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Smarten Up JR Smith..."Gang Signs" Are Unapproved

Let me make one thing perfectly clear I don't care what JR Smith says he was doing. I don't care that he says that he was doing the "upside down 3". I simply don't care because it doesn't matter.

You are a young black man covered in tattoos on national TV flashing what appears to be "gang signs".

Now you might not care because you have millions of dollars, a big house and a lot of cars. You might not care about what the general public thinks.

But I care because while you are living in the lap of luxury there is a young black male with a tattoo who is going to looked at differently even though he is college educated.

I care because tomorrow I will have explain your actions to hundreds of people who already think the NBA if full of "thugs".

I care because somewhere there is a sixteen year kid who looks up to you that may flash an "upside down 3" on a basketball court and get shot for it.

That is why you should care. Stop thinking about yourself. Stop trying to be so cool. Stop trying to act like the gangster when you are definitely not.

We and when I say we, I mean us black men have enough to deal with than you acting like a fool trying to show how "hood' you are.

Grow up and smarten up JR.


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This is soooo stupid...I hate when dumbass people don't notice he threw up the 3 fingers to signify the fact he made a 3 point shot. Not the fact that's he a blood..this was stupid never expected an African American to write this dumb shit.

I agree. They dont consider the responsibility they have. Even though it may be innocent, perception is the name of the game.

Eazy did you even read what I wrote. Because if you did you wouldn't have made such a dumb statement.

You're right! I'll refrain from holding upside down 3's with my fingers so uncle tom ass bitchmade bloggers feel uncomfortable about what white people think. I'll never do it again.

your friend,

To the Fake JR first be a man and use your own name secondly. This has nothing to do with white people this has to do with black people and your overall ignorance.

you are very right regardless of what we was or wasn't throwing up it increases the negative out look of black people in the public eye he just doesn't realize yet that its the people in the public eye that are going to strongly shape how we are looked at, and he gets paid to play and look respectful not show that childish mentality on national television

I think you were thinking too hard on this one. Yeah, it looks like a gang sign and yes, anyone who doesn't have some semblance on knowledge about how ish works in the streets would be putting themselves into some trouble if they pulled this stunt HOWEVER we all know what JR was trying to do.

Throwing up three signs is all too common in the league these days. So if Turk (whose thrown up a three) or Lebron (whose thrown up a three) does the same thing, are you going to get on them too. I would argue that LeBron has more influence than JR therefore his decision to throw that sign up would have more of an impact. I would only expect for you to call him out too.

I believe that one of the reasons why you may be making this a big deal is because JR has a reputation for being a douchebag. This would make him look worse in the eyes of other people including yourself.

The NBA instituted a policy in the playoffs last year due to Paul Pierce's alleged Blood-sign throwing incident against Atlanta last year. JR should be reprimanded by the league for it but other than that, let's move on.

Cici I know this sounds cliche but I am worried about kids/teenagers who can't separate NBA fiction from real life situations.

You can't be playing around with stuff like this. JR should know better. The manner he does the sign is different than Lebron and others.

He has to be smarter. Stop just thinking about himself

You can't be playing around with stuff like this. JR should know better. The manner he does the sign is different than Lebron and others.

But a gang sign is a gang sign, no matter how you throw it up. So therefore every Black player should know better and the NBA should seriously enforce it ...

i think yall makin a big deal out this str8 up!!!..that man can do whateva..why yall so pressed about what he doin he a grown ass man seriosly.....yall makin something small a big thing come on do rite!!!

I'm Black, educated and play ball. I can see myself doing the same thing on that level (national, professional, etc.) when that kind of excitement and adrenaline is pumping through me after a big shot like that. It's in the moment - Bob, be easy. Its only because he looks like a thug and has tattoos that he was asked about this by the media - some kind of profiling or bias lies in there somewhere (I bet Tim Duncan wouldn't have been asked about it if he did throw 'em up). Don't help this media Bob.

I want my 5 minutes back, cant believe I summoned myself to visit this website and read this article but I already regret it. Your pseudo Jason Whitlock school of journalism attempt at gauging the sociocultural impact of a basketball game is huge fail, not only do you have no grasping of what said athlete did but your also absolutley clueless as to what goes on in the same black neighborhoods you purport to be so concerned about. Contrary to popular belief from whatever your mainstream media source told you, no one gets shot in the " hood " over flashing a 3 point sign during a basketball game, unlike yourself( thankfully) the vast majority of young black men have accurate comprehension skills, stop reaching. I dont want to touch on the self-hate that is pervasive throughout this article, why on EARTH is it your responsbility to " care" or explain to what someone who is even MORE ignorant than said athlete has to say about him, especially with such stereotyped conclusions like the ones that you've reached. Funny that the apt broadcasting crew didnt see it necessary to reach such insane conclusions or even comment on it, yet we got our very own wannabe Jason Whitlock sweating bullets over how he's gonna explain this one to his white friends. P.S: Note that JR is FAR from the only player in the NBA that employs the same celebration where was this article when Ben Gordon was bringing the 3 point sign to his eye, or when Turkoglu was flashing the same sign from both hands after every big 3. Ah I see the distinction the aforementioned dont fit your own stereotyped image of what a so-called gangbanger looks like so I guess JR Smith should be guilty of more criticism. Talk about prejudice, and this coming from a site purporting to consider sports from a black person's angle.

It is a big deal to me Twin. I don't like it so I am going to write about.

No one cares about JR Smith. I care about how JR Smith actions could possibly effect others who don't know any better.

Sorry anuvaposter I think it needs to be addressed by the media and I don't care if it was Tim Duncan or JR Smith you don't need to be doing that period.

