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Eminem's "We Made You" Video Takes Shots At Tony Romo


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I have lways been a big fan of Eminem. I think he has the 2nd best verse in the history of hip hop (his 1st verse on Jay Z's "Renegade" the best verse of all time is Inspectah Deck on Wu Tang's "Triumph"). Em has been MIA for the last couple of years staying out of the spotlight, but he is coming back with a new CD.

This is the first single off that CD. It is called "We Made You" and to my surprise it takes a shot at a famous Dallas Cowboys football player and it isn't T.O.

Jessica Simpson has always been a target of his but this time he has brought Tony Romo into the picture as well.


I think this means if he hasn't already Romo has crossover from just the sports medium into the TMZ medium and I don't know if that is a good or bad thing for him.

There is a tremendous amount of pressure on Romo this year to perform with the Cowboys. Even little things like this has to be considered a distraction especially since he hasn't dealt with distractions very well in the past.

Now this is way off topic, but whoever Em has portraying Sarah Palin in this video is smoking if we can get an ID on her it will be greatly appreciated. You know my "Pimp Focus" is strong.


I have gotten a few emails asking why I haven't mentioned the fact that Reggie Bush's girlfriend Kim Kardashian is also a target of Eminem in the video.

The reason is simple. Reggie Bush is not being portrayed in the video. But I know what you guys really want so here you go:



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The Palin the video is porn star Lisa Ann of "Who's Nailin Paylin" fame.

Eric you have shown why the BSO readers Pimp Focus is always strong

That chick is actually more appealing than Jessica Simpson. micke is not sure that was Marshall's intent.

Song is garbage

thank you rob you know us so well

Why does he always come out with these weak singles, he's more talented than this.

Damon he does this just for media buzz. Think about it. As of 3:14 Eastern 10,000 people have view this article.

It is on Deadspin, Yardbarker etc etc. MTV all over it. Yahoo all over it.

If he does one of his gritter songs the buzz is not as high.

nice explantion rob

He always comes out w/ a radio friendly single 1st. We know his new album will hot.

Rob you are always on top of this stuff

I hear ya Rob, but he's at the Jay-Z level now that he could put out anything and still go platinum, but I understand. I could careless abt the video, even though the Lisa Ann cameo was pretty sweet and honestly, but damn put out some quality. Hearing his 1st two singles I have no urge to even listen to the rest of it.

I hear you Damon I usually ignore his 1st single. I think this one is more funny than anything.

I am hoping for some "Stan" "Lose Yourself" quality songs on his CD.

I didn't like "Crack the Bottle" that much, but considering songs like:

"Stanky Leg"

ruining the industry he is a breath of fresh air hopefully.

Classic, just classic. Eminem is a comic genius

So I guess Eminem is a cooler (using that term loosely) version of Weird Al?!

Weird Al uses cover songs. These are orginals, so I give EM the nod, plus EM has an entire catalog of classics.

love the site

He is just a modern day Weird Al. Both Suck!

Romo is number 9, not number 8 (as Eminem wears in the video).

Wow, that was really bad. Other than creating drama he really doesn't have much talent.

Great video. Cowgirls suck

Not a big M&M fan but this vid has some hilarious moments. That was a riot when Jessica "hikes" a cheeseburger to Tony Romo, er Troy Aikman, LOL. Em, get it right, dude, Romo is #9. Fire the key grip!

Palin is played by pornstar and "Nailin Palin" star Lisa Ann

love Sarah Palin's appearance in the music video

LOL @ "lindsay please come back to seeing men, Samanthas a 2 and your practically a 10". Oh my goodness they gonna be hating on him.

Anyone know the names of the actresses that played Kim Kardashian and Lindsey lohan in this video?

funny video . just eminem school. i love it the video

who played Kim Kardashian, who ever it was is hot

Who played Kim kardashian? She is gorgeous

Have to agree, comedy is the main intent.
Definitely not much thought for verse.
Never any doubt Dre knows when and how to beef up their fortune. Quality or not Em is the cash cow for more rounds. Lyrical jems live in both of their heads but bank accounts come first and pop culture demands the visuals. I enjoyed the video.

Its 'linsey please comeback to semen'

message to nova, you have just posted the most retarded post of 2009 and the next decade, 'eminem has no talent' where have you been yo, under a frikkin rock, he's got a whole history of classics, number 1's, albums that have broke number 1, he has just recently been voted best rapper alive, and he has no talent lmao get off the drugs please, there not good you no, em will tell you ;)

he is the greatest mc alive wheather i like or i do not he is the greatest alive bar non R.I.P to the greatest gone

has anyone found out who plays kim kardashian yet

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