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Dallas Cowboys: No Longer America's Team...Martellus Bennett Rapping???

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So, let's see...
1. Terrell Owens, Patrick Crayton and several defensive members of the Dallas Cowboys go to Jerry Jones and call out offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, quarterback Tony Romo and tight end Jason Witten for devising plays without the offense being involved.
2. Witten stops in practice to ask Owens a question about a route, and T.O. reportedly tells Witten not to talk to him.
3. Cowboys needed one win against the Eagles in Irving, and they would have made the playoffs. They failed.
4. Rumor has it T.O. went out of his way to bad-mouth Garrett as he flew into St. Louis for an interview for the Rams' (then-)open head coaching position, costing Garrett the job.
5. Linebacker Anthony Spencer gets arrested for public intoxication just over a week after the Cowboy season ends.
6. Adam "Don't Call Me Pacman" Jones gets released from the team for an incident the NFL and the Cowboys knew about for a year.
7. T.O. and Michael Irvin each have reality shows coming out...has reality shows gotten that bad?
And, now, this...check out tight end Martellus Bennett's attempt at rapping.

P.S.: Yes, Bennett rhymes something with 'Romo,' but it's not directed at Tony.


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Good lawd there are becoming a comedy show like Seinfeld

Martellus Bennett rap set back black people 20 years

Are you serious? High and Tight

Where is the uproar about his racial overtones? If the roles were reversed this would be on the main stage....

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It is the coolest site, keep so!

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