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All-Star Sneakers

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BSO Writer, Scott Koral started the dialogue about Nike shoes at this year's All-Star game. (see article here.) So let's go off of that and detail who's wearing what this year.

I went through most of my sneaker blogs last night and have compiled a pretty good list.

So for all the sneaker heads out there, much appreciated.

Check out Lebron's and Kobe's special edition kicks after the jump.

Kobe will be in his new low-top, the Kobe IV.

Lebron will be wearing his Zoom Lebron 6, the same shoe he's been wearing all year long, but in the blue East colorway.

Chris Paul will be in a pair of Jordan 2009's, a shoe he is already wearing this season.

Similarly, Ray Allen will be sporting the same shoe.

Amare Stoudemire will be rocking the Nike Foamposite Lite, Scott mentioned. David West will also be wearing these without the gold foil.

Dirk Nowitzki will be in the Nike Air Max Spot Up.

Let's take a step away from Nike for a moment and talk about Adidas. Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett and Dwight Howard will all be wearing the Adidas Bounce Commander. Garnett and Howard will be wearing the Silver/Sunset Blue, while Duncan will be in a Desert Gold/Red

Likewise, Chauncey Billups will be wearing the Adidas Lightning Creator.

Allen Iverson will be in his Answer 12s. These shoes will be released in 3 colorways, each shoe dedicated to his former teams, 76ers, Nuggets as well as his current team, the Pistons.

Paul Gasol and Rashard Lewis will be in All-Star Edition Nike Hyperdunks.

Other shoes not pictured:

Brandon Roy: Nike Zoom Phenom
Tony Parker: Nike Huarache 09
Paul Pierce: Nike MAX P2 V
Danny Granger: Nike Zoom Phenom

Dwayne Wade's shoes seem to be a mystery thus far. But keep a look out for some special edition Air Force One's to be featured later on this weekend.

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Some of those joints are tight, but some not so much

the nike joints are nasty.....not the adidas and im not feeling the new jordans

please get in touch w me if u get paul pierce 20

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