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Hines Ward is a Dirty Player!!!

Yeah I said it. Even though the bias mainstream sports media won't. Hines Ward is a dirty player. He is a headhunter who likes to think he is tough because he can block someone when they aren't looking. That really makes him a tough guy. He cries about getting fined when he is doing blatant helmet to helmet hits like he did to Keith Rivers.

He didn't break Rivers jaw with his arm, but his helmet, but you will see the media make all type of excuses for him:

"He is just playing hard"
"He is just a competitor"
"He is a warrior"

No! The proper term for Ward is a:

"Cheap shot artist"

The thing that bothers more than anything else is that he celebrates injuring other players. If any other wide receiver in the league would do that they would be buried, but not Ward he gets a free pass. Show me a block where he takes someone out going face to face. He should be fined and suspended because if that was Chad Johnson that is what would have happened. Don't be blinded I see the truth and the truth is Hines Ward on the field is a classless individual who smiles at injuring players. If I had a son I would much rather him wear a Terrell Owens jersey than Hines Ward one. The reason being you can teach a child when to close his mouth but his character has to come from within. When it comes to character on the field Ward has none.


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All Steelers receivers are tough

get off his nuts

I won't disagree that a hit like that is somewhat unnecessary, but this isn't a new concept about ward out to hit people, and it was definately not malicious. It was a hit that falls within the rules, and i'm afraid that teams should know to keep their head up or they will get rocked. I'm not saying just against ward and the steelers. every player in the league, especially a smaller one looks all game for one hit like that, and of course they're going to smile and celebrate when they just whacked a guy twice their size. it is a full contact sport. it's unfortunate that one of your beloved bengals is out for the year, but suck it up. they get paid to basically destroy each other for our entertainment week in and week out.

I think Ward is dirty but perception is reality and since he is a "good guy" he will never be talked bad against

You're an idiot - Rivers was clearly going for the tackle. The objective in football is to block guys who are trying to block your players...and that's what he did. He just did it really well.

It looked like a good hit to me; in bounds, runner on his feet. My observation is that it lookd cheap because the LB had given up on a play that he should have been trying harder to make. Don't blame Ward that the Bengals have given up on the season.

i normally don't disagree with you but that was a clean block what was hines alternative sit there and watch two guys get a clean hit by the sideline? he was in the area he tried to make a play

If Hines didn't make the block, then Rivers makes the tackle.

If a LB did that to a WR it would have been a penatly. Helmet to Helmet and then he celebrated no place for that in the NFL. Plus he lead with his helmet and launched himself into Rivers. Definitely dirty and not his first dirty hit

Football is a contact sport I think you need to go watch some gymnastics or golf if you can't handle the legal hits.

He did not lead with his helmet. If you slow down the video, you can clearly see his head/helmet disappear behind River's body, which means he hit with his shoulder. If you ever played football, you would know that you have to lower your head even to tackle with your shoulder. Ward's hit was under River's shoulder and drove River's own shoulder and arm up into his mouth (which i think caused the broken jaw). The play wasn't over (no one even made contact with Spaeth yet, let alone tackle him), and River's was about to make the tackle (Ward could not predict that he would pull up due to laziness/cowardice).

Are you kidding me? That was a clean block, what was dirty about it? It is called blind siding somebody. He never left his feet and basically ran though him and finished his block. Basic football. You say he celebrated the hit , missed that entirely. I am fortunate to be a STEELERS fan and have NEVER seen Ward celebrate a block, hell he barely celebrates when he scores. When he scores a touchdown he gives the ball to one of his fans,someone wearing his #, in the stands. Yeah,I would definitely want my son to emulate ocho cinco, who wants all the spotlight on himself.

That was a perfectly clean hit, I love hits like that. It's part of the game and people who have played the game before know that it was a great hot and it's part of the game.

Are you kidding me, what kinda idiot are you. That was a clean a hit as there is, it was hard yes but that's football. This isn't pee wee flag football here dude, wake up and quit your whining.

Hines is hardly above reproach in the eyes of the league when he gets fined as much as he has this year. He's not going to change and that's just fine with anybody who has any common sense about the rules of football.

I don't think the hit was cheap or dirty, but I do think it was illegal. I mean, how else are you gonna break someone's jaw without using your helmet? It's impossible. I'm not saying Ward did it on purpose or anything, but you can't ignore the facts...

hey douchebag.....then where's the penalties on these "dirty hits" ? there is none because there LEGAL !!! go watch tennis you freakin panzie...

You need some work on your anatomy, bucko. That was a helmet to shoulder hit - as in, Ward's helmet hit Keith's shoulder.

Since you can't even figure out what body part the head is, why, precisely, should I listen to anything else you have to say?

You can't even say Ward picks his spots, because he hits blocks on every single fucking play. Still, even if you made that claim, I'd at least have a modicum of respect for you. As it is now, I just think you're a whining little bitch.

and Mr. Robert Littal,

you aren't as much as a sports expert as you claim, and it seems as if you are a Jay-Z wannabe by your picture. what a joke

Hines Ward is wack just like Sheshawn

I respect your opinion, but I believe you're dead wrong. That was not a dirty hit. Like stated before, the object of the game is to block the opponent when the opponent is trying to block your team mate. Cry about it, cos he blocked him. Cry, cry, cry, there johnny cash.

Hines Ward every year has been voted as one of the most dirtest players in the leage. By Who you may ask?

NFL Players.

Good to see BlackSportsOnline doesn't drink the kool aid like everyone else.

For the record I don't think it was a dirty hit, but he did lead with his helmet and celebrated an injury and that is my opinion is wack

He did not lead with his helmet. You can clearly see his helmet disappear behind Rivers' body at like 11 seconds meaning that the contact was made with Hines' shoulder. And for the celebration, I am sure he was celebrating the block and big play, not the injury.

It's a shame Rivers got hurt, but it was a clean hit, shit-for-brains. It's football, not tiddlywinks.

Hines lead with his helmet? Hines blindsided Rivers? I can't help but laugh at your stupidity.

If you look at that video, Hines came from the front angle of Rivers'and took him out. What is he supposed to do? Yell out "Hey, I'm going to block you! Lower your head!" Especially when the hit was DURING the play. It's a legal block.

You should look up other sports, like golf and tennis. Since it seems football is too rough for you to watch.

Isn't Hines Ward the same little bitch that cried when he thought the Bus was retiring. Dude is softer than T.O. wet blanket.

He is dirty and he led with his helmet that is obvious to see from the video. I bet these comments are all from Steelers fans. Look be happy you won you tainted Super Bowl and get off your high horse.

