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Chris Bosh's Deadbeat Dilemna:The Other Side

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Since breaking the story a few days ago on Chris Bosh's child support woes and custody drama (See Chris Bosh Deadbeat Dilemna I've received much flack for quote on quote "siding" with Bosh's ex-girlfriend based on what I presume to be my reporting on the facts as filed by Mathis (Bosh's ex-girlfriend) in a Maryland court.

"In her (Allison Mathis) suit she claims Bosh went from being a lovable fiancée with plans of matrimony and fatherhood to a cruel, indifferent "deadbeat" father and socially irresponsible athlete who upon his return from Olympic gold in Beijing broke off the relationship, leaving his child's mother 7 months pregnant without financial support even after suffering from complications that forced an emergency C-section this past November."

"All that said, how can a family oriented man with a charity for children dedicated to teaching children how to read potentially expose his 4 month old daughter to a life of borderline poverty where her mother is working two jobs, "robbing Peter to pay Paul" to keep food on the table and the utilities on because of a soured relationship with her mother? Apparently with the same ease to attempt to have Mathis removed from the $1.6 million dollar Texas home they jointly owned and to petition a paternity test. Yes, Bosh with a 99.97% accuracy, you ARE the father and yes, there are two sides to every story."

It is warranted given that men tend to side with men so of course it is assumed that because I'm a female writer, my sympathies lie solely with the child's mother and my intentions are to throw Chris Bosh's dignity and reputation to the wolves. It is this assumption that is the basis for making my unbiased stance on this story crystal clear.

As a child of a deadbeat dad for a portion of my childhood and all of my adult life this ill conceived notion of a bitter, male bashing woman scorned would seem credible if I also weren't the aunt of a beautiful 2 year old girl who's father is a working college student sharing custody with a foul mouthed, undereducated mother holding onto a relationship that never was, resentful that it will never be and too proud to admit the need to better herself. If I didn't see the joy in her face when she visits me and my family and hear pain in her cries when her father and grandmother drop her off to her mother, I'd take a picture with my pearly whites beaming as a sign proudly named me as a Chris Bosh basher to millions of viewers. As Litall so affectionately proclaims, I digress!

I live both sides of the story every day. I know no one side without knowing the other. Upon my failed attempt to reach Chris Bosh for comment via Twitter to tell his side of the story, I was able to find this tidbit shedding a light on Bosh's side of the story through my new friend over at Khandor's Sports Blog

--------------------------------------THE OTHER SIDE-------------------------------------------------
As reported by Michael Grange at

Bosh made first move in court, lawyer says
Toronto Raptors star Chris Bosh began legal proceedings in October to support his then-unborn daughter, according to a Dallas lawyer.

On Oct. 3, 2008, six weeks after he split with the baby's mother, Allison Mathis, Bosh filed a petition in a Dallas court to begin arranging custody and financial support of the child. In the event Bosh and Mathis could not come to a written agreement, the petition asked the court "to make orders for support of the child" and "provide for appropriate access to the child for both parties."

When subsequent testing confirmed his paternity, Bosh filed an amendment to his original petition on Jan. 30, again requesting an order to cover off care, custody and support for their daughter in the absence of a mutual agreement.

By then, Trinity Myers Bosh had been born.

According to Bosh's lawyer, Larry Hance, the filings demonstrate the four-time NBA all-star had no intention of acting like a deadbeat dad, as he's been portrayed by various media outlets since a Toronto newspaper first reported Tuesday that Mathis had filed suit against him in a Maryland court.

Rather, he has attempted to establish his parental rights and responsibilities, not run from them.

"The dispute is about what amount of money should that support be," Hance said. "Should it be some amount that meets the needs of the child or should it be something more?

"I can say, from his position, he has been willing to pay a reasonable and generous amount to more than cover the needs of the child."

"I just wanted to get everything sorted out, that's all I can say,"
Bosh said after the Raptors' 115-106 win over the Milwaukee Bucks. "I took the initiative because I know how things are. I didn't want any complications."

I commend Chris Bosh for embracing his God given rights and attempting to take an active role in his child's life. Not all men and not all male athletes are deadbeats. However, I make no apologies for my previous reporting on Chris Bosh's dilemna. He could easily get caught up in the vindictiveness, resentment, anger and bitterness involved when a relationship goes sour and the well-fare of a child is involved. Even essentially responsible, reliable, well-mannered men like Bosh aren't exempt from making mistakes. Whether it was simply the child's mother lying out of spite or heaven forbid to boost her fledging acting career, it is possible that any portion of her accusations could ring true. Regardless, it is his and any man's responsibility to God, to the child and to society to "man up" and take care of his seed. It is an honor and a blessing that any parent, FATHER OR MOTHER should accept wholeheartedly WITHOUT seeking any recognition or Parent of the Year Award.

As I said before, at the end of the day, fans will forgive, the endorsements will continue to roll in and the Raptors' will redeem their playoff contentions next season IT'S NOT ABOUT MATHIS OR BOSH but that innocent little girl who like my niece, didn't ask to be born but deserves all the love, nurturing and values two parents working toward the common goal of raising a productive member of society can bring. The same qualities Bosh and Mathis can bring their daughter working together.

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Written by Qiana M

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thats good and all but he still left her when she was pregnant

So, it would have been cool if he would have jsut left her, if she wasn't pregnant?