The fact that it is JR Smith makes it worse because more young kids look up to those type of players than the Tim Duncan types so it is more likely something like this takes off.

People don't like the article that is fine I have no problem with that but I believe in what I wrote 100%

Seriously, man? I found this through Google trends and because of the name of the site, I'm afraid someone may actually take you seriously.

I'm not going to be as critical as some of the other respondents, but you should really erase this post.

1. Since this is an online article,."

2. JR, Carmelo, Chauncey, Linas Kleiza and others have been throwing that sign up all season. I don't expect you to have followed the Denver Nuggets, but a little research wouldn't have hurt. This isn't even the first time in the playoffs he has done this.

3. It's three fingers to signify a three-point shot. I think white people, black people and even teenagers in the hood get that. When a guy hits a shot for three points, throwing up three fingers is pretty easy to distinguish from gang signs. Most of us that have/do live in the hood know what are and are not gang signs. I think the gang members, themselves, are especially apt at being able to know what do and do not constitute gang signs.

4. It's not our responsibility as black people to not do anything that might be considered gang affiliated by ignorant outsiders. JR Smith is obviously not a gang member, he's a millionaire that lives in the suburbs of Denver. If certain people don't know the difference, it's not JR's job to curtail his behavior to appease them. It's not black people's responsibility to shed all semblance of blackness to appease white people. This notion

JR Smith is not Obama. He's a 23-year-old basketball player who makes a three-point shot and throws up three fingers. No one thought it was a gang sign but you, young house negro.

We can go back and forth with Bob on this matter, but he's never going to change his mind about this. You are just wasting your time posting (as am I) a reply. The fact of the matter is all this dialogue is simply increasing the chance Bob will get more recognition and more exposure and possibly annoy us on a bigger better stage. So to not support Bob and his work, simply do not post a reply.

Smith's antics should be questioned not because he threw up the symbol. Y'all are right, everybody does it. But it was his mannerisms that may come up as a red flag. Hedo, bron bron, Gordon, whoever else...they do it. But they don't act a fool. That's why you don't hear the media wonder about what gang Hedo is repping or where bron grew up. Because they are simple about it. JR threw his sign up with some some swag. The kind of swag that people look at and are like, yo, what was all that about?

So yeah Littal does have his right to bring it up. Don't hate on him for calling it out. Aren't we tired of hearing about how the Lakers have no killer instinct and don't know how to close out?

And hey, throw some kmart comments, a two handed shove, an intentional trip, a I'm going to keep your hand in my armpit and smile or don't have to call them a thuggish team...but they are pretty damn dirty. And that's enough to call one of them out if not all.

I know everybody has freedom of speech to say and pretty much do what they want, but I was like why are you doing that J.R.? Bad thing is it doesn't have to look like a gang sign to be perceived as one and perception is what really matters.

hahah this guy was just happy they were winning cant you let J.R. smith have a bit of fun

he does that mostly every time he hits a three three fingers up or down.
just like kobe if he hits a clutch shot he makes a close fist just like jordan hahaha. so yeah J.R hes been doing 3 fingers up or down just to signifie that he hit a 3 :)

My brother and I both thought ' what the hell is he doing?' when we saw that last night. J.R. is from Freehold, N.J. which is very far from hood and the toughest place he's been is probably downtown Newark while in high school at St, Benedict's Prep! He looked like a dam fool when he did that like it some of you or not, and all those tattoos are sickening if you ask me. It's time black men grow up and realize that they have a responsibility to redirect the youth from this thug mentality. What has it produced? This has nothing to do with the white man rather more to do with a black man looking like an ass on national television, and the impressionable black youth who may think that his baboonery was cool. He should find a more mature way to celebrate a 3, point blank...

I am going to say this for the 100th time. It is doesn't matter what it is or isn't. What matters is the perception. We have enough negative stereotypes going on about black men that we don't need JR Smith of all people adding on to them intentional or not.

And to all you "dions" of the world throwing around terms like "House Negro" trying to sound like Malcolm X go do some research before you start throwing bean pies around.

I think what Littal is saying is that it looks TOO CLOSE to a gang sign when thrown in THAT particular manner. JR Smith is a wannabe gangsta and he should know damn well what that symbol looks like.

If you want to throw a 3, throw it regularly like Michael Pietrus.

Thank you to the NFL Draft Notebook for actually reading what I wrote and understanding what I am saying

This is just silly. You say "no one cares about jr smith". You do enough for you to write such a stupid article. You are reaching here bro. I wonder if you would have wrote this article if Denver would have lost. How does JR show you how "hood he is" Because he has hella tattoos? Listen you are reaching hard here. I agree whole heartily with the person who left their name as "Garbage Article". Because in fact it is. You are reaching. It's like you have to find something negative to say about something because your team lost. More importantly, if someone from LA threw up, what i thought was a 3 sign, you definitely wouldn't be writing this article.I think you are the one that should smarten up.

J. R. smith sickens me. I'm glad I read this article. People like JR Smith should be removed from NBA for giving wrong message.

This is some ignorant stuff if I ever read it. The man threw up a universal basketball sign for a 3 pointer. And to the clowns that are saying why did he have to act an ass and carry on like that, consider his role on the damn team. He's the spark of the bench! His role is to provide instant energy and bring the crowd into the game which is exactly what he did when he hit the 3 and started dancing down the court. I saw nothing wrong with it.

Maybe if yall weren't so quick to stereotype Black men and Black women the same way these whites do we could get somewhere. But white people will never see the error in their ways as long as they have a portion of the community they oppresss and stereotype cosigning their thoughts. I bet the article writer has a white wife and doesn't even associate with Black folk like that. Get outta here!

