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Obama's College Football Stimulus Plan

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A plan for the economy, a plan for healthcare, a plan for the middle class...it seems there isn't any sector of the American way of life that President-elect Barack Obama doesn't have some sort of plan for but college football? Hmmm... In an interview Sunday with Steve Kroft of 60 minutes, Obama touched on the economy, the girls, the prospect of a new puppy, his mother-in -law in the White House along with other dire areas of interest to the American public before capping off the interview with his stimulus plan for college football. College football you say? It seems the President Elect is continuing to lobby to conquer and reconstruct the weapons of mass destruction in college sports known as the BCS system. And with good reason. The system, as many fans and analysts of sports nation can arguably agree, could use more use more upgrading than Solange's wardrobe. With a bias point system ran like an ironclad fist by the media bent on selecting ratings worthy teams, is it any wonder that the undefeated and one loss teams of "lower" conferences don't have a chance in hell of making the BCS championship game each year?

While not foolproof, like his road map to revive the middle class, Obama may be on to something.

Steve Kroft
What can you do or plan to do about getting a college football playoff for the national championship?

"This is important...I think any sensible person would say if you have a bunch of teams that have played throughout the season --- many of them with one or two losses, and there's no clear, decisive winner... we should create a playoff system. Eight teams, three rounds to determine a national champion. It would add three extra weeks; you could trim back the regular season. I don't know of any serious fan of college football who has disagreed with me on this... so I'm gonna throw my weight around a little bit. I think it's the right thing to do."

The BCS response is not so surprisingly as political correct as McCain's concession speech, marking the BCS' reluctance to listen to reason. After all, what sponsor in their right mind would sanction a playoff game between Ball State and say Oregon for instance? Snore. BCS coordinator, John Swofford had this to say:

"First of all I want to congratulate newly elected President Obama and I am glad he has a passion for college football like so many other Americans. For now, our constituencies -- and I know he understands constituencies -- have settled on the current BCS system, which the majority believe is the best system yet to determine a national champion while also maintaining the college football regular season as the best and most meaningful in sports."

Looks like its back to the drawing board for Obama's transition team

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Written By Qiana M. Davis

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Now this is what I president is suppose to do

A democrat would say that.

honestly i thought littal was writing this, but the i saw the pic and was like wow. beautiful and i good writer me likes

That's my President

I found this part of the interview to be one more reason why President Obama will go down as one of the great ones in history. He is balanced, a great sense of humor and cool under pressure...all while making the right decisions. Obviously you agree that's why you said his plan for the middleclass was foolproof!

I like Obama but I didn't say his plan for the middle class was foolproof. This is why reading is fundamental lol I said while NOT foolproof, like his plan to revive the middle class, he may be onto something. Meaning his suggestion for a playoff system in college football and his plan to revive the middle class are on the right track

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