More likely she is just a gold digger.

@Nathaniel. It's never cool to be a jerk however if you're just a live in girlfriend and you all break up, how is it your ex-boyfriend's responsibility to take care of you? It's Chris Bosh's responsibility to be a father to his child. She only comes into play because the child is staying with her and according to the report, he is prepared to pay more than enough to accommodate them both.

the fact that he left her while pregnant isn't the issue, what is the issue is the fact that everybody assumed the chris was another dead beat and nobody checked or got his side before running with it. he did what he was suppose to in setting up the support and went over and beyond. but she for whatever reason, LIED, and bashed his character. where's the outrage and condemnation for that? this is another reason why our community is splinter and messed up. he does what he suppose to, goes over and beyond and he still gets bashed, good thing he went through the courts to do this.

For someone who seems to have experience with both sides of these issues, you really did not seem to recognize that there are two sides. That's what you (and a lot of the mainstream media) should apologize for. Not for the reporting, but for the approach. Everyone made presumptuous statements and rhetorical questions when only one side of a two-sided issue was public knowledge. That's just plain sloppy and irresponsible. Patience and discretion was required by the media in respect to this issue and very little was shown.

If I'm so socially irresponsible why would I even post both sides of the story period? I have posted two articles with both views and have made several references to court documents and sources in the media upon which my information was obtained. It is not my job to appease to either side. What you and everyone else who have commented have failed to comment on or recognize is its about the welfare of the child that matters most in this case. I have never strayed from that in my reporting nor do I retract any statements I have made. I gain nothing from reporting this story other than the satisfaction of being able to bring an unbiased opinion to a piece that has had the media pre labeled Chris Bosh as a deadbeat and viewers label Ms. Mathis as a gold digger. There are two sides to every story and neither you, I, or anyone else who has commented on or reported on this story know the full story. We weren't there.

I have nothing to apologize for when people do not take the time read and fully educate themselves on a matter before formulating an opinion as you clearly have [email protected] Chutney

@Will I ran with what was available to me at the time. That story I wasn't presented to me until AFTER I posted the first story. In all fairness, I reached out to Mr. Bosh for his side of the story and got no reply. I would of preferred getting the information from the horse's mouth instead of another article by a potentially biased writer however you work with the cards that you are given.

I totally get your frustration. I see that happen with my brother more often that not with my niece's mother. It is not fair when a real man steps up and assumes the role of fatherhood and continually gets bashed and taken advantage of by the mother because she wants a relationship, she's bitter, crazy, etc. More often you hear about the deadbeat dad and unfortunately in the Black community especially, deadbeat dads continue to spread like a black plague, leaving kids on the border of poverty with less chances for a proper education and resources available to them in a two parent home. Sad but very true.

I'm glad his daughter(Bosh) won't have to experience that. I just hope the two of them can keep it together for the sake of the child. No child should have to suffer, regardless of how the parents feel about each other cuz ultimately its the child that ends up hurt with the short end of the stick

More importantly than all that. Chris Bosh should have never got into a relationship with a woman whose forehead looks like a space alien that is all I am saying.

They both screwed up, but she sounds a bit suspect

It is all too often that we hear stories such as this one. Whenever a new story comes out I am always skeptical b/c most media, no matter how unbiased it claims to be, is presented to make you feel or believe a certain way. Media outlets are quick to present stories trying to one-up one another in getting the "exclusive" first. In this case when I first read the original article, I told Qiana that I needed time before I could comment on it and this is the reason why. Our society has programmed us to believe everything that we see and hear without any critical thought or analysis. That's why individuals that are charged are automatically assumed to be guilty in the court of public opinion before being given due process.

I knew that there was another side to this story, which I was waiting to hear before I was analyze both side and develop my own opinion about the situation. I have experienced both sides of this dilemma. My father was a minister that took pride in his family and being a great father. However, drug use in later years caused many instances of jail time and neglect. I understand why one would agree with Chris Bosh or Ms. Mathis. IMO both individuals have made mistakes. She may have been resentful for the split with Bosh and tried to assassinate his character as a result. This is inexcusable b/c she acted out of vengeance. It also is terrible b/c there are far too many brothas that do neglect their children. In addition, I feel that some women use sympathy to sway opinions. This may have been what Ms. Mathis was looking for. It's interesting that we never hear about these issues until after the breakup.

However, IF Bosh did in fact break up with her while she was 7 months pregnant and tried to get her removed from their $1.6 million dollar home than he is also at fault and this too is inexcusable. He should have been more considerate of Ms. Mathis and his soon-to-be child. The timing could not have been worse. He should have known that his actions would be taken as inconsiderate and would reflect negatively on him. If we wanted to leave her we could have waiting the baby was born and made other housing arrangements at a later time. Was there any need to rush? We all know that the deadbeat dad label was based untrue. However, this does not mean that Bosh is a saint either. This is all hearsay as in any other case and no matter how many times we are saturated with these stories we never know the whole truth of what went on in the relationship. Its his word vs hers. Beneath all the accusations I am sure that there are things that both sides wish had been done differently. There are no heroes or villains in this story except for the CHILD! I hope that Bosh and Allison can maintain a healthy parental relationship for the sake of the child. Its a shame on both parties that a child is being born into such a toxic situation.

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