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A Glowing Pregnant Candace Parker On The Cover of ESPN The Magazine


I will be honest the sports media as whole (myself included) tend to focus too much on the negative figures in the sports world and not enough on the positive role models out there like Candace Parker.

ESPN the Magazine is doing something that I think is both innovative and groundbreaking. By putting a very beautiful and very pregnant Candace Parker on their latest issue they have become the first men's sports magazine to do such a thing. I commend them for thinking outside of the box and doing something a lot of men's magazine would see as taboo.

For millions of young women out there it shows them that their potential is limitless and that they really can be anything that they want to be.

As far as Mrs. Parker you couldn't ask for a better role model for not just young women, but everyone. Intelligent, talented, determined and absolutely glowing from her pregnancy if my young daughter grew up anything like Candace Parker I would have known I did a great job.

This issue of ESPN Magazine hits newsstands tomorrow and you can signed up for a subscription here (which is what I would do if I was you).


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That is a beautiful picture. Thanks for letting me know about this Robert. I am going to pick up a copy tomorrow.

perfection right there


I was gonna post about this myself. Good look Rob. Great minds think alike. You know as a model/writer I don't mind posing in scantily clad clothing sometimes but being fully clothed and being celebrated as beautiful is more important to me. This cover of Candace Parker celebrates just that and I don't just mean her physical beauty. The fact that she is repping real women, moms and female athletes all in one is powerful. ESPN did it's thing putting her on the cover

Is that ugly dude still the father

Since it is very rare that a female is on a cover of a sports magazine, let alone a black female, this decision by ESPN was bold and brave. I will support this groundbreaking move buy purchasing this magazine for the first time tomorrow.
Candace and her peers in her league should be applauded for playing the game they love, for not much money or notoriety as some of their male counterparts who are pulling down millions to go at half speed on some nights.

The most beautiful pregnant woman I've ever seen. This is her best picture to date.

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