I find it hiliarious that people think I am stereotyping JR Smith. When in fact I am trying to stop him from being stereotyped. Most of you are reading with blinders on.

hold up lebron does a certain handshake with delonte west dont you think kids dont see that and try to copy that

I seen yet ANOTHER nba player act stupid. Why is he acting so stupid when the series is tied at 2-2? Why is he acting stupid when his team cant execute a late game inbound pass?

Some you guys need to turn off your lil high speed computers and get a TASTE of the real world. Jr's behavior is frowned upon in the real world. Asshole's like him are the reason I don't wear wear du-rags or dress like an idiot. Go on a job interview acting like that and see what happens. Some of you knuckle heads don't realize that perception is everything.

You can't be serious....The man threw up an upside down 3 point sign. My nine year old nephew noticed that! Why are you magnifying such a small incident? There are faaaaar more drastic situations that could have an impact on a young person such as the Pac Man JOnes incidents, or the Michael Vick incident. J.R. Smith is J.R. Smith. If the man wants tattoos, then he can get them. There is NO WAY possible a man could tell me i cant do something simply because im on television, just as long as it doesnt harm anyone. I think you are confusing what J.R. Smith is doing (which was nothing....) with poor parenting....

Robert Littal, I've come back to call you a dumbass once again. So you're talking about perception of the hand gesture or perception of the man?? This is plain and simple BS, and then you tell everyone who's reading the article and commenting about how dumb you sound that they aren't reading the article right. Well maybe you should try and write it again, because if you're not stereotyping JR Smith as a tatted up gangsta, then wtf are you really doing? JR Smith couldn't hit the net that game until he finally hit that 3 he's celebrating because the frustration of not being able to make a shot is now over.

And to the other dude that tried to co-sign with you and post a picture of the "right way" to show you hit a 3....really man just stick to the NFL Draft that was just stupid.

Plain and simple you wrote this article because you thought it would get you attention and all it's gotten you is a bunch of people calling you dumb. I really wonder if you've ever taken a trip to the urban areas you write about that you think would get the 3 point sign confused with a blood sign because you're oh so wrong.

So you need to take your own advice and Smarten Up Robert Littal!


No it is you who needs to smarten up. Kids have been killed for less and it is happening everyday.

The only way these stereotypes will ever die is if we stop feeding into them. JR Smith has to be smarter. We all have to be smarter.

I am taking a stand against it. You don't have to agree, but it won't change my opinion i am doing more good than harm by bringing it to light.

We as blacks are our own worst enemy. And you Robert Littal have just proved that. It's a damn shame. This article is so ignorant.

Gang sign or three points...who knows but J.R. Smith himself. What I can say is that two years ago I met him at an AAU tournament and he took the time to take pictures with each kid on my team and even took a team photo. I am not going to say which aspect those kids will remember, but I can guarantee they will remember that day in a small gym where the met an NBA player. Just my 2cents.

As someone who lives in Denver please believe that Rob is so correct on this one. JR walking down the street in Denver tries to act like a thug all the time. It is time not only JR but all of the Nuggets grow up and start acting like men. We see them all the time in downtown Denver with kids around acting like they are in the hood. We live in Denver it is not that HOOD. Grow up Nuggets!

Tab, it doesn't matter. We are discussing those "gang signs". And they were not gang signs. They were 3 point signs. Those comments under this youtube video really put this article to rest for me. Ignorant. Reaching.

This is ridiculous. You are reaching. His celebration was pretty goofy looking, but "gang signs?" C'mon, buddy. In case you've failed to notice, tons of players throw up that same "gang sign" after they knock down a three pointer. Even the refs throw up that "gang sign" on occasion.

JR throws up a 3 = gangmember
LeBron throws up a 3 = perfectly fine

I expect that stereotypical bullshit from ESPN but not here. Rob I'm disappointed in you this time. I expect ESPN and people like Stern and the NBA to harp over this but even they know it was just signifying a 3 point shot. Even all the suburban white folks in Denver know it was for the 3-point shot since they've been doing it ALL SEASON LONG. But like most, you probably just started watching Nuggets games.

That JR Smith is throwing the Blood sign. How can you even deny that? He is doing the strut as well. He is trying to be a gangster.

JR throws up a 3 = gangmember
LeBron throws up a 3 = perfectly fine

I expect that stereotypical bullshit from ESPN but not here. Rob I'm disappointed in you this time. I expect ESPN and people like Stern and the NBA to harp over this but even they know it was just signifying a 3 point shot. Even all the suburban white folks in Denver know it was for the 3-point shot since they've been doing it ALL SEASON LONG. But like most, you probably just started watching Nuggets games.

The bottom line was noted by CiCi. That is that JR Smith and too many pro athletes are douchebags. Unfortunately, it seems to be a prerequisite for success. You can't find too many outstanding citizens in the NBA or in other sports like the Kelenna Azubuikes, Adonal Foyals, Grant Hills, Steve Nashes, and the list is so short.... It is highly sad because you cant see change coming for as long as the majority of successful athletes carry themselves the way JR Smith does.

James, Maybe it's because Smith has ADMITTED to being a blood already in his past? His shit has been known for a while. He never denied not having a gang background. The problem is people know about his allegiances, and now he is pimping that shit on the national stage. You don't get it do you?

First off all the name calling is childish. None of that bothers me.

I personally don't care if anyone agrees or disagree with the article. It is an editorial piece so that is your right to voice your opinion, but all silly name calling causes your point to fall on deaf ears.

So lets try to keep it clean because this is a family site.

Reginald I intentionally left out what I personally know about JR Smith out of the article. Because that wasn't the point I was trying to make.

