Al Horford To Choose Between Celtics & Wizards


Al Horford has no interest in playing alongside Dwight Howard, and will now make a Saturday night free agent decision that has come down to the Boston Celtics or Washington Wizards per Adrian Wojnarowski.

Horford had been negotiating a five-year contract with Atlanta, but talks stalled – and the Hawks moved quickly to sign free agent Dwight Howard and re-sign guard Kent Bazemore.

Horford in leaving the Hawks — will sign a four-year, $113 million maximum contract with one of those two Eastern Conference up and comers.

According to Peachtree Hoops — Horford was none to pleased that the Hawks forked over $24 million per season to Dwight Howard — signing the Atlanta native to a 3-year, $70 million deal.

When comparing the two — Howard is actually an upgrade in one key category — with his defensive rebounding helping the Hawks correct a problem that has plagued the organization for years now.

President Obama Has Interest in Owning an NBA Team, But Which One?

President Obama Mic DropPresident Obama is looking to take his immense love for sports; more particularly, NBA basketball, to the next level.
According to a report published by the Washington Post, the President is seriously eyeing ownership of an NBA franchise:

There has been plenty of speculation about how President Obama, who is only 54, will pass the time when he leaves the White House. White House press secretary Josh Earnest added one more possibility to the list: NBA owner.

The proclamation came with a lot of caveats: “potentially, if the opportunity arose, under the right circumstances.” Earnest, though, was clear on one point: The president has “discussed” being part of an NBA franchise ownership group.

Obama’s first choice would most likely be the Chicago Bulls, which is his favorite professional team. But Obama already has said that he plans to stay in Washington for at least the next two years so that his younger daughter can finish high school. Such geographical proximity probably puts the Washington Wizards into play.

Obviously, a politician’s (even the President of the United States) salary isn’t enough to be a majority NBA owner, however, if he wanted, I don’t believe the President would have too much of an issue putting the proper people in place to help with the costs.

Stay tuned for any developments with this story.

KD Speaks on Free Agency: “Time to Be Selfish a Bit”

Kevin Durant Lakers Heat, Rockets

As teammates go, there aren’t too many in the National Basketball Association that are as close as Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. According to NBC Sports, that friendship may have to take a backseat as KD will spend the next month or so trying to figure out what is best for business.

“It’s kind of hard to talk to one of my teammates. Obviously, we’ve been through a lot. We know each other very, very well. But it’s one of these things where I just, I’ve just got to hear from me and hear what I want and talk to myself on what I need and how I can make this thing work for myself and just try to be selfish a bit. Obviously, I want to ask for advice. But also, I want to make the decision that’s best for me. I’m sure at some point, me and Russell will sit down and talk.”

One thing that is missing from the Durant quote is any speak about money. That definitely works in Oklahoma City’s favor, as they can offer more money and years than any other organization. Surely, that is a factor, even if he won’t publicly admit it.

As business goes, Westbrook will be in a similar position next offseason, as he will be an unrestricted free agent, and possibly the biggest name in the 2017 Free Agent class. So, while no one thinks that Westbrook would intentionally mislead the former MVP, a lot can change in a year.

The same teams that will be vying for Durant this summer– Lakers, Heat, Rockets, Spurs and Wizards, will have cap space next season as well. So if KD does decide to take his talents elsewhere, there is a possibility that we could get a KD/Russ reunion in 2017.

But first, we have to see what Durant decides is best for business.

Reason Why Kevin Durant Won’t Sign With Wizards

Kevin Durant

They say you can always go home, right? While that may be true, not everyone is too keen on returning to their old stomping grounds. According to Yahoo Sports, Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant is not looking forward to going back to Washington.

According to The Vertical’s Chris Mannix, the former league MVP has no intentions on playing for the Wizards, who just hired Durant’s former head coach in Scott Brooks, because of the off court pressures that come with playing so close to where he grew up.

Durant isn’t bound for Washington, friends say, because … it’s Washington, it’s home, and, like so many athletes, Durant isn’t all that keen on returning to play in the city in which he grew up. Friends, family – some real, some claiming to be – all come out of the woodwork in those situations, and Durant, who has tightened his inner circle considerably in recent years, isn’t interested in dealing with them. His lone trip to D.C. this season was stressful, league sources told The Vertical, reinforcing to friends that wherever Durant signs next summer, Washington won’t be it.

That sounds pretty definitive, if it is the case. But think about it for a second, if he were to go back to Washington, not only would he have to deal with the pressure of trying to prove himself as an all-time great player, but would also be dealing with the additional weight on his shoulders of trying to win a title for the city that he grew up in.

Teams that are still reportedly in the running are Golden State, San Antonio, Los Angeles Lakers and Boston.

Wizards Played Vicious April Fools Joke on Markieff Morris (Photos)

Markieff Morris SunsI’m not usually a fan of April Fools jokes, but this one gets a pass. The Wizards decided to prank Markieff Morris according to SB Nation. Considering all of the dramatics that went on between Morris and the Suns organization during his time with the team, it would’ve been great to be a fly on the wall to see his reaction when he came in the locker room.


One NBA Team Wants Kobe to Play For Them Next Year

NBA team wants Kobe to stayTime it ticking.

The end of an era is upon us. With just a little over a handful of games left, Kobe Bryant is set to give fans all over the country his last go around.

Well, at least we think.

Washington Wizards head coach Randy Wittman wants Kobe to consider sticking around for at least another year.

Now, Wittman is probably joking here, but when it comes to him, who truly knows?

Kobe has been compared to Jordan all of his career, so it would only be fitting for him to make this improbable move.

Who Did Mudiay Call the Fastest Player He’s Ever Seen?

Mudiay reveals the fastest player he's ever played

There’s tons of guys who are capable of getting up and down the court with ease, but none does it faster than this one guy, says rookie Emmanuel Mudiay.

In tonight’s contest, Mudiay went head-to-head with Wall.

Mudiay finished with 20 points, 4 rebounds and 4 dimes, while Wall scored 17 points to go along with 9 dimes and 7 rebounds.

Denver won 117-113.

However, the only guy who may have something to say about Mudiay’s comments is Russell Westbrook.