He needs to change his name to Hines Bitchmade

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Hines made a good play! You sound like a Browns Fan. Like said, why don't you go watch Ballet or something?

could you please explain exactly where in the replay that ward's helmet hits rivers' helmet? i saw several angles during the game and other replays on some highlights and only saw a shoulder to shoulder or helmet/shoulder to shoulder.

i'm guessing that rivers broke his jaw from being jolted so hard from the side which would have caused his jaw to move sideways.

if you do have proof of (i.e. visual evidence) of hines actually making a helmet to helmet hit, please post it and prove me wrong.

Knocked the fuck out...

Have you pussy ass son wear a TO jersey, I bet he tries to OD on pain pills too.

Hines plays hard, plain and simple.

Knocked the fuck out...

Have you pussy ass son wear a TO jersey, I bet he tries to OD on pain pills too.

Hines plays hard, plain and simple.

Your just hatin on Hines b/c he's only half black....racist fucking site.

Steelers fans are pathetic losers. Look at them come to the defense of an obvious dirty player. If the shoe was on the other foot they would be sending letters to the league office from their momma basement. Losers

that's a clean hit. Not helmet to helmet. And he prevented a tackle. Another terrible write-up on BSO.

Pittsburgh sucks.

Hines Ward is a punk. Rivers would kill him face to face.

You're calling out people for not being civilized in an uncivilized game. This ain't croquet or golf. Is it pretty? No. But it happens.

And also, I have yet to see an angle where helmets hit.

were you actually whining because he smiles? hahaha. what a joke. your just bitter because we probably stomped all over whatever team you root for. quit crying like a girl. its FOOTBALL. not flag football. FOOTBALL.

WAH WAH WAH!!!! quit friggin cryin. tell jack lambert or dick butkus that was a dirty hit. they'll probably punch you in your mouth. THIS IS FOOTBALL, LADIES!! hey, keith rivers, PAY ATTENTION, AND PLAY TIL THE WHISTLE BLOWS.JUST ASK ED REED.

by the way, what makes you "a bonafide sports expert" ? thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard. LMFAO.

Im sorry if you have a problem with heinz ward playing hard. if you cant handle someone blocking hard on every play then maybe thats why the bengals are 0-7. Your argument makes no sense. this was one of the wost articles i have ever read. your saying he shouldnt block people becasue they arent looking. this isnt a pansy sport as much as the bengals and you would like it to be.

This was one of the worst articles i have ever read. im sorry if you are trying to get him to stop playing hard and blocking people. its not his fault that the people arent looking. this isnt a pansy sport as much as you and the bengals would like it to be. maybe if you had a player like ward you wouldnt be 0-7.

Billy White Shoes you must be from Washington..I heard you guys never got over that super bowl win...dude get over it...you lost!!!

for all you other crying babies...like everyone else said. NO helmet to helmet! It was a CLEAN hit so quit crying!

I bet Rivers would even say it was a clean hit and he shouldn't have given up on the play.

About the laughing/smiling for hurting him. Hines said he didn't know he was hurt. He was happy he made the block and got a few more yards. It was no different than a lineman or LB making a sack or a WR, RB, or TE scoring. Once Hines saw Rivers was not getting up he said a prayer and told Rivers he was sorry for hurting him. That is all from Hines mouth!

to all u morons that keep sayin he "led with his helmet", isnt it impossible not to have your helmet(head) in front of the rest of your body when youre leaning forward, you know ,like when your making a hit? think about it fools.

Fuck this site. This fool never played the game in his life fuck you

Hines is dirty. Everyone in the league knows it. The players know it. Steeler fans are excuse makers. The funny thing is exactly what Littal said people would say they have said in the comments. How prophetic is that?

Go back to watching ESPN you sheep.

hey nick, i just looked up the dirtiest players in the nfl as voted by PLAYERS AND COACHES, and ALL OF THEM have Rodney Harrison and Antonio Pierce as the dirtiest players. DO YOUR FUCKING HOMEWORK ,NICK !!!!!

It is about time someone takes Hines Ward to task. When he caught a touchdown against the Eagles he always flaps wings, but when T.O. does it is taunting?

When he jacks someone up he celebrates and people say he is just playing hard.

He always talks trash and people make him out to be a choir boy. He showboats worse than most receivers in the league.

Greg is right you guys are a bunch of sheep.

Littal good job and speaking the truth and not worrying about the mainstream reaction that is why this site is respect over the other BS that is out there.

I still think that Hines Ward plays clean football, being that he is on the receiving end of these types of hits more often than on the dealing end. In the hit on Ed Reed of the Ravens, he realized he injured the guy and called over to the sidelines for trainers right away. That is called being responsible. He didn't taunt and make a big fuss about it, like TO or OchoCinco would.
I don't really understand how you can be so angry at a guy for doing his job exceptionally. The media likes him because he does the job other WR won't do, block. But beyond that, he does that job well.
You see those types of hits all the time on kick off returns and punt returns, nothing is said about it then.
He isn't complaining about the fines, he just stated that he feels that they weren't hits that deserved it. I guarantee that if he gave someone a cheap shot, he would gladly pay the fine. But the fines he is getting are for things that are unreasonable.

dirty player? dude put down your purse and grow a set. rivers is a rookie and thats a hint to keep his head up. your a moron if you think that was helmet to helmet. if you dont want to see hitting, maybe you should start watching tennis.

Simply put the NFL Players called him dirty way before this site did. So who you going to believe?

wow all you people who say that was dirty are idiots. and must have never played the game because when you are running full speed to make a play ur helmet may hit someone elses. its part of the game get over im sick of the nfl. its starting to be a game of bitching pussy ass's who cry when the dont get the ball or get smacked by someone.

That hit was as clean as they come. Football is about contact. You can't blame Ward because Rivers is a rookie and hasn't adjusted to the speed, tempo, and impact involved in the pro game. He is only 7 games in to his pro career, and hasn't learned to be aware of others on the field yet, because most wide receivers in the college game can't block like Hines Ward. Ward is an experienced player, and was able to get such a clean block off because Rivers is not. You won't catch Ward getting that kind of block on a 3-4 year vet, because they have a better awareness of the game. Don't call Ward dirty because he plays the game hard, and goes 100% through every play. Its not his fault that Rivers wasn't field-aware. And to address one of your other points, yes, Hines Ward has blown up linebackers face up as well. He doesn't look for cheap shots, he goes hard, all the time.

Your an idiot. That was a damn good legal block. He is a hard rough nosed wide receiver and blocker. And the thought of you saying you'd rather have your son don a TO jersey makes you even less credible. So I guess you want your son to become a narrow-minded cocky conceited SOB ? Learn to write something better.