But I wouldn't have made the post if I didn't have inside information that is was more than what it was.

Even still giving him the benefit of the doubt he will still wrong in my opinion.

You say that someone needs to take a stand. Guess what the stand is not to stop people from putting three fingers down when they make a 3 pointer. The stand to take is to stop people from shooting each other over hand gestures you psuedo social activist.

Just a simple thought... if it was really just about putting up 3 fingers for his three point shot as so many commenters on here are quick to say... then why not just put them up in the air instead of upside down and do the actual signal correctly? He would've achieved the same celebration without simulating a gang sign (whether intentional or unintentional).

I dunno... just sayin.

Stop being so damn naive. He was throwing up the B sign...get real people! For you defenders, explain HIS OWN post last night on his Twitter page:

"Bout to go to sleep till tomorrow Soo Woo! To da B Krew"

Soo Woo is used by BLOODS and anyone who knows anything knows that Bloods will never use the letter "c"... "To da B Krew"....


I have to cosign what K4 wrote about JR's Twitter account, and can confirm this. JR wrote on his twitter "Soo Woo" which is what Blood gangsters call each other. That is very incriminating stuff, and not very smart of him. Like the previous poster says, he also says "B Krew" wich is more than obvious what he is insinuating....But the term "Soo Woo" is basically admitting what you are, a Piru gangster.

His twitter:

Hey robbie little, wont you go shine some shoes or tap dance.

in some ways i would agree with your assessment BUT you DO NOT know what exactly what he was throwing up. he could have been in a fraternity and throwing up their sign. no one looked down on jordan when he threw up the omega hooks and stuck his tongue out... they just called it good basketball but now we have to critic a young brotha doing something good bc he threw up some hand jesters. did he flip the crowd off... no. so before you start fussing over what he did, marinate on it. just as you said some young kid might be looking at that and wondering dang what is he doing. if he knew, say that JR Smith was a member of Kappa Alpha Psi... is that a positive to throw up... college educated young man representing his organization. just think before typing guy!

^ Yeah, his fraternity is the SOO WOO PIRU BLOODS.

If you look at his past twitter messages, on May 18th, he again gave his "sooo wooo" blood salute to a notorious NJ Blood Piru member "The Red Carpet" from his hood back in the day.

#@JerZmusic soo woo what's good 8:56 PM May 18th from hiptop in reply to JerZmusic

He's not even trying to hide his affiliations, or his blood gang slang.

...and JR Smith never went to college (he went to the NBA straight out of H.S.) so think of another excuse for your boy.

Where are all the Crips in the League? Fo’real, if dude makes a 3pt shot why isn’t anyone throwin up “C’s” or “BK’s”? Just sayin.
Damu’s and Piru’s run the league?

Those bloods get all the publicity. I need Snoop to start hoopin! LMAO

STOP Perpetuating Negative Stereotypes

Crabs in a barrel complex

Another twitter from JR on April 20th, he is now condoning drug use. The media should hop on this.

# celebrating 4/20 ya smell me7:57 PM Apr 20th from web

and yet again with another Public announcement, his love for marijuana:

# just got home from practice.. happy 4/20 ya digg3:15 PM Apr 20th from web

Middle-Age White Guy here...gotta tell you all that when I saw it live, I assumed it was some kind of gang sign. Sorry to say, that the first thought in my head was "dumb-ass gangster wannabe..please grow up." Pretty safe to guess that I wasn't the only one thinking that, regardless of his intent.

I thought the article was on target.

No big deal... get over it!

Nice comment Robert; I'm not going to jump on Smith, but I can't argue that social awareness is a responsibility for everyone, regardless of creed or color.

Going to check out your site; looks interesting. Thanks again.

I don't know if he was throwing up gang signs...I just know he looked like a retarded Raptor.

It looked more moronic than offensive.

If you're going to insult a man's common sense and intelligence, can you ATLEAST use some yourself and improve your grammar? Jesus.

Gang sign or no gang-sign, it looks really stupid, which is what makes me dislike J.R. Smith.

In 15 years "Earl" is going to look back at the tape of him prancing around like an unbelievable fool and hopefully go "wow, I can't believe I was 23 back then".

J.R. Smith needs to start toning down his antics and stick to the game. What about that double fist-pound to the chest? I wouldn't say it's gang-related or anything, but actually worse; STUPID.

GANG SIGNS? Are you serious? Get over yourself. Young black males are getting looked at funny because of RACISM [heard of it?], not because JR Smith made a 3 point sign.

You're buying in to the same racism/classism by telling him he can't make the same signs other players make.

JR Smith is stereotyped because of racism. Don't blame the oppressed, he didn't do anything differently from any other player in that instance. Racist/classist white people are sitting back and laughing at you now saying, 'see even that black guy says he's a thug!!

This is a disgrace.

JR Smith is NOT college educated, few NBA players are. JR Smith came straight out of highschool. Just because a player spent 1-2 years in college taking irrelevant classes like pottery, doesn't make them college educated.

He is throwing blood signs. yall check his twitter at and he says "Bout to go to sleep till tomorrow Soo Woo! To da B Krew." This guy is a pro basketball player and is an idiot. He should get punished for his immature ways. This is unacceptable.

I don't get what you guys are saying. To me, JR Smith is trying to imitate some sort of bird (maybe Chris Andersen's alter ego?). I do not see how that can even be gang related. Look at the video. He is walking like a chicken. See his face gesture? Those fingers can resemble the 3-points he scored or feathers.

