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Full Fight Replay Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton aka The Two Round Destruction


Let me start this with a quote from one of my Twitter fam Basketballbuzz (http://www.twitter.com/basketballbuzz) who summed up beautiful about what future opponents should be thinking before they step in the ring with Manny Pacquiao:

This is reason numero uno; you should be scared to fight dudes who smile before they get in the ring!

When I went to the weigh in on Friday I saw it. I knew what was about to happen. I knew Hatton was going to lose I was 100% sure. But I had no clue that we would see a destruction the likes of Mike Tyson vs. Michael Spinks.


The only difference was that Ricky Hatton wasn't scared of Manny Pacquiao (maybe he should have been) but the outcome was the same. To see Pacquaio hand speed live is dazzlingly. I don't think Hatton saw any of the punches coming and he was hit with a lot of them. Pacquiao had the whole arsenal going lefts, rights, hooks, jabs, straights and body punches. Then to top it all off his defense was exceptional as well. That was as impressive display of boxing skills that I have ever seen and I have been watching boxing since I was in diapers.


Hatton simply had no shot and just as I said in my "5 Reasons" video it is very hard to teach an old dog new tricks and while Floyd Mayweather Sr is a good salesman he couldn't change Ricky Hatton from being Ricky Hatton.

In all honesty Ricky Hatton never was and never will be a world class fighter. He doesn't have world class skills. The two times he was put in the ring with world class fighters he has been embarrassed. After the final knockdown there were many in the arena that thought he was dead and I am saying that with no hyperbole.


I am glad Hatton is ok, but we should never see him in a high profile fight ever again. He just isn't that good he was truly outclassed by Manny Pacquiao.

The ironic thing about Pacquiao is that he is the nicest person in the world outside of the ring. I had an opportunity to speak with him briefly on Friday and he called me "Sir". Besides making me feel old (I am younger than Manny) it verified everything that I have ever heard about Pacquaio that he is an authentic great guy. Then to see him transform to this machine of a boxer, destroy his opponent and right after it is over go back to "nice" Manny is a wonder to see. I wish more athletes were like that.

Even though the fight only lasted two rounds the crowd was electric and was buzzing from start to finish. I never sat down and the guy sitting next to me who was a reporter from the Philippines almost broke my arm after the last and final knockdown. Suffice to say he was very excited.

We can also put to rest who is the better trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr or Freddie Roach. Manny Pacquaio executed his game plan to perfection while Hatton fought like he didn't have a game plan. It is as simple as that. So while Floyd Sr has some very nice goodwill style clothes and Soulja Boy style rhymes, but his skills as a trainer are no where as near as good as Freddie Roach.

The million dollar question that was buzzing around the arena after the fight was how big a Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr fight would be and who would win.

Mayweather has a tough fight with Juan Manuel Marquez in July, but if he survives a Pacquiao/Mayweather fight I believe would be the biggest PPV fight ever and I have an idea who would win, but we will save that until another day.

To sum everything up I will quote my own Twitter message from last night (http://www.twitter.com/BlkSportsOnline).

There is ONLY ONE RICKY HATTON & he got knock the f*ck out


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great fight i knew manny was going to win but not like that. But he won't be able to do that against mayweather not at all

Thanks for keeping us in the loop while you were in Vegas Littal

It must been a great fight to see live, well at least the two rounds. Good looking out on the twitter link. that was a mean mean left hook. but then again he was just doing his job.

Man versus boy: Man wins.

It was nice to meet you Mr. Littal

Thank you for posting this fight. As what you have said, this fight maybe a short one but it's an electrifying indeed.

Congratulations to Manny and best wishes to Ricky as well. I hope he is okay and did not get any serious damage.

I am looking forward to see Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao fight at the end of this year. I used to like Floyd Jr when he was just started coz he's really the best at that time. But as years gone by, he is somehow becoming boring to watch already. As in not thrilling anymore. As in his tongue is getting faster than his hands speed already. Infact, he should have lost to ODLH if Oscar's stamina is a bit stronger. Floyd Jr only managed to beat Oscar on the later rounds of their fight when Oscar stamina is already weaker. But anyway, Manny and Floyd Jr's fight would be a great one to watch. Floyd's great defense against Manny's great fighting spirit. It could be the biggest fight of this new millennium. Even better than Hagler vs Leonard's fight. Maybe 2nd only to the original "Thrilla in Manila"! Haha! That's cool!!!

Again, thank you very much for posting this fight. More power. Until then.

HI Roberet!

Thank you for sharing to us this video of the fight. I enjoyed alot. Here, in the Philippines, calling someone "Sir" or ma'am doesnt have to be an older but an address of respect. When Pacman address u as tht, besides not knowing ur name, means he has a sense of respect for you and showing his humble state... just dont bark at home him without no good reason or... bit him or else.... you gonna be knocked down and fell sleep forever...

Top review.

Mayweather vs Pac-man is going to be immense! I literally can not wait for later on this year because it WILL happen no question. Way too much money for it not to.



hatton is weak

the best fight iv ever seen, since i was wearing diapers.. heheh likewise..Manny is the Best. he is very humble and a nice bloke to know. keep up the good work Robert.. cheers..

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