wearing Galatasaray apparel while at a bus stop.

Police have established their identities have launched a man hunt. Let’s hope they are caught and brought to justice.

Senseless violence in every way possible.

H/T: Fox Sports

Atlanta Hawks Zaza Pachulia Taking His Talents To Turkey Too?

It looks like the only basketball organization winning during the NBA lockout is Turkey’s.

Earlier this week news broke that Nets guard Deron Williams signed on to play for Turkish club Besiktas that would take him to Turkey but would allow him to return once the lockout end. The same club is also trying to get Kobe Bryant to jump ship and now the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that Hawks backup center Zaza Pachulia could play for Turkey too during the lockout.

Pachulia, who is under contract with the Hawks for the 2011-12 and 2012-13 seasons for a total of about $10 million, said he has a “verbal agreement” to play next season for Turkish club Besiktas.

“They have interest, I have interest and we have talked about price,” Pachulia said. “It’s not official now.”

Just like Williams, Pachulia’s contract with Besiktas would immediately terminate when NBA owners and players agree on a new labor deal.

This is a good move for Pachulia. Its extra money in his pockets, more playing time, and he’ll technically be back home.

Zaza is originally from Georgia (the country) which boarders Turkey.

I wouldn’t be surprise if more reserved players like Zaza make the trip overseas to play ball. They don’t make the same money as the starters so the lockout will affect them more finically.

As a Hawks fan I am concern about Zaza possibly getting injured. Zaza is one of toughest players on the Hawks roster. Dude isn’t afraid to get in your face (ask Kevin Garnett and Jason Richardson), and he’s a good player too.

Hopefully this lockout ends sooner rather than later. If not then every player will probably be overseas and David Stern would not like that.


Stephen A. Smith Calls Deron Williams Ignorant & a Selfish Fool

Here is what Stephen A. had to say.

The only thing worse than unmitigated selfishness is a selfish fool too preoccupied to notice the collateral damage caused from his actions, and too distracted to care.

Forgive New Jersey Nets star guard, Deron Williams, and his ignorance. The man just doesn’t know any better.

“It’s not good,” one player told me on Thursday, demanding anonymity before saying a word. “Williams’ move makes sense if you’re about getting that cash. Nobody can blame him for that. But when you’re talking about these negotiations, it’s suppose to be about unity.”

“Here’s the bottom line,” a league executive told me Thursday. “Not only does Williams help the Nets by remaining in basketball shape and helping to globalize the brand, but he divides the players in a way without even knowing it.

Yesterday I spoke about Williams considering taking his talents to Turkey and I felt it wasn’t the right move more so for injury concerns than anything else.

To call him ignorant and a selfish fool for wanting to play ball I think is a bit harsh.

The NBA Lockout isn’t about Deron Williams going to Turkey or Michael Beasley smoking weed, it is about the NBA trying to choke out the players because they can’t handle their own spending.

I disagree with Stephen A. I believe if more players go over to Europe it weakens the league’s leverage and strengthens the Union position.

In the NFL the players don’t have a viable second option to play ball, but that isn’t the case in the NBA.

Even if you agree with Stephen A., I believe the language of calling someone ignorant and selfish is too strong in this situation, especially against someone like Deron Williams who doesn’t warrant those type of labels.

Furthermore I think it is much more damning and dividing when players are “talking off the record” to Stephen A.,  than Williams going overseas to play.

I am sure Stephen A. didn’t tell his source he was being moist and a punk by not being man enough to put his name behind the quotes.

Leave the name calling to Skip Bayless, Stephen.

Kobe Bryant to Follow Deron Williams to Turkey?

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. What’s horrible for one person may be the best thing that ever happened for someone else. It’s really all just perspective. And in the case of the 2011 NBA Lockout, the big winner may turn out to be Turkish team Besiktas.

Recently, news broke out that Nets guard Deron Williams inked a deal with Turkish club Besiktas that would take him to Turkey but would allow him to return once the lockout ends. Considering that the Nets gave up half of Newark to acquire the All-Star guard earlier this year, this news has to upset the entire Nets basketball community. The cons of going to Turkey outweigh the pros, especially for an injury prone star like Williams.

However, this could get worse for the NBA as Ergin Ataman, the coach of the Turkish club Besiktas, has set his eyes on Lakers’ shooting guard Kobe Bryant. Sources close to Bryant indicate that he would be willing to take his talents overseas if the lockout goes on for an extended period of time.

In regards to Kobe’s possible future in Turkey, Ataman said:

“After we signed Deron, we started to look around and find a friend of his, find other NBA stars, who want to come over and play with us, If Kobe wants to play with Deron in Istanbul, we can discuss this.”

This whole prospect of stars playing in Turkey seems far-fetched, but as long as it remains even a remote possibility, it just might force the NBA to get their act together.

Think about it for a moment. Kobe and Deron are both established stars who clearly do not need financial compensation to weather a lockout, and putting their careers in jeopardy for a short stint would not be in the best interests of their teams which both rely on them heavily. Lakers and Nets fans certainly would be upset if their star injures themselves overseas. Additionally, if other NBA players come out and state their intentions to take their talents overseas, this could grow into a real problem for the NBA.

If Suns point guard Aaron Brooks can go overseas and crack the starting lineup, it could inspire many other bench players stuck behind NBA stars. Considering that certain NBA backups could also use some cash during the lockout, this could cause a massive problem for the entire league.

If this doesn’t do anything, at the very least it might spur us to a new CBA.

Allen Iverson Says He Isn’t Broke..Spending Nights at TGI Fridays

Allen Iverson is the type of athlete that fifty years from now they are going to make a biopic about.

He is the anti-Jordan.

Everyone wanted to be like Mike, but more inner city kids were actually like Iverson.  Allen Iverson didn’t take the easy route to super-stardom. [Read more…]

Allen Iverson: “I Am Very Happy In Istanbul”, But Does He Want Out?

Allen Iverson wants to let you know that since he has Faded to Turkey, he is a very happy man.  He went to Twitter to assure all of his fans and true friends that everything is good in Istanbul and his family are very comfortable.

This is despite reports that he is ready to come back to the states. [Read more…]