Hines Ward=Good Person On The Field

Hines Ward=Dirty Player on it

Truth hurts

That was a clean, legal hit. Ward plays at full speed whether he has the ball or not. He is a all around WR, he can catch and he can block to help his team mates. To bad there aren't more WR's in the league like him. To call him dirty is basically saying you don't know jack about football. If your a Bunghole fan, maybe your jealous that your players don't give 100% at anytime during the game. Good Luck next season and good luck with the #1 pick in the 2009 draft.

Did anyone read the article? Seriously are you listening to what he said.

The thing that bothers more than anything else is that he celebrates injuring other players. If any other wide receiver in the league would do that they would be buried, but not Ward he gets a free pass.

That is the truth both against the Ravens and Bengals he has celebrated after injuring a player and he has mocked teams after TDs these are facts

im glad he celebrated when he knocked rivers' head clean the fuck off. football needs to get back to the tough, mean way that tatum, lambert, youngblood, and LT played it. and so what if the man celebrates his touchdowns.flapping his arms and giving his fans a gameball is alot better than the shit chad johnson pulls, but then again, i guess bengals only have touchdown celebrations to look forward to, not perenial division championships and playoff appearances

It wasn't helmet to helmet. Ward's shoulder hit first. The hit helped his teammate gain another 2-3 yds. It's football, stop whining and start wishing your team's receivers blocked like that.

I'm pretty sure when you are a linebacker in pop warner football, one of the first things you are taught is to "keep your head on a swivel". I guarantee you this isn't the first time this happened to Keith Rivers. Anytime a LB doesn't want to use fundamentals, Hines Ward will make him pay for it. It's that simple. These guys are in the NFL making plays because of their awareness more than their athleticism. The rare time when a starting LB in the NFL isn't paying attention, things like this tend to happen. It's not just Hines Ward.

First of all it doens't matter if its helmet to helmet there is no rule that says you can't lead with your helmet to block, that role only applies to hitting recievers, ball carriers and qb's
Second ward is the best blocking reciever in the nfl whether it is cleaning a guys clock down field or taking on a blitzing linebacker on a run play. HE'S A PHYSICAL PLAYER UNLIKE MOST NFL PLAYERS WHO SHOULD BE WEARING SKIRTS (thanks Jack Lambert).
Third Hines doesn't showboat, he makes fun of recievers who showboat, thats why he did the bird to make fun of TO for showboating. You don't see hine's pulling out sharpies or posters because he has a gaint ego that needs nonstop attention, he's content to get his nose dirty, block and deliever hits whether he has the ball or not.

And finally River's statement on the hit oh wait his jaw is wired shut he can't comment...
So his teamate Brandon Johnson:
"It's part of the game. It was a good block. If I was in Hines Ward's shoes, I probably would have taken the same shot. You can't really blame him."

A dirty hit? Was he suppose to send him a letter letting him know he was going to hit him? I would bet that the author of this post has never played football or any sport for that matter. It was a clean hit!! Don't be mad because Hines Ward hits harder than half of the leagues DBs. If you strap up and put on the helmet and pads...you have to man up and take a hit!

Hines is not celebrating injuring the player.
He is celebrating making a nice block!

If it isn't against the rules then why not use it to his advantage? I'm pretty sure anyone would take a chance at hitting someone like that. It's called a strategy and Ward plays it well. He does whatever is needed to give his teammates a better chance, even if that's going helmet to helmet. I'm not going to lie, I don't know a lot of things about football, but if I hit a kid like that, I know I would be celebrating too. tiddlywinks, haha

What does mocking teams after TDs have to do with him being a dirty player or not? Flapping his arms after scoring against the Eagles several years ago was in good fun with his friend TO.

Its unfortunate that Rivers got hurt, but its football. People get hurt every game. Most of these pansy players aren't used to taking hits from a WR. Pay attention.

And he was never voted the dirtiest player in the league, he came in second to Rodney Harrison.

you guys are just ward haters football is not a little girls game go back and play your two hand touch in your mothers back yard and shut up!!

You're an idiot. This entire article was pure trash, you have probably watched 3 games and only see highlights of Wards big blocks. Ward is a major reason why the Steelers running game has been so good for so long. He plays the game the way it is meant to be played. I can mail you a dress so you can wear it the next time you watch the Steelers (which is probably never, anyways). There is so much wrong with this article that I really started to think a whiny 14 year old Bengals Fan wrote it. Watch a game, Ward smiles after EVERY PLAY even after he is completely blindsided (like the hit in the end zone at the end of the game today).

Just to address the whole "classless" issue, 2 weeks ago Hines Ward donated an entire new gym, pads, and jerseys to his former high school. He has been following the team ever since he graduated and noticed them struggling so he went out and got the boys a new gym and new equipment to hopefully rekindle the interest and mainly to help the kids there stay clean. What lack of character. Jackass.

this is stupid calling Ward dirty, he is a vicious blocker, but not dirty. (when he hurt ed reed, he made sure to get the attention of ravens trainers, before anyone else noticed) and is not a pussy ive seen him get leveled harder than that going over the middle plenty of time and get right back up smiling. he is an old school player in this new school of putting dresses on everyone.

And Rivers learned a lesson the hard way, keep your head on a fucking swivel, dumbass, you never know whose trying to block you. they teach you that in Little Gridders.

And keep on Steeler hating, (quite used to it) especially the Bungles fans who cant win nothing, never have and never will.

and no one ever commented on Shaun Rogers blantantly dirty hit on Roethlisberger in Week 2, (when he speared Ben with a helmet hit to his bad shoulder after the ball was in the receivers hands)

Or Dexter Jacksons action in todays game as well, i guaruantee that jackson will be fined more than ward.

HAHA. At NO point did you make one valid point in the article. He does not celebrate injuring other players you moron. Watch him jack up ed reed, as soon as he hit him he started yelling for help, because he knew he was hurt. While your at it, pay close attention to that clip, its head on, even tho you claim every hit is a blind side. And why should he get fined for BLOCKING? You claim he gets away with cheap shots, but in reality he is doing whatever he can to help the team, A.K.A. his job. You only notice him because he ACTUALLY blocks, other WR do not, including chad. So next time do some research before you write another false article.

P.S. He smiles on every play, not just when he makes a good block, get your facts straight.

Hines is the bst blocking wideout in the league. most WRs wont even go in for a block, hines plays the game. that was a clean hit, he might of droped the helmet but it wasnt a block in the back so its legal. and hines is always smiling. watch when he takes a big hit, he gets up grinning. you just wish you had a WR like hinzy.

this is what your beloved "ocho-Cinco" had to say.

"I'm mad about Keith getting hurt," Ocho Cinco said. "I don't think (it was a cheap shot). The play is going on; players are going after the ball, a crackback block, which is what it is called. You have to have your head on a swivel at some point."

from the bungles web-site

this is what your beloved "ocho-Cinco" had to say.

