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Posted By Robert Littal On Tuesday, January 8th, 2013 With 1 Comment

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  1. Andy Anderson says:

    Dear sir,
    I just read you letter of introduction. I congratulate you on your new business.

    However, I feel after reading your letter that you do not have a clue about what the problems are with race issues between whites & blacks.

    One would think that by now everyone would understand this age old issue.

    Just to qualify me as a person that just might have a different view than most black or white person.

    My perspective started in 1955. I was in boot camp for the US Navy. I was stationed in San Diago. CA.

    After my third week of boot camp I and the rest of my company was allowed to go to town for the night.

    There were 8 sailors in our band of trainees. We wanted to get some great food in our bellies.

    We entered the first cafĂ© we came across. We walked in and was waiting to be seated. The hosted approached us and said ” sorry but we do not serve Negros in this restaurant.
    We were all very disappointed. I asked the hostess if she understood that the two black sailors were U.S. Navy Military sailors. I also informed her that they were ready to fight for our country. She replied that she was sorry but the white sailors could take a seat. But the black sailor would have to leave.

    Long story short we went to 4 restaurants and were told the same thing. At the fourth restaurant we were escorted to the police station because we were “causing too much trouble”.

    I owned and operated a retail business for 45 years. I felt like I was on the front lines in a war maneuver.

    I have a story to tell. I would like to get someone like yourself to hear this story.

    America needs to hear this story. The black community needs to hear this story. This story could go a long way in helping people understand just what the story is.

    Racism is very real in the USA. But the reason for the racism is greatly misunderstood.I understand it. I would like someone to hear this story before I die.

    I am 78 1/2 yrs. old. Time is wasting.

    Andy Anderson

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