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Exclusive Preview Of The Spike Lee Documenatary on Kobe Bryant


A lot of people wish they could get inside the mind of Kobe Bryant. A lot of people want to know what makes him tick. Darth is not a normal dude. Once that facade of him being an "All American" guy was destroy in a Colorado hotel room he became in my mind an iconic figure. All iconic figures have to deal with adversity it is what makes them memorable. It is what makes people care. Just say the name Kobe Bryant in a crowded room and you will get in a heated conversation.

I don't think anyone will ever know the "true" Kobe Bryant, but Spike Lee is going to give it a shot.

Spike Lee is doing a documentary on Kobe Bryant that is going to be shown on ESPN on May 16th. In the documentary Spike tries to give you some insight on what makes Kobe Bryant, Kobe Bryant.

In a career that has had more ups and downs than a day in the life of Jack Bauer (one of the few reasons Kobe has given for wearing the number 24) Kobe definitely has a lot he can reflect on.

In these three exclusive clips rolled into one Kobe talks about (in order):

How to make teammates better.

The Triangle offense and having better teammates.

Breaks down how teams know what is coming they still can't stop him.

As crazy as this sounds it has been a quiet year for Bean. More of the talk has been about Lebron James, D Wade & even Dwight Howard, but make no mistake about it NBA's most popular player is Kobe Bryant and the most interesting story as the NBA playoffs start is can he get that elusive ring without Shaq before his time runs out.

From Kobe Bryant to Kobe Skywalker, from Kobe Skywalker to Darth Kobe, from Darth Kobe to Jack Bauer, from Jack Bauer to Neo Bryant and finally from Neo Bryant to Karma Kobe.

You see what goes around comes around. The final chapter has not yet been written, so in essence this documentary is just the prelude.


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funny to hear Kobe talk about making teammates better

I definitely will be watching

How cool am i?

how can i purchase a copy on kobe byrant

It isn't an 'exclusive preview' if you're just quoting youtube videos

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