People like Lebron James is making black people have a bad reputation. He is showing it is a good idea to skip education and start working after high school. There has been teenagers who followed his path, ie. Brandon Jennings. Teaching children that sports can be the way out is the bad perception. Not every kid is going to make millions, let alone above average income.

i think people over react over some one celebrating a shot made on national tv...
if jr smith didnt look the part this article wouldn't be written...he just hit back to back threes and thats how he reacts....i know people look up to people but that is a two-edged sword...the old saying goes if he jumps off the bridge would you? its up to young black and brown men to be smart and know what THEY NEED TO DO AND STOP LOOKING AT OTHERS...not JR Smith's fault...

You seem worried about the perception when the fact is, the perception will not be affected by one basketball player obviously not throwing a gang sign. If the ignorant person who does think this is a gang sign and does allow it to influence their perception of black males, chances are, they will be and have been influenced by any little thing which they can get a heavier dose of in the media. Seems like more of a tactic to attract hits to this website, which obviously has worked. By the way, how do you feel about the tatooed educated historically black fraternity member throwing his "sign"?

Some of you are flat out ignorant. I can understand being a Denver fan, and trying to back your team....BUT it was too obvious what he was trying to do, to anyone who knows what the Piru Dance is. He was throwing the P's in full regale...but to confirm the obvious, he goes online right after the game and gives the Blood Piru "Soo Woo" Salute to his "b-krew."

Why are you ignoring that? Maybe some of you have been locked up in your suburban homes to long to even know what is going on.

And the cat who put up the picture of Jose calderon, you fail Lots of players throw up the 3 point sign. It has nothing to do with racisim. Pietrus does the same thing, and he;s black, dont see no one calling him out. What Smith did was the Piru-Dance...

Smith knew what he was doing, and it was childish, but to go online and affirm what he did is actually sad. i feel sorry for him. He still doesn't get it, Hystronics and all.

People keep commenting that he does'nt have a college education and that most NBA players dont have one. I would have to say please don't Hate on him or any other players because they are doing something that they love doing and making millions and you are at your 9-5 job that you hate going to everyday making crappy money and putting up with BS from your boss.With that being said if J.R did do a gang sign he should be punished.But I'm not ready to say that.If you watch the game tonight,when Mikal Pietrus hits a 3-pointer watch what he does,and I dare you to call Pietrus a gang member after he puts up 3 fingers.And why do tattoos on Black athletes and musicians symbolize being a gangsta,but on white people and rock and roll musicians it is'nt.I dont understand.

To all the people calling JR Smith a "wannabe thug", the only way to proove that is to say it to him directly. Why assume that we know this man's complete history, let alone, what he is capable of? Furthermore, it probably doesnt matter if he is a thug or not, when you meet him and tell him to his face, he just may become a thug for the moment on you, the "not so thuggish".

"You are a young black man covered in tattoos on national TV flashing what appears to be "gang signs"."

You are a young black blogger decrying a brother for something that MIGHT be perceived by RACISTS as gang-related.

Somewhere Tommie Smith and John Carlos are crying.

If JR Smith a blood he should get shot for wearing blue.........

proove = prove

Bonafide sports expert, huh?
Can't even edit your article for grammar idiot.

Not only did he throw gang signs he struts just like them black gang bangers in LA. No fines? Too many thugs in the NBA now.

Way off base on this one.

Either you haven't played much ball or have a vivid imagination.

J.R. is not trying to be "gangsta." Even if he grew up in the hood, all he did was flash a three point sign upside down.

On a side note he grew up by the Jersey shore in a relatively middle to upper middle class community. Not exactly gang territory.

If anything the idea that he was throwing them up is a very racist supposition.

Now his shot selection is another thing ;)

Hey "Nuggets by 6" - take your overly enlightened self off the high horse where you are apparently too far up in the clouds to see reality.

The young black blogger pointed out the reality of the situation, because whatever JR Smith INTENDED - doesn't matter. What it looks like is a ghetto'fied, bastardized "look I made a 3" sign. Except it isn't just that. What matters is what it looks like, not what it is - this is America, people look at the surface and not what kind-hearted or good intentions that someone may or may not have.

He's free to live the stereotype of a dumb tatt'd up gangsta baller all he wants. But when no one looks beneath the surface, well... guess why? I don't hold him to a higher standard - just the same one that we all should live by... try that on for size.

wow, i think only 1 or 2 people commented that werent completely retarted... good job guys

There is a young black male with a tattoo who is going to looked at differently even though he is college educated. Should have been.... There are young black males with tattoos,who are going to (BE) looked at differently,even though they have an college education. As you can see from all the corrections that I made, including adding the word be to your 3rd grade paragrah. I do this just to say that nobody is perfect. But you want to come on here and try and bash someone like you are perfect.In my opinion I think mispellings,proper grammar and using your words in the right context are as important as anything with young black men. But you Mr.Robert start a blog trying to talk down on someone and you make yourself look bad in the process.

He may be college educated but only because he can play basketball. If he didnt have that he would be a corner boy.

Mr. Little,
Though your intentions are good, I believe you are hurting your own cause. While trying to think about kids and the community first, you convey yourself to be a self-loathing black man ashamed of the behavior and appearance of J.R. Smith and anyone who looks like him.

As a college educated black man, I realize that some of what you say actually has merit, but it has almost no grounding in basketball. I assume this is a sports blog or article, so it should address the sport first and not the spectators.

In terms of basketball, there is absolutely nothing wrong or improper about J.R.'s actions or his appearance. What if J.R. saw this article, which is highly possible since he most likely has a computer that he knows how to use...
J.R. would think to himself that he can't even be himself on the basketball court without being criticized. Even worse, it comes from someone who should be supporting him and sympathizing.

