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Lebron's "Pimp Focus" Is Still Going Strong


Thought I would lighten the mood a little bit. Lebron James threw a party last weekend called:

"A Night With LeBron James" in ATL at MF's in Buckhead. Polow Da Don was the host for this special event. Music was sponsored by DJ Ox Banga, DJ Steph Floss and Bryan Michael Cox.

As you can see above the Ladies were out in full force. When "Ya Boy" throws a party I have the same quality women minus about thirty of those girls. You know I make it "Partly Cloudy" in the club, but I digress.



Now you know "Ya Boy" knows some of the most beautiful and influential women in the world, so my girl Special K who was VIP at the party tells me that the bench that these very lovely young ladies are sitting on was affectionately called the:


What that means for those who don't make it "Partly Cloudy" in the club is the females who are considered "groupie" status normally hoard around one place in the club hoping to get access to the more exclusive section so they can have access to superstars like me. It appears this "reject bench" was that location. I will say if that was the "reject bench":

1- I would be happy to be on that bench like ML Carr with the 85 Celtics.

2- If that is the "reject bench" can you imagine the type of chicks who actually made it to the VIP.


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I'm mad you got the "Lebron reject bench" pic up!

Littal you are a fool

LMAO stop using that GIF!! You killin em Littal. BSO is back

This is why I love BSO. These dudes have serious articles about T.O. and Shaq and then just like that a pic with a 1000 girls and a "reject couch".

Whereas you going to get that from?

*singing "She's got LEEGGGGSSSS and she must NOT know how to use them!" hence the many girls being on the reject couch ha Too funny!

Rob can you please hook me up with some rejects DAMN!!!


I think you mean he "threw" a party as opposed to "through" a party.

Another BSO term created "The Reject Bench" when I hit the club tonight I will be looking for them.


Don't ever change Rob

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