"I'm mad about Keith getting hurt," Ocho Cinco said. "I don't think (it was a cheap shot). The play is going on; players are going after the ball, a crackback block, which is what it is called. You have to have your head on a swivel at some point."

from the bungles web-site

Its the same thing with defensive backs getting licks on running backs that are tied up and being brought to the ground. Make no doubt about it, defenders get their share of dirty cheap shots during the course of the game. Hines is just getting his. Plus, this is FOOTBALL, it's meant to be violent. Don't hate on hines or any football player for that matter unless you do what they do (on the professional level).

Funnies thing...

listen to the entire piece that was so nicely edited... the ANNOUNCERS even call it a clean hit.

I guess you forgot to check your video source, didn't you?


Choose Steelers, Gameday Steelers Bengals highlights, 47 seconds into the video...

If you really want to style yourself as a "reporter" may I suggest you do a bit more research before posting your "articles."

"Show me a block where he takes someone out going face to face. "


I just hope that Scott, Lewis and Suggs are gonna kill him in next clash... And celebrate after!

The bottom line is if Hines was on your team, you would love him too. When the Steelers had the choice between Signing Plex or signing Ward, they kept Ward, because he plays hard, he doesn't "pull up" or avoid contact the way Rivers does. This blogger must be a Bungle or a USC fan. Cry me a Rivers!

What I'm hearing is that every one of the whiners on this blog would love a hard-hitting blocking receiver like Ward. He is small, not-that-fast, and hits like a linebacker! Why do you think guys like Lewis and Suggs are always looking out for him? They know that when the Steelers need results,they rely on a player that gets the job done. Don't hate the player, hate the game...cry-baby!

first of all i just gotta say wow what a hit and anyone bengals fan who thinks that is dirty is totally wrong no illegal contact was made and if there was illegal contact there would of been a flag and how bout the illegal contact at end of game when ward easily marched in the endzone and if you had a player like ward you would not be 0-7

Hines ward is this best blocking wide reciever EVER!!! Dont be mad that he hit your pussy ass bungals! If the bungals would actually play football instead of tip toeing around the field like a bunch of cheerleaders, then that shit wouldnt happen! Keith Rivers has a glass jaw!!! HAHAHAHA!!! FUCK RIVERS AND FUCK THE BUNGALS!!!!! Rivers is a linebacker, and Ward is a reciever, if a reciever can do that to a linebacker then the bungals need new linebackers!! Keith Rivers is a pussy!!! Steelers will always dominate the faggot ass bungals!!!! FUCK YOU bungals fans you cant beat us! Just wait til NOV 20th when hines does it again!! HAHAHA i cant wait!!! Tell your faggot bungals to man up!!!

dude got knocked the fuck outt!!!!!

your right, chad johnson would be suspended by the league for a hit like this, for substance abuse. he would have to be taking some kind of drug because he doesnt have enough balls when hes sober to even look at a linebacker during a play.

have your kid wear a T.O. jersey and watch his arms become shorter and shorter as the years pass


"Show me a block where he takes someone out going face to face. "


Um, he led with his helmet in that play, too. Find another one, dumbass.

"hey nick, i just looked up the dirtiest players in the nfl as voted by PLAYERS AND COACHES, and ALL OF THEM have Rodney Harrison and Antonio Pierce as the dirtiest players. DO YOUR FUCKING HOMEWORK ,NICK !!!!!"

Ward was on that list, about 6th, I think. Most notably, he was the only non-lineman or defensive player on the list. The players have spoken, and Ward is dirty.

"listen to the entire piece that was so nicely edited... the ANNOUNCERS even call it a clean hit."

ESPN showed Ward's quote about not understanding why he keeps getting fined, then showed the hit, saying "expect him to get fined".


and no one ever commented on Shaun Rogers blantantly dirty hit on Roethlisberger in Week 2, (when he speared Ben with a helmet hit to his bad shoulder after the ball was in the receivers hands)

Or Dexter Jacksons action in todays game as well, i guaruantee that jackson will be fined more than ward."

Waaaaahhhhh. Are we crying now too? I thought it was just football. Steelers fans are acting like hypocrites today.

Hey fuck you. Grow some balls and own up to the understanding the in the NFL if you can't turn your head to watch a block coming, you should have a broken jaw. RIVER'S IS A FUCKING PUSSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey ben worthlessburger, check out hines laying out ed reed on monday night football last year! he hit that faggot face to face and knocked him the fuck out!!! hines is the best player in the league!!! dont hate because you wanna be him!!!

what are u supposed to do lead with your ass? maybe you do cause thats where ur brain is!!!! ben worthlessburger you FAGGOT!!!!

looks like not just media is not picking on hines ward. so is most of the people leaving messages on your dumb ass comment board. youtube the hit where he knocked ed reed the fuck out face to face. the only ones who agree with you are some dumb ass bengals, ravens, and browns fans and from what i can see is they have alot more to worry about.

Reports are Hines is going to get suspended!!!

It's football you pansies. It has nothing to do with Hines Ward's character. He goes out and hits hard every week...it's his job, he does it well. When did football turn into a bunch of pussies crying about how hard someone hit someone or their "character" on the field.

An old school player trying to keep it real

I really hope Hines Ward gets a suspension for this hit. The Steelers fans here defending Hines Ward need to get a reality check; Hines Ward is a dirty player and he hits people with the intention of injuring them. I appreciate a wide receiver who loves to block, but Hines Ward goes far beyond what is necessary. He leads with his helmet, blind-siding defenders, hitting players who aren't even a factor in the play and hitting players after the play is clearly over.

What Hines Ward is doing isn't old-school football, it's dangerous head-hunting with the intent of injuring players. Hines Ward needs to be fined and suspended without play for at least one game and if he doesn't adjust his attitude and stop playing dirty then he needs to be banned from the league. There's no room in the NFL for players whose primary goal is to injure other players.


Look people a WRs job if he's not getting the ball in his hands is to make a lane for his teammate that does. Any defensive person knows that and should expect that someone is coming to block him while he's trying to tackle the other guy. What do you want Hines to do? Tap him on the shoulder and say, "Excuse me, don't touch my friend please?" Get real, this is football it is a contact sports. It is idiots like you that are turning the NFL into a pansy league.

Maybe the defenses should learn how to stop a team or better yet why don't you just petition the league to tighten up the rules and hand out flags!

BonaFide my ass! You are ignorant. If I was a coach I would want every receiver to want to play like this and not some pansy, look at me, spotlight needing, overpaid losers. I love Hines Ward and his desire to do everything that a receiver is supposed to do which includes blocking. If someone did this on a kickoff return or a punt return then he would be on the top 10 plays of the night. Instead everyone complains that he is dirty. Maybe YOU should be more concerned about Hines Ward coming after you!

