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Donovan McNabb Doesn't Know A NFL Game Can End In A Tie? WTF

Somewhere Vince Young is saying:

"This dude isn't too bright."

Are you kidding me? I wouldn't even have believed it, if the words didn't come out of his mouth in the post game press conference.

I don't expect all athletes to be scholars, but come on DMac know the rules at least. It is bad enough that Bernard Hopkins gave you the verbal beat down last week and you played like crap against the Bengals, but you are making all football players look bad.

The "Dumb Jock" theory is once again in play. What did he think was going happen? No wonder the Eagles have such bad clock management. Donovan must think the game goes on infinitely until the Eagles win, no wonder he is so casual in the 2 minute drill. Of course that is when he isn't throwing up on the field.

Can someone please pull Donovan's Wonderlic scores ASAP.

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Me and Dmac hang out a lot

He can play for the Raiders

Surprise he didn't throw up in the press conference

He's got to be the dumbest player in America.

This guy is an idiot. If he was just playing he can not take this back.

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