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Lebron, DWade & Carmello Getting Their Hong Kong Freak On


First, let me say this information is coming from the Chinese version of the National Inquiry so take it for what it is worth. Secondly, the best thing about Melo, DWade and The King getting some "Love Me Long Time" affection is that Kobe Bryant wasn't with them because, if he were, that would have been an international incident. See your BonaFide Sports Expert will travel continents to provide you with stories you just won't get anywhere else. Now I got this as a tip from a Chinese reader who obviously though I could read Chinese because the story is in Chinese. Thanks to the handy "Google Translator," I can bring it to you in English. If the USA doesn't bring home the Gold Medal, we can all blame the Chinese prostitutes.



English translation (it maybe a little off, but you will get the idea):

Dora Macao special correspondent reported eight dream of a certain superstar does not understand the powerful Hong Kong paparazzi, Wednesday morning when James, Wade and Anthony out of their castle - the Venetian hotel, they have been falling into the paparazzi Qi (paparazzi) lens. Hong Kong-based newspaper the full record of three star Macao night process.

U.S. team arrived in Macao Monday from Las Vegas, the entertainment paradise from the United States flew to Asia's entertainment paradise, but on arrival the same day, has been in the Venetian hotel in the gold Arts Museum in training, Tuesday and Wednesday this Two days are also arranged a three-hour daily training. Venetian castle-like hotel, allowing eight dream of all concerned to avoid the star, completed the training to live and fresh line: Arena is closed, the resident is relatively closed. But after two days of nausea, who finally could not help Taiwan to meet out of the sky.

Wednesday 0:30, James, Wade and Anthony at a staff member, accompanied by walking out, "Shen Gong" to Macao a "fight to" the "gold fish tank"-style sauna and entertainment centre. They arranged by hotel limousine to the pier near places of entertainment, it is worth mentioning that the three Taiwan Qingchejiancong, and no special security measures. It is learnt that the "playing the" sauna and massage services entertainment center about 90 minutes AUD 1500, the three stars in "fighting the" selection of all Vietnamese women technicians, said Macao and Vietnam technicians in the best massage techniques and the most Popular. Hong Kong paparazzi after a special interview for the provision of services NBA superstar female technicians, three female technicians at the beginning of work before, have learned about the identity of the person, such as James, has more than once because of previous service for celebrities, so they do not show Special surprise, it is said that the three VIPs only to the 200 Australian dollars as a tip, it is hardly generous.

About two hours later, a pedestrian James returned to the hotel, at this time is Wednesday 2:00 more. It is learned that two years ago in Japan preparing for the world championships, James, Anthony and Wade have three exhibition games in the Hong Kong Shengge night, they had two nights in the Central Volar and celebrities stronghold Drag-on-i all-night rave And the letters "Sanxia prostitution." Perhaps it is, therefore, re-emergence of three in Macao, Hong Kong immediately attracted a pressing personal paparazzi. The U.S. team with a team of reporters has said that Macao great hot weather and humidity, not too many players on tour, do not want these big names out of the evening activities. However, compared to prostitution Sanxia, Gouzi the "waiting" in Bryant was not too much of the harvest, this two-day Bryant's recreational activities, is accompanied by staff in the Venetian hotel in a Niupa Lane Dadanniuba. Wenfeng from some fans, Bryant also did not let the fans disappointing. After a meal, Bryant immediately returned to the hotel rest, in addition to training did not appear in public view, the relative "Sanxia prostitution," Bryant was portrayed naturally became the U.S. team's "exemplary life leaders."


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This site is always finding some obscure stuff

The correct nomenclature is "Me love you long time" not "Love Me Long Time". You could have thrown in a "Too beau coup" for the win.

Look at Jake breaking it down

I heard the asians have the best loving

Only at BlackSportsOnline

Kind of weird!

Chinese prostitutes? It states quite clearly that they were Vietnamese. Can you read English?

The idea of the “Asian Tiger” Islamic worlds could thrive. Casinos

I wonder how many chinese prositiues Magic slept with

black ppl are gross

Kobe lost
MJ's squad woulda never did this!!!!

Damn I mean damn, thank God Kobe wasn't with them

Me Love you long time

Them asian bitches were good. I love asian pussy

white people are gross

so what get some! its not like they cant get any asian ass in the us...i say go for it!

Scanny there is Asian ass all over the US


Yall gullable asses know good and well this ish aint true. They always making up shit

Yall Gullable asses know good and well this ish aint true

asian women are whores nowadays

I would love Dwade long time.

I hope they get a good check up before coming back to the U.S. They just need to Stop It!!!!!!!!

I just like white girls

Me and Lebron and Wade had Orgies with these girls the pussy was unbelievable. Just hope Vanessa doesn't find out.

Brothers travel all over the world now for pussy. Because they can afford it now!

I've been tapping into Asian pussy for years. Niggas just found out about it now!

Actually, this has been confirmed to be another fake story printed in a tabloid. LeBron and company were on their way to a cafe and this was one of the places they walked past on their way. Obviously, 3 guys walking past a massage parlor and the picture of a girl with her face censored sell a LOT of magazines. By the way, I heard LeBron walked past a a drugstore in China - I guess he has a sinus infection and won't be able to play for Team USA. And oh yeah, 'Melo walked past a bank, I hear he's filing for bankruptcy. Oh, and don't even get me started on D-Wade - I heard he walked past a police station - he was arrested for shoplifting a toothbrush from a grocery store and paid $25,000,000 to be let out on bail.

Boy, people these days believe just about ANYTHING somebody prints on paper or on the internet, don't they.

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