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Mike Singletary Full Post Game Press Conference..Classic Material

Honestly I am frighten of Mike Singletary. If I am a player on the 49ers right now when I come to work on Monday I know I better:

1- Be a team player.
2- Be working my ass off.
3- Keep my mouth shut and just do my job.

Vernon Davis is a classic example of a player who thought he was entitled to everything because he was a high 1st round draft pick. I guarantee you right now he has come to the conclusion that we all have. It doesn't matter if you are a #1 pick or a street free agent Mike Singletary are going to play the best players and when I say best "best players" I don't mean the best physically, but the best "team players".

I will admit after watching this I wanted to suit up and take someone out and that is saying a lot considering I am in the "Al Bundy" stage of my athletic life.

Can someone tell me why it took so long for this man to be a head coach?

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Now that is a press conference


Vernon Davis probably was cussing under his breath as he was walking to the locker room like you use when your parents sent you to your room.

Don't worry I will have that job by the end of the year


Well he just secured his spot in the latest Coors Light Commercial.

Makes me wanna suit up and play.

I think i am going to cry

Unless you were a father raising a family in the Chicago area during the Mid 80's you can't appreciate the positive influence of men like Mike Singletary and Walter Payton had on your children.
I was always sorry I did not tell Walter that before he died.I am going to get a letter off to Mike.

I remember the intensity of Mike's eyes when he used to play. I can only imagine the intensity he brings to practices, especially after he's pissed off like this. Heck, I'd suit up for Mike and hit somebody in the mouth!

That was simply beautiful. Nuff said.

Mike Singletary is a pussy!

The only thing officially scarier than a frozen mustache Singletary is a coaching Singletary.

He is an awesome head coach!

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