Tiki Barber Calls Jenna Wolfe A "Total Medal C*nt" On Live TV - Robert Littal Presents The Infamous BlackSportsOnline

Tiki Barber Calls Jenna Wolfe A "Total Medal C*nt" On Live TV

Our good friend (i am being sarcastic by the way) Tiki "I don't like being black" Barber gets a little heated when CNBC host Jenna Wolfe points out she is wearing "one of Tiki's Super Bowl rings". As we all know and especially Tiki they only way he is getting a Super Bowl ring is using the "non african american dialect" of his and swindle someone on the Giants practice squad for it.

So how does Mr. Articulate get back at Ms. Wolfe? You would think with his vast knowledge of the English language that he could have came up with something better than trying to slide in calling her a "c*nt" on live tv. I guess he thought since we were all out picking cotton that we wouldn't be smart enough to notice. Better yet since he is a D- star on the NBC roster he realized that only 5 people were probably watching at the time. Either way Tiki it was low class and I still hate your guts.

No matter how many times this video gets taken down I have the source copy so there will always be a live version up on this site. Tiki Barber is a fraud and he deserves to be exposed.


Someone asked why do I hate Tiki so much. Read this retro BSO Article to find out why.

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Littal hates tiki with a passion

If the video only last an hour it must be true.

I witnessed the video I know it is true. It will be rebroadcasted hell or high water at 8pm eastern standard. Just cause I can't stand Tiki Barber.

Edit: Video back up

"I am wearing Tiki Super Bowl ring"


Nice work getting it back up. Talk about a rough segment for Tiki. Get chirped for never winning a ring and then drops a cunt on air? Ouch.

Stop calling me black cause you know only white people say c*nt

He is a clown

hey rob imma big fan of yours but i wanna kno y u dont like tiki

Littal has been after Tiki for years will he finally get him?

Want to know why I hate Tiki Barber read this (retro BSO Article)


Good stuff Littal always digging through the dirt

He should be fired immediately

Tiki is a bum. Anybody in they right mind would try to get with jenna since they are alone at the OLY and she aint married neither. But dude go to gr8 length to mock the damn woman, not to mention she always covering for him after his numerous Gaffs. Just terr-ble, just terr-ble, worst analyst out there.

wow man i read the retro article i have 2 say tiki is worsr than bryant gumble

I thought from the way you talk about him he said something like "I only date white woman".

Come on, really, you're joking right? The editors of this clip don't even try to make this look real.

"The only way he is getting a Super Bowl ring" is to swindle someone using his "non african american dialect"??? Wow, that's pretty weak.

I love the fact that you're referring people to an article you wrote about Tiki, only to go check it out and see a number of comments calling you out for hating on Tiki because he speaks well and doesn't consider himself a 'Giants guy' in context.

Man, I agree with the most recent (nonspam) poster on that page -- that was a lousy article. Let me also say, up front, that I agree that Tiki is a bit of a douche... his brother Ronde is much more personable and genuine for sure. However, your 'five reasons' article makes you seem like one of those defensive "Oh-you-think-you're-better-than-me?" guys.

Although I agree there is no use for words like 'replevin' in general conversation, you can't fault a guy for being proud that his family wanted the best for him... unless you're sensitive because you didn't get the same. The journalist clearly was talking about his eloquence in speaking, and Tiki explained his family background -- how his mom was an educator and diction was important, intelligence was valued over athletics -- and the writer then shaped the story like a GQ article to show how 'urbane' Tiki is. ...So hate the writer for making Tiki seem like a fascinating individual, when we know the way he really is.

I'm guessing you are from the New York area, since you seem so offended that Tiki doesn't live for the Big Apple. So that's reason to hate him, too? Just because he's not a Giants guy or a New York guy, it never means anything about being too 'good' for the place. Believe me, the city is NOT for everyone. It sounds like someone's looking for reasons to write a slam piece to me, and it negated your valid points of how he sold out his teammates and admitted his disinterest in games and meetings (the real story you could have focused on).

I think my favorite part of this page is the upper right corner, which says "Opinions - Articles - Analysis - Fair Treatment".

I don't know who Tike was tring to fool by call ing Jenna Wolfe a total metal "c*nt" but He didn't fool me. Very unprofessional.
This shouldn't go unnoticed .

I've always been a fan of the today show, its to bad Tike has put this program on my do not watch list. Roger

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You black assholes crack me up.

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