People are responding in mass because the article is messed up. Young kids and old white people interpreting 3 fingers as gang signs should not be an issue worth writing about. Especially from someone like you who has the competency to address real issues in basketball. There are many to choose from. If you need ideas i can help and I'm sure many of the other respondents can also.

My error. i meant Littal.

Someone alluded earlier to you taking the path of Jason Whitlock. I plead that you do everything you can to prevent this. They can call you a tom or sellout, but Jason Whitlock is actually worse than those things. He will throw black people under the bus in order to get a pat on the back from his white bosses.

There is no sportswriter I can think of who hates black men more than Jason Whitlock. I assume that you do not truly loathe your own race. Blacks in the public realm are vulnerable to attacks on their race, culture, and beliefs. Guys like J.R. Smith, Iverson, and Michael Vick are easy targets to become a living nigger joke. As a member of the media, regardless of your race, you can defend these men whom (maj) white America exploits and then attacks.

ESPN will gladly show highlights of J.R. Smith and K-Mart getting fired up and putting on a high flying act. At the very same time they will attack these very same figures and make them out to be thugs, gangsters, and no-good niggers. It's deliberate. It's exploitative. It will not stop, especially when people like you are jumping aboard the hate train instead of defending these men who make millions for white men who are able to do whatever dirty deeds they choose without scrutiny from the public...

The problem I have with jr smith acting the way he does is he promotes only himself and not his team. I am 29 and grew up watching guys like bird and magic. When they celebrated it was with their team and it made you want to be a part of that team. That is basketball 5 on 5 and you need all 5 all the time. Some guys make the team better and some can onl make themselves look good. Check it... member when bush did the flip in the endzone for his great play. Great individual play but he showed up the other team and their fans. He did not care about his team at that moment. Next half... they got smoked! Same sitch here, jr cares only for himself and does not worry about making life 10 times harder for himself and the rest of his team in la. The only one who knows that on their team is a.c and melo but melo is not a true leader yet and jr doesn't respect a.c. Billups knows it but he promotes it because he came from D and that was what they were taught up there. The only problem is Detroit and Denver are not the same. The nba promotes cheatin and the refs do the best they can to hide it. This series will go six or seven and the lakers will go on to face the cavs in the finals. Then the real series will begin and we will find out who is truly better.... I vote kobe cause I am gangster and its that simple..... to live and die in LA!!! Itls the place to be!! I love LA!!!

Wow, talk about a drama queen. It's a 3-point shot bro, could you be a little more over-sensitive? Pathetic.

If you are so concerned about making presenting a good image to/for African Americans, you might want to proof-read your blog posts.

I agree that JR Smith should clean up his act. He is just encouraging young people- blacks and whites alike- to conduct themselves like gangsters. When professionals like JR - aka Smitty- go around looking and acting like thugs all they do is encourage young people to act and dress that way as well. Throwing up signs, covering your body in tatoos and looking all gangsta- even if you arent- does make it plain who and what you identify with and believe me, the young folks who want to emulate JR get that message loud and clear. In this case, JR is saying with his conduct that he associates/identifies with gangsters and thug life. Just like David Robinson represented a certain set of values and conduct with his crew-cut, the respectful way in which he conducted himself, and with his military service.

The young folks are watching JR- you should set a better example.

By the way- to the author of this blog. I am sorry you have to get called "uncle Tom" by ghetto trash just because you have the audacity to speak up for people of color who conduct themselves decently and because you are tired of being dragged down by these people's unnacceptable conduct.

I'm white, but if I were in your shoes, I would feel exactly the same way. I hate to admit it, but you are right about how decent black people get tarred with the same brush that people use when they get sick of seeing so many young black males conducting themselves like thugs. The behavior of these people does makes whites more prone to predjudice - myself included I'm afraid. I honestly do try to keep an open mind and to not pre-judge, but when day after day I see these jackasses walking around with their pants sagging down to their knees grabbing their crotches, pumping the loud bass and the vulgar rap at every intersection I pull up to, and generally showing disrespect for everyone and everything, I do start generalizing in my mind sometimes. I also hate to say it, but I moved out to the suburbs to get away from all that disrespect, and to put it bluntly, the mostly white people here do conduct themselves differently and with more manners. I do think that black culture needs more voices like yours. These days I honestly think that blacks are their own worst enemies in terms of how other races view them and in terms of holding themselves back. God Bless You and keep up your faith.

Half my family is black, and my two darling neices are being raised by their father- who is black, and my sister-who is white- to be respectful and decent. They go to church and they are taught right from wrong. I dont want them to be judged or held back someday because of the prejudice that gangster assholes bring out in white people. I hope people like you win the culture war in the black community. I'm pulling for you.

J.R should probably refrain from doing this on the court, i mean he looks like jj walker after making a huge three this is the first time yall have seen him do this and he does it every game, y make a big deal out of this now. If yall think what you guys say will determine wether he does this again well then you guys are just as stupid as him. Any one who has looked at the picture enough times will know that J.R Smith is not the brightest star in th galaxy. I think everyone should stop talking about it as a "gang sign" and talk about him for how stupid he looks while doing this, that will make him not do it again when everyone is laughing at him. I am a young Black Boy from Denver and i hope he comes out of this unscarred, but every time I look at this clip all I can think about is Dynomite!!

Im a white liberal dude that lives in DC so I do not feel credible on a view point of this racial angle, although I do see both sides.

I just thought JR Smith acted like an idiot on that play and he is super talented but he acts like headcase on the court.

Solid Post and Good Comment Sections.

Black, white or green, Smith acts like an idiot on the court. Act like you've done it before, or just pump a fist for crying out loud. Kevin Garnett killed cool last year with his outbursts. Cool is dead.

