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Memo To Kimbo's Slice's Son...Man The Hell Up!!!


One time I saw my dad lose at basketball and I cry so the only difference between me and Kimbo's kid is I was 3 and this dude has to be like 25 right? What hell is wrong with him? Did he put all his GED money on has daddy beating up a Pink haired bean pole? Seriously what is the problem here?

While Daddy was getting knocked down by a jab that couldn't hurt Perez Hilton his son for lack of a better term was acting like Perez Hilton.

*Perez Hilton just emailed to say don't disrespect him like that*


Even the boy's mom is looking at him like:

"I wish I had a girl"

I hate to break it to JR. but in life people lose. Your pops got $500,000 for 15 seconds of work and it looks like he is going to have to use it all on Kleenex for you. Man up and stop acting like a punk before someone throws a jab at you and knock your soft ass out.

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Lil bitch

He look like a young biz markie

fucked that nigga up!! first pic looks like the black guy in 40 year old virgin after he watches that vampire movie at the store!!

Kimbo didn't get half a mil for 15 seconds work. It was only 14 seconds.

don't hate on him. look at his eyes, you can see how high he is. hes emotional.

Look at the arms on his mama. She should have been in the ring instead of Kimbo. She could have smothered that goofy pink haired douche.

that woman should look into some long sleeves.

suddenly i'm hungry for some pumpernickel bread!

look at the array of disgusting women in that top picture!

holy moly, go for a walk! eat a salad, ladies!

Dude lost his million-dollar meal ticket in, what, about 15 seconds? In this economy, I might be a little emotional about that, too.

Even the boy's mom is looking at him like:

"I wish I had a couple dozen glazed donuts and a stuffed crust pizza"

Kimbo Slice is 34 years old. He does not have a 25 year old kid.

if you think Kimbo is 34 I have some Palin alaskan milf videos for you too

those are some rough looking women

No one noticed the hot blond in the top left with her tit barely covered by the tap out shirt?

I totally agree with Dave's Football Blog! Now, I realize that I am coming at this from a female perspective but Dave is right. This was probably the first and only chance they will have to continue to make the bucks. Also, I am sure this chance was Kimbo and his family's dream. Of course, I realize Kimbo is totally unqualified but have some mercy boys!!!!! And by the way, although I do not look like those women (better)ya'll are referring to show some respect! Who the hell is knocking ya'lls door down!!! Angelina? Thanks

Is that Kimbo's wife with him? She should jump in the ring, she's got bigger arms than Kimbo...

The fix was in

To Mitchell and Ness - I cannot believe you just commented that "The fix was in". Are you refering to the comment that Petruzelli made about promoters hinting to not take Kimbo down? That would mean the fix was in for Kimbo to win not Petruzelli. If you mean the opposite of above, I am totally confused. Why would EliteXC want Kimbo to lose? He was their face, their chance to make it and succeed as a MMA outfit. This will probably ruin them or at least nobody will find them credible. So I do hope you mean the former!!! Boy, that was confusing!!!!

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