Rivers may not have suffered a broken jaw if didn't stop running and kept his head up. Better a jaw, then a blown knee. Ward knew to block high, with his shoulder and helmet into Rivers chest. Yes, it was a brutal shot, that's football. Glad you never had to watch the Raiders play in the 70's, you might have wet yourself.

And what a bunch of great teammates the Bengals are, not stepping up for their guy. Ward was on the field the whole game and the best they could do was a shove after he scored in the 4th quarter. If these guys won't stand up for one of their own, what do you care?

Go find something else to complain about.

You sound like a baby. That was a CLEAN, SOLID block, Unfortunately Rivers is not wearing the latest/best Head/Jaw protection (Revolution), and apparently has a glass jaw.

Thank god someone notices dirty plays by the steelers. Hines Ward is a old washed out reciever, he has no real talent anymore so to get notice he does shit like that. This is not the first time a steeler's player has done this, it is how they beat cinci in the playoffs. Its a shame they get do it by not injuring someone.

strong clean hit, no debate,REDSKINS RULE!

Bonafide sports whoever you are, UR an idiot!!! yea I said it. Its football. Last time i checked football was a 100% contact sport. Really, if they cant take the hits than get the hell off the field. You said you would rather have your son wear a TO jersey than a Heinz jersey, makes my comment about you being an idiot even more true. Hienz is a true example of a hard nosed player. He knows how to play the game. He has fun, and whether the steelers are winning or losing he always has a smile on his face. The man loves what he does and you can see it in every play. T.O. on the other hand, too is an idiot. how many teams does he have to ruin for everyone to relize that. I love it cuz I hate the Cowboys and I love sitting and watchin Dallas self implode. You say that you can get someone to shut up, well mabe the Dallas Cowgirls should hire you to shut him the hell up!! And with the new addiction of Roy Williams the implosing will come even faster. Oh and did you know that in the 70's the NFL wanted the Pittsburgh Steelers to be AMERICA'S TEAM. The STeelers didnt want to because they believed that no team should be America's team... But the cowboys ate that all up... well i think that good enough for now...

Have either of you who feel Ward is dirty ever played tackle football beyond the Pee-Wee football level. The game is intended to be played in a rough manner. You are coached to inflict punishment on the other team's players. You play hard and "PAY ATTENTION" at all times on the field from the start of a play until the whistle blows. You are taught to "keep your on a swivel" to prevent incurring an unexpected blow. The guys on the field in the NFL understand this. The speed at which the game is played will prompt situations where a marginally placed hit ends someone's season. The placement of the hit was marginal but would have netted the same result if Ward connected to his jaw with a shoulder-pad protected shoulder, elbow or forearm. If you do not want to get hit hard, stay home. If you do not want to risk injury on every play, play Madden. If your heart punps cool aid, get some pink cleats and play flag football. If you are a sportswriter tthat never played football at a high level, shut the F--K up!

Hey you dumb shits. This might be the worst articles i have ever read. First of all, those of you who say it is a dirty hit are just crying because none of the teams you root for have receivers that have the balls to go out there and take on lb's. Don't blame ward for doing something that all wideouts should do, that, however, unfortunately don't. I can guarantee that if ward was on your team, you would be thrilled to see intensity and aggressiveness from a wideout like that during every play. The fact of the matter is that ward plays the game the way it should be played.

And how about you dumb asses that said he was celebrating the fact that he injured keith rivers, (and for that matter Ed Reed). First look at the video where he jacks up reed. You will see that once ward realizes that reed is injured he calls over to the ravens sidelines for the trainer to come out, BEFORE THE PLAY WAS EVEN FINISHED!!! This obviously shows that although he plays aggressively, he still is aware of the safety of reed. He doesn't go out there to injure people, who goes out there to do what it takes to win. And that usually means, blocking for your rb's and wr's down the field. Something that is usually necessary to have success in the nfl.

Secondly, the fact that he celebrates after a big hit is something that every person on the face of the earth would do. I've played football before and i can tell you that nothing gets you more jacked and excited than when you hit someone like that. Ward didn't realize that he hurt rivers, he was simply celebrating the hit, not the injury. So, don't bitch about something that you would do as well.

Finally, for those of you that don't realize, ward smiles after almost EVERY PLAY. Even when he gets jacked up, he smiles and enjoys the spirit of competition. To put it simply, ward loves the game, everything about it, and he will play the game the way it should be played. So, if you would maybe get your head out of your ass and open your eyes, you might see a different point of view.

Haha, homeboy here is a fucking idiot. Robert Littal, you're a real big pussy, huh?

A. You're blind, retarded, or both if you think that was a helmet to helmet hit. He led with his should and it was 100% clean.

B. It wasn't away from the play. Rivers was pursuing the tackle - it was a necessary, vicious block. That's how footabll should be played.

C. Hines Ward would knock TO's pansy ass the fuck out.

Quit being such a pussy! Mike Ditka said it best on ESPN Radio yesterday...there's a reason why they give them shoulder pads and helmets. Your taught as a child to get your head in front of the opposing player, if that player is parrallel to your position, it will result in helmet to helmet contact...so what? These guys get payed milliions to play a physical and dangerous game, getting hurt is nothing more than an occupational hazard.

i'msorry, but really? Cheapshot artist? Hines hit a guy that was gunning for the player with the ball? Anywhere, except the current NFL, that is a clean hit. There was no flag because it WASN'T BLATENT HELMET TO HELMET! He lead with his shoulder pads like football players have been taught since they were 6, and anyone that actually played the game instead of sitting in front of a tv playing Xbox and eating their weight in pizza would know that. Hey panzies...guess what...football is a rough sport and if you can't take a hit, then don't play. People have been hitting like that for years, but now that the Steelers are one of the only teams that still do it within the rules everyone is acting like they are bringing guns on the field. It is obvious that Robert Littel was picked on or picked last to play the game so now he sits on a couch mocking all that can actually play. Get over it and stop being pussies. That goes for all of you who think this was dirty, including the higher-ups in the NFL.

dear bonified retard,
obviously you dont know anything about football. and obviously you are blind as a bat. if you look close in the video hines hit him with his shoulder not with his helmet. and yes you can break a person jaw with your shoulder.

hines ward is one of the most respected players in the game. its funny how ev everyone ealse in the league can hit like that but a steelers player. you wanna talk dirty maby you should complaine about the new england patroits and thier dirty self. just thier coach is dirtyer than half the players in the nfl together. you wanna talk about fine and suspend ward. before they do that maby they should give the other teams that played the patriots in the superbowl a win and take away the patriots wins. they shouldnt have the 18 wins.

and you said you would rather have your son wear a T.O jearsy then a hines ward jearsy becasue t.o has more charecter, thats funny becase the only charecter t.o has is being a little baby.

man i would really hate to be you right now becasue of your statments, your probably going to be the most bashed person in the world.