First off no matter what J.R played a very good game and the media just had to pin something on him . Leave him alone, he was out there on the court doing his thing and doing it very good. I do not think he looks stupid I am sure that when all of you all are excited you all do something that may look stupid. He was having fun he played a very good game.. We will never really know whether its a gang sign or throwing the 3's up but the man is successful making his money.. LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!Dont hate on him because you all are broke and he got money coming out the a##!!

Now, I thought I was the only one to notice, JR Smith, of the Denver Nuggets aka the Dipset of the NBA throwing up gang signs during the playoff game. It wasn't quite @ this moment but perhaps when the camera keep zooming in on him beating his chest all the mean while he was yelling out "this is my muther f'ing house" or something of that nature that I thought JR Smith is a fool. ESPN kept replaying him pounding his chest - I guess nobody @ ESPN knows how to read lips or has somebody aware enough to say 'hey, maybe we shouldn't keep replaying this over and over'... To the point of him throwing up "gang signs", JR Smith isn't the first one Barron Davis used to do it back in college [UCLA] and still does it onoccasion when he hits a three point shot. I used to think he pledged Kappa Alpha Psi or something...LOL I mean seriously why else would he gang bang on a court that hard. We all remember Paul Pierce who bangin' on Al Horford in the playoffs last year, or maybe that was just me...? Millionaire gang bangers, who would of thunk it...NO LOL

@ Lisa: the person above my previous statement... Why break it down to a simple simon type of reasoning as in "he [the author of the blog] is just Hatin"? No question he had a good game, but he looked like a certified coon @ least and @ best a certified stereotype. Even the white dude on the team looks nuts...

Denver Nuggets = Dipset of the NBA...LOL

The post by Ty Harris was one of the most racist things I have read in some time.

I'm not sure how tatoos became associated with thugs, criminals, and gangsters, but tatoos have always been a symbol of expression. Back in the day Bikers and service (military) men had tatoos.

What are the chances of the birdman being labeled a gangster solely because of the ink on his body? Even with his past issues, no one in the media sees him as a thug, gangster, criminal, or whatever else JR is being compared to. (white) Kids go to the Pepsi center wearing Mohawks just like the guy and the parents allow it. The parents are not worried about the kids becoming gang members because the birdman has tatoos.

The ignorance does not stop there. This article gives racists like Ty Harris the courage to express his hatred against minorities.

Harris, perhaps you may want to live in that element before criticizing. learn the culture before hating on it.

@Mar ^^^

yes, it is the article that gives those ig'nant more ammo to be ig'nant about as well as make the racist comments... That's George Bush philosophy if we stick our heads in the sand than maybe the problem will go away line of rationale...

No offense, but my President is Black, homie! It's 2009 and time to call a spade a spade [no pun intended] - the time for excusing jive behavior is over. We either keep it moving with intelligent discourse, or we bury our heads in the sand and say this author is "hating" - I choose the before mentioned...

This message is approved by a Black Man

I have to completely agree with the comments that they can't believe this was written by an African American. What I can't believe even more is that this guy really knows nothing about basketball. First of all, JR was NOT college educated, he was straight out of HS. Second, there was no gang sign involeved with that AT ALL. If you truely watched basketball (which it's obvious you don't) you would realize that this is what JR does in the heat of the moement.

this has to be one of the lamest hot sports opinions i have seen in the vast history of lazerwebz...

good job.

Really, gang signs? Please that is rediculous. I'm sorry you wasted your time writing this article and I'm sorry I wasted my time posting this reply. What a crock.

Do we get on P.Diddy for twisting his fingers up representing Bad Boy? How about Jay Z? For "The Roc" symbol? And they are on MTV,BET,VH1 and other stations doing it. Why are we still looking at young black men and making an instant stereotypical assumption based on certain actions? Just because he wears a few tatoos, looks a little harder than Chris Paul it does'nt mean he's a gang member or a thug. Instead of breaking down the possible negatives we see in us, (black men)lets build up on some positives.

i dont believe yall that stupid...ifu watched tha game u would kno that hes doin a 3 sign, its not gang at all, yall so quick to bring out tha negative n a person but i bet tha ppls who sayin he did a gang sign neva even watched tha game or isnt a nugget fan, smh really sad that ppl of higher age can b this childish, well i guess tha whole nba throw up gang signs huh? ...

i'm with you, brother. i'm sick of jr smith trying to be all gangsta everytime he makes a three. i mean all the time, i have friends who are nuggets fans and we watched game 3 together here on my apartment and they were all like, "is that really necessary?". i respect jr and what he gives the nuggets, but he needs to stop his immaturity.

the lebrons and kobes understand there are kids out there looking up to them, and you don't see them fooling around after a dagger three, a massive dunk or whatever, just fist pumps or if times get a little funny, do a big balls dance for crying out loud. carmelo and chauncey need to talk to this guy and coach karl should stop bunking him with kenyon martin.

He's just putting up 3 fingers to signify the 3 pointer he just made. C'mon, don't fall victim to stereotypes, or let your fear of stereotypes paint you into this corner. Are you afraid to eat fried chicken in front of white people like Dave Chappelle? Just because there are some young black men that are bangers, doesn't mean that they should keep us from throwing up our 3 fingers whenever we hit a 3! If you want a lesson to be taught to a child, it should be "don't act like a jackass like JR is right now".

Oh yeah...He's not college educated, he went straight to the pro's.

I've often wondered if people who comment on articles ever read them all the way first. Some of the posts on this proves to me beyond doubt that a lot of people read the title, see some key words and then post comments. Then there are those who are generally negative who come to say how stupid an article is, how dumb the writer is, etc but yet they are on daily to read.

