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Kenneth Darby Gets JACKED UP!!! by NFL Umpire Garth DeFelice

As most of you know I was born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri. Considering my profession I have had the ability to travel to a lot of places and right now I think I am ready to be adopted by another city. The only thing that could be worse than being a Saint Louis sports fan (which I have never been even though I live here) is being a Detroit sport fan.


The Rams are a disgrace, but when a NFL Umpire is taking out your running back like he is Ray Lewis you know it is time to close down shop. I understand Kenneth Darby is just trying to make a living, but come on homie that is an old man who just laid you out with a forearm shiver.


I am embarrassed for the entire state of Missouri (it isn't like the Chiefs are any better). I just have to hold my head down in shame. It is pathetic. They were giving away free tickets to the game for Christmas and people were turning them down. The funny thing was they weren't just turning them down they were insulted that they were being offered in the first place. What more can I say?


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It could be worse

Even we won today

Damn look at that right cross.

I smell a pay-per-view Hochuli-DeFelice cage match on the off week before the Super Bowl.

Lets get ready to rumble

Michael, you said the "Rumble" quote, now you have to pay the guy who says it some money.

I might have a roster spot for you, DeFelice.

I could beat Holyfield

F34R MY L337!!

i dont qet how dat pikture looks like hes punchin him . but in the video it looks like hes tacklin him .

Yea it's one thing for your team to cost you the game than the damn ref. I'd say thats more embarrassing than just plain losing lol

I want to see some pay back these refs are getting away with too much. A couple licks the other way and this would stop. I do believe

Trust me bro,Darby could have knocked that old man out if that were his intentions.I watched Darby play football for 4 years while he was in college.

Give him a chance,he's a talented back,he went through some trying times when his father died.he has been through a lot.......

I am pretty sure Littal meant it as a joke

People who spell with numbers and speak with the following slang etc... " dat pikture" should'nt even be allowed on the computer! Speak English Folks!!!!! NOT Idiot!!!!!


"Don't Blame Me"

Shut the hell up.


obviously you've never lived in cleveland.

at least he didn't fumble

at least he didn't fumble

That was absolutely priceless! What a weak running back Darby is. That old man showed him some real skills and put him down!
Sure "Dat pikture" ummm, I mean....That picture does make it look like the Ref is punching him and that is what makes this so hilarious. Darby probably could not fight his way out of a wet paper sack......he is weak and he proves it here. We won't be seeing him in the UFC anytime soon. After all, it is the only "real" sport left!

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