As people have pointed out, there have been, and will be, far dirtier hits in the NFL. I think the reason this issue hasn't, and shouldn't, go away is the reaction by Steeler fans.

1. You can't talk about how players need to be tougher, then talk about how Ward got pushed at the end of a play in the end zone.
2. You have to understand that Ward has a reputation as a dirty player. If this were an isolated incident, I wouldn't be upset.

Hines Ward is dirty. One of the dirtest players in the league and Steelers fans just show blind loyalty but if they shoe was on the other foot they would be crying. When Goodell fines him they will be no where to be found. Trust me when I tell you that.

PS- Phillies will lose to Rays

You are all turned around... as long as you keep glorifying the TO's, Chad Johnson's, Larry Johnson's, and whomever else has a big mouth, you won't see the hardworking beauty of Hines Ward. He is underated, slow, small, and the best contact wide reciever in the league. I guess he doesn't disrespect his teamates, its not all about him, he doesn't do it to protect his career (when is the last time any wide reciever elected to hit a LINEBACKER to spring completely legal block?). Black sports online... you guys work hard at keeping the black people self centered, down, and lazy. You have great attitudes and mindsets. Keep burning people for working hard and blame them when you can't be like your role models.

you're a joke, crack back blocks are part of the game, and if you are chasing a play down you need to be aware of that. The play was entirely legal (Wards got his helmet on the frontside of the defender) and should be case study on how to play running footbal, since no OLB will be able to pursue a Pitt RB without looking over thier shoulder. Great play by a great football player

The more you comment the more the site gets paid. He playing you guys for fools you morons.

U are a moron. A dirty hit? What? It's called a block. The same block that happens everytime a punt returner cuts the ball back to the far side and the defender doesn't see it coming. Ur dam right it wouldn't happen if it was chad johnson. because chad johnson is a pussy and would never have the sack to block like that. The only thing dirty in that game was fitzpatrick underpants after harrison buried him repeatedly.

boo hoo it's one of the most cleanest blocks i've saw in my life.. your probably some gay ass cleveland fan who has to find some way to put pittsburgh down because of your dick head reciving crew. Watch it and you'll see he is going for a block, and wouldn't you be excited if you knocked the shit out of someone.. he really wouldnt know he broke his jaw.. soo relax dude

Robert Littal you would rather have your son
wear a TO Jersey? Your kid is going to grow up to be a spoiled immature bitch.

Hines is the ultimate team player if you watch the hit agian you will see he prevented that player from making the tackle. It was a great play and a clean hit.

Go steelers!!

Robert Littal you would rather have your son
wear a TO Jersey? Your kid is going to grow up to be a spoiled immature bitch.

Hines is the ultimate team player if you watch the hit agian you will see he prevented that player from making the tackle. It was a great play and a clean hit.

Go steelers!!

dude u just hate ward hes a phenomenal player and hes a hard hitting wide reciever big deal hes hitting legal hits so get off his dick

Clearly a clean hit, should'nt have to be arguing this. The problem with receivers today is they want red carpet treament into the end zone. They want rules to where cornerbacks have to play 10 yards off them, and have a diameter where no defensive player can be with in 5 yards They don't want to run across middle, they don't want to block, they don't want to practice, they don't want to go to training camp all they care about is me me me me...guys like T.O.,Chad Johnson, and plaxico.Yes it is upsetting for linebackers and defensive lineman when someone who weighs less than 50, 60 or 70 pounds lighter than you knocks you on your ass. Tough shit, this is football...

If it was a dirty hit, where's the flag?

What a joke to say Ward is a dirty player. You clearly know nothing about football. None of the fines he received the last two weeks were penalties and none were helmet to helmet, INCLUDING THIS ONE. I really don't see why people can't see when a hit is helmet to helmet and when it isn't. Wards hit on Rivers was NOT helmet to helmet. This kind of play happens all the time on punt returns, but I bet you don't say anything then. It's football. I'm sick of people thinking the defense can hit, but the offense can't. Clean play bye Hines Ward and he should continue to play like he does.

Man you would think that Hines Wards is you guys girlfriend they way yall defending him. LMAO

Ur a freakin idiot who ever posted this video ur Roger Goodell's twin might i add ur comments make it a pansy league get ur bitch ass out there and go play some football if u think that was dirty maybe u can get some revenge i hate men who wear skirts

If only the bengals wide outs knew how to block, maybe thats why they are 0-7. Dayton paper qoutes Bengals linebackers coach saying the block was uncalled for and away from the play, Rivers was in the play and was taken out, another loser mentality of the bengals. As the announcers of the game stated a completely legal hit by the most complete wide receiver in the game!!! Now you guys are saying a player must be looking when you block him, watch a game you bunch of cry babies. If any of your teams signed Hines Ward, everyone of you would be excited of the package he brings, don't worry a Steeler for life!!

hey listen up, this is football. What do you want him to do blow a kiss to your little "Bungals". if you saw a linebacker or DB hitting a player like Hines did there would certainly not be all this BS and fines. Let him play the damn game for cryin out loud.

You say show you a play where Hines blocks someone cleanly where they're looking. (Though Rivers SHOULD be looking, called having your head on a swivel)


Hits with the chest/shoulders/arms below the neck/above the knees on Ed Reed, someone I'd say is pretty well respected

If you get knocked on your ass by a 200lb WR and you're a safety or especially an LB like Rivers or Scott, it's your own damn fault and you're a sissy and/or dumb ass.

That was a legit hit. People like you are making this league into a pansy league. Hines Ward is a great player and had no intent to hurt the guy.

If it was not helmet to helmet and the hit was legal, why are all these steeler fans getting so defensive? It seems pretty clear to me that it WAS helmet to helmet and the fine he will get come Wednesday will show it to be true. For Bengal fans, are you surprised? This is not the first time the Steelers have gotten away with a questionable call.....

Welcome to the NFL. There was nothing cheap about the hit on Bunghole rookie Keith Rivers. 100% legal and within the rules. Whoever thinks Hines Ward is a dirty player must be a jealous Bunghole, Brownie or Raisen fan! Mr. Ward is nothing less than a future Hall of Famer. You never hear or read about Steeler fans whining when a Steeler gets clocked and gets carted off the field. It is unfurtunate that Hines will most likly be making his third contribution to NFL Charities this season just for playing the game the way it was meant to be played.

Welcome to the NFL. There was nothing cheap about the hit on Bunghole rookie Keith Rivers. 100% legal and within the rules. Whoever thinks Hines Ward is a dirty player must be a jealous Bunghole, Brownie or Raisen fan! Mr. Ward is nothing less than a future Hall of Famer. You never hear or read about Steeler fans whining when a Steeler gets clocked and gets carted off the field. It is unfurtunate that Hines will most likly be making his third contribution to NFL Charities this season just for playing the game the way it was meant to be played.

