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Emmitt Smith Thinks Women "Still Owe Him Sex" .. LMAO

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We knew he could dance, but who knew that Emmitt Smith was a big fan of Young Jeezy and Kanye West? Emmitt obviously not paying attention to his producers seemed to be enjoying the song "Put On" a little too much. Hey Emmitt were are live!!! Save that for the club. I find it fascinating that he was able to mouth the line:

"B*tches Still Owe Me Sex"

But can't seem to put together a coherent sentence on air. Maybe they should rap all his lines and send them to him in a CD? Yep that is the ticket. I am sending my suggestion into to ESPN right now.

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OMG!!!!!! lol



It's the Roc

Emmitt puts on for his city! lol

We love emmitt's ad libs

That's a great job by emmitt

i need to start an emmitt smith moment of the week.

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Well, if you think "bitches owe you sex", you might want to check this Free E-Book out.


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