You're a retard. That was hard nose football.

Illegal hit it is plan to see just a bunch of Steelers fans spamming this site. it is disgusting get a life. You aren't Hines Ward babysitters

Cheap shot artist? Ward has long been known as one of the best, if not the best, blocking WR's ever in the NFL. He blocks extremely well regardless of circumstance, watch any game that he has been in, ever...really...ever, and you will see. He can block straight up without a problem. He, like anyone other player called on to block, can also block you if you are not aware of anything else except the ball carrier. It was a very clean hit in which a rookie LB wasn't paying attention to his surroundings. Give me a break.

Ward smiles after every play, idiot.....

you're an idiot...helmet to shoulder pad is more like it...and for god's sakes, you see that same hit on every decent punt return from the pros to high school...its called a block son...this is nfl football...not soccer

hey do you think rivers broke his own jaw when he knee'd himself in the face haha

Is Hines Ward a headhunter? Depends on your definition. If you define a headhunter as a guy purposely looking to injure other player...no. I don't think there are many in the NFL with that mentality. If you define headhunter as someone who is looking to hit the other team as hard as possible at any LEGAL oppurtunity then of course he is...along with 75% of the NFL including every defensive player with the exception of a few of the softer cover coners. A big hit energizes the team and fans, establishes the much sought after "physical" tag for a unit, and changes momentum. Ward didn't do anything that every safety wouldn't do with a reciever coming accross the middle and being a reciever he doesn't have many oppurtunities to lay the wood. His recent fines have been a joke as the league has started fining players for legal plays. Save the "dirty" tag to players looking to take out knees.

Anyone who claims that a WR (who is about 40-50 lbs lighter than a linebacker) is headhunting is just an idiot. hines ward isnt a typical WR who bitches about not getting the ball every down. he continues to make plays without the ball. he also has about every single receiving record that the steelers have. Yes he passed those great receivers number 88 and 82. What were there names again? ha! thats called being a team player and a leader. Its also why he was the mvp when they played the seahawks in the super bowl. Dirty player couldnt be further from the truth. football is designed to be a game where either you make the first hit, or you get hit. THANK GOD some player out there takes us back to the good old days of where smash mouth football was actually used in the NFL.

Clean hit. Quit crying about it. Hines smiles like that when somebody hits him! And steelers aren't "steelers" unless they hit like that asshole!!

Suspension coming!!!!!!!!!

That was textbook clean! Hines a dirty player please! I would like to see know of 1 NFL player that wouldn't have made the same hit.

Boo F-ing WHOO! Let me get you a tissue. Dude.. He is a Wide Receiver, giving p---y defensive players a taste of their own medicine. Remember Anquin Bolduin? Would you like some Midol as well?...

Hines ward is not a dirty player, that was a legal hit. Hard gets up smiling like that even when he gets drill by linebackers which happen more often than him laying people out. But I guess that is part of football.

Did you even play football as a kid cause if you did you know that hit is just part of playing ball. This is a man's game and if you can't handle it than don't step on that field. Its unfortunate that Rivers got hurt but Bengal players need to shut up and play and than maybe they will win a game.

Answer this question and you'll understand what why hines doesn't just give little chip blocks "why is there fighting in hockey"

There is fighting in hockey because then the other team knows that if you take a cheap shot at your star player his ass is going to get beat by the thug on your team. thus it keeps the other team from cheap shotting your stars.

The same basic effect is seen here when you're the outside linebacker for the bengals this past week and you just saw the guy lining up next to you get his FUCKING JAW BROKE because he wasn't paying attention to people trying to block him it makes you keep your head on a swivle. then you end up too busy looking around making sure hines ward isn't bearing down on you looking to make you his next bitch that you end up missing the tackle.
So its not so much about giving someone a hard hit to hurt them as it is giving them a hard hit that leaves everyone else scared and preoccupied

Anyone who talks bad about a guy like Hines Ward is obviously just a hating on him because he plays for the steelers. The guy is a genuine good person you never once hear about him getting in trouble with the law, doing drugs or anything of that nature. He made a clean block. Its called football. Just so happens Rivers wasnt paying attention, Typical rookie mistake. Cant hate a guy like ward, who plays the game, the way it was meant to be played. He never takes a play off, always brings it no matter what his role is on any given play.
I'm sure rivers' jaw will heal up fine, i bet he isnt sitting around pouting about getting hit by a wide receiver. he woulda done the same thing, had the tables been turned.

Fisrt off, name me one other wide reciever that even gives the effort of blocking at any level compared to hines ward. There is none, he is a reciever that plays to the best of his abilities on every down, every single play. Its people like you complaining about a good clean hit like that has been in this game since it started, that is turning this sport into a pussy league, go play soccer if you cant take it. Its a full contact sport!

You either wrote this to attract attention and have people comment on it OR you have no idea about football and how it is to be played! My bet is it is the LATTER. It wasn't even a helmet to helmet hit, there was penalty and lastly that is his job. When are the pathetic BUNGLES going to figure out that he has been doing this for years to them and the rest of the division.

Yo, Shut the [email protected]*K up, thats the kind of hit that most people watch football to see. Its kind of like Nascar and crashing, If we didnt have the later, a lot of people wouldnt watch the first.

I agree with you. He is a dirty player. Its because he is black don’t you know?
How the hell do you know what he is celebrating? If a player is paralyzed during a game and the other team wins the game are they dirty for celebrating their win? The hit looked clean to me. Things happen so fast when youre at that level and the lines between clean and dirty are often played very close. That’s what happens when youre at the edge. the only way to find it is to pass it. Most times the edge is passed unintentionally and to me it does not look like hines set out to break this persons jaw and its silly to think that anyone really would do that. It just happened that way. It happens a lot and its not dirty.

Thanks for posting it on YouTube with a link to all the whining. It was a fair hit with an unfortunate end. Get over it.

As a Browns fan for over 40 years, it is frustrating to see the success that the Steelers have earned over the years. However, I have always admired that the Steelers know how they want to play football and generally do so. Ward is an excellent blocker, but in this case, he blocked the wrong man. On YouTube, find the endzone view of this play. (SEARCH: Hines Ward decleats a Bengal) If Ward had blocked the man that was covering him, #89 Spaeth would likely have gained more yards or even scored. Rivers was late getting there. The DB on Ward made the tackle. Big hit for Ward, but it cost his team.

hey asshole......do you see the official 5 ft from the hit? why didn't the flag happy fuck, throw it, if it was sooooo,dirty?

clean hit.
Rivers fault for not watching upfield.
that was a beautiful block.
and he lowered his shoulder, not his head.

you are obviously biased...
I am not a steeler fan at all, just a football fan.
you are out of line.
maybe Rivers should play soccer...
football is a contact sport.

so now dumbass !!! go fuck yourself whiner !!!

Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward’s hit on Bengals rookie linebacker Keith Rivers was brutal — but not illegal, at least to the NFL.
After watching replays of the hit, the league determined that Ward will not be fined for the play that left Rivers with a broken jaw, a league official said Tuesday. The ruling was consistent with the officials, who did not call a penalty on the play

Bonafide Sports Expert??? Bonehead Sports Jackass is more like it.

Blatant helmet to helmet hit?

What game were you watching?

It was a clean, legal hit. Welcome to the NFL, bungles.

Lol 100% clean

I bet you cry like a little bitch when someone sets a pick on you on the courts too.


Hey Keith Rivers - keep your f'ing head up.

you're right, chad johnson would never do that....he would never block period.

You are an idiot! First of all if you watch the other angle of this play or even this video again you will see that his shoulder hits River. Second of all regardless if he was part of the play or not Ward is one of the toughest receivers in the league and will hit anyone hes up against. He doesn't need a cheep shot to show how bad ass he is. He has 11 years worth of Nfl clips to show how tough he is.

if you want your son to emulate terrell owens over hines ward, then i feel sorry for you. terrell owens is a "me first" player that is more concerned with his stats than his team winning.

there is nothing cheap about the block hines ward delivered. i don't see anything wrong about blocking a defender that is about to tackle your teammate. the block was well within the rules and whether or not the defender was looking is irrelevant.

i think you are just bitter about the bengals season so far which is understandable but saying hines ward is a dirty or cheap player is just letting your emotions get the best of you.

i'm not a steeler fan, but that was a clean, classic NFL style hit.

you're full of crap

clean hit...but a cheap one. crackbacks have become a glorified block, that receivers seem to take a lot of pride in...most likely because they are unable to make blocks like that while facing a defensive player straight up. if brian dawkins or roy williams put a hit on a receiver going across the middle, and created the same hit on hines ward..breaking a jaw, im sure everyone would view the play as "his helmet and nothing else could have been the only thing that could have possibly broken his jaw" resulting in a huge fine and possible suspension. the rules should simply apply to both sides of the ball. fine one, then fine both

wow, so did everyone remember to bring their helmet for the short bus ride?

you're all retarded making your opinions on who you root for and who you dont like.

and how the fuck is this jay-z wannabee bonafide?

your exactly right. I'm from Baltimore so that really eats me up. fuck hines ward, fuck the media, and fuck all you bitch ass stellers fans.

Wow, Baltimore fans have no room to criticize anyone's style of play. The Ravens are a bunch of head hunters and the FACE OF YOUR TEAM IS A MURDERER! I am sure the "expert" who writes this site prefers his kid wearing his jersey over a Ward one as well as I can tell from the banner atop the page that he also supports pariahs and rapists.

"He should be fined and suspended because if that was Chad Johnson that is what would have happened"

I agree this would never happen because Alligator Arms would never be blocking anybody. If he did he might be mistaken for a team player and not an over-hyped attention whore.

Guys in the NFL dont want to play to earn their paychecks anymore, they worry more about end zone dances than actually getting to the end zone. I will take a clutch team player who plays sideline to sideline whistle to whistle any day.

and preferably one without a criminal record.

Oh Allan, you have so much clASS

Here is one of Ward taking out reed "head on" with a helmet to his chest.


You are the biggest idiot I have ever seen. You clearly are watching the wrong sport or have some vendetta out against Ward or some animosity towards him because you stink. Nice blog loser.

You are dead wrong on all your points about Ward. He is NOT a dirty player. he does NOT celibrate injuring other players. He celibrates a hard hit like any defensive player would . You didn't mention in your biast one sided blog that Ward tried getting in touch w/ Rivers to apologize. That hit was clean and he lead with his shoulder not his head. If he would have hit him head first ward would have been knocked out too.You are an idiot and you should not be permitted to write such garbage

Hold on, the league asks for ONE wide-reciever that loves blocking... you get one and you start bitchin? Clearly the hit was nice, and if he ain't watching, I got a question for Rivers... Why Not? NO ONE IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE THEIR FUCKING HEAD DOWN ON ANY PLAY! It was a nice hit and it was not helmet to helmet... He pelted the man in his chest and broke his jaw... HE'S RAW! And your pussy if you feel remoursce for hurting a player

This writer is a PUSSY!!!

Go back to watching Soccer!

I love how many Steelers fans there are here defending Hines. Just proves that we're everywhere. :)

What I love even more, though, is how many non-Steelers fans agree that it was a clean hit.

That, and the fact that the NFL decided not to fine him.

Show me one other wide receiver in the NFL who hits hard enough to break jaws, and does it cleanly and legally. Could be part of the reason he's a four time Pro-Bowler. Ya think? Yeah.

Just before the hit Ward does lower his head and launches himself into the other player at a low angle so it would be difficult to say it was helmet to helmet but viscious none the less, then again it is football, poor technique which could have injured ward as well.

Hines is a dirty player. Most of his hits have no outcome of the play. More of his hits should be penalized. And I'm a Steelers fan.

Just a disclaimer, I am in no way, shape, or form a Bengals fan. Nevertheless, in my eyes, you are still a fucking idiot. Hard hitting is a substantial part of the game. Getting injured is a part of the game. Blindside hits are a part of the game. What the hell where you expecting him to do? Tap Rivers lightly in the shoulder to tell him he's about to get blocked? This is football for fuck's sake, get a grip.

Go play some real football, know what it feels like to put your body on the line for the team, and get some fucking perspective.

Alot of you defending Hines, are fags who never played organized football or fags who dickride the Steelers or both....

There is always a place in football for hard hits and crack back blocks...no question. But, not only in football...but in life, what is legal is not always right. The fact is he headhunts (while leading with the helmet) yards away from the play. Then, he has the nerve to celebrate after the play (while a player is laying injured on the field). It's not just a sport but a career for the those priviledged enough to be in the NFL. These men feed their families off their labor and when you go out of your way to jeopardize that...FUCK YOU AND YOU MOTHER FOR HAVING YOU. The jizz that made Hines Ward should've been head.

Now, if this were a DB or LB doing this, he'd be catching the "Andre Waters" charge. But because he's a WR in Pittsburgh (the most beloved franchise in the NFL right up there besides Dallas), he's attached to adjectives like gutsy, savvy, courageous, and fearless.

But like I've always known to be true, you reap what you sow. Thank GOD for TiVo. The moment will come when Hines gets his and I will be the first to "YouTube" that shit.

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