I read this article 2x and I get what's being said. And the fact that he threw that 3 upside down, is riddled in tattoos, and puts on such a gangsta front is cause for negative perception. Hell, most of the posters who are saying the article is making to much of it sound like they haven't seen a classroom in years and need to learn how to write again. Sorry, you don't write like you speak, aight?? Black men in general have way too much negativity surrounding them, and we don't do enough to fight it, just always say someone is grown and can do what they want. Well, I'm here to say that accountability for one's actions is the biggest factor in being a "grown ass man". Anyone can do what they want when they want, but a real "grown ass man" knows that it can affect others, not just themselves.

I do believe that the Reff's use the same sign to signify a 3 point shot,and the hand is shown in upward 3 finger position, does this mean that they are, or support "gangs", or it's members ?
You realy need to come out of the "house" state of mind, and mingle in the "field", you'll learn more. Go to the "HOOD", make some positive changes, then come write about that, or would that cause some problem with your Ethicly correct idealisms ?
It's funny how people try to look down on the "hoods", but they can't stay out of them or stop making "Big MONEY" in them.

I will be on Houston radio at 12:15pm Eastern talking JR Smith

seriously? gang signs? is every gesture a black man with tattoos considered a gang sign? or is the author here just a bitter Lakers fan? (after all, there's a picture of Kobe at the top of the page) Chris Anderson is covered in tattoos and he flaps his arms like a bird... does that make him a thug? or is it OK because he's white? If JR Smith flapped his arms would that be a gang sign too? Maybe JR was making little birdy wings? I can't believe that a black man wrote this article and I can't believe how many people are buying this BS. If a white man wrote this article everyone would be saying he was Klan. I'm disappointed in you Mr Littal.

c'mon now god, you aint yung blood, chill wit dat stoopid nonsense throwin up dem signz...who u iz cuz? u out the hood, u aint there no-mo....u got yo money, crib, hoes, etc...chill with that...just ball nephew..freeworld1

To everyone who is defending J.R stop fooling yourself. Ive seen him do it more than once. Its sad to see. The thing is he prob went to some prep school left all the violence out his life and still wants to act all cool although he has mad it out the hood. Silly people

Bob you stupid as hell you fucking Oreo.....The Fuck you thinking....

you do know that jr smith is not college educated right... nevertheless, he is a great player and i find it hard to believe he is displaying gang signs on national tv. your statement about him being black and tattoed as reasons for him being careful about what he does in celebrations is really ignorant. Jr grew up not far from me, we have mutual friends and that is no gang symbol from anywhere around here.

I don't get this you people are so funny. First of all I honestly believe he was throwing up gangs signs. Ive seen players around the league put up three fingers or whatever but what he did is different. Now lets say that I'm absolutely wrong then im sorry but like Rob is saying its to close, and these days an African American man can afford to be close anymore. What if some kid does the same thing in a city park...(where i live, south side Jamaica queens)..Just not a smart thing regardless if he was just throwing up a 3 guys smart even if u love denver

So I read this article and I think it's really sad that the writer has to be told he's ignorant and an "oreo" just for stating an opinion that does have some validity. I mean, I know kids in general, white or black, who after watching games on tv do go out and do the same things they see their "role models" do. And, because of that, what JR Smith did is unacceptable because it would show a negative perception of a league that is often thought to be a league of "thugs". And for the person who referenced that "No offense, but my President is Black, homie! It's 2009 and time to call a spade a spade [no pun intended] - the time for excusing jive behavior is over. We either keep it moving with intelligent discourse, or we bury our heads in the sand and say this author is "hating"..." News flash, you're an idiot, trying to reference politics to this small event. Seriously, I think it's really sad how most people that comment here are turning it into a white-black debate, get your heads out of your own butts and start seeing that racism only exists in the people who look for it, I have skin that is white, but I'm just a human. I think there comes a time when people need to look past the color of a skin and just see that we're all people.

The issue is only as big as people make it. If nobody said anything about the celebration it wouldn't be a big deal, but its people like Robert Little that blow it out of the water. The man was excited and in the words of Dwight Howard after he received a tech. for taunting: "you score a big bucket, you let your emotions take over" JR Smith was just celebrating his bucket. And I'm an LA fan and I still think everyone is exaggerating this way to much!

I am not disagreeing with you total you do have a good view but If you do not care to understand what JR said, he was doing why he or anyone else should care what you or any other individual think.

That is the problem today we let negative things take over. Colors, hand gestures, and other styles were around before gangs. Just because gangs incorporated these things does not mean we have to consider every gesture negative.

I agree that the things successful black people do can reflect on our community and us but did this person ask to be a role model. Probably not. He wants to make his money and do him. I guess you feel the same way about rappers? I can think of many other conflicts you could have attacked like when Kramer dropped the N Bomb, Molly cyrus racist photo, and so on. where were you?

I do not care because tomorrow I will have to explain my actions not the actions of another individual who I do not even know.

In addition, that 16-year-old kid you talking about on the court were probably flashing gang signs way before the JR smith incident.

It is other bigger issues to focus on in this world than this issue. We need to get the tree out of our own eye before we try to pull the splinter out of someone else’s. I am sure we all can think of something we have done to cause a negative look on our community or our people.

Instead of focusing on JR and making this even more public how about you focus on those who you consider not knowing any better and teach them.

Now if anyone is familiar with gangs and if jr smith is an admitted blood. You would know that throwin the sign upside down is a sign of disrespect for bloods, which he was doing holdin the "3" sign upside down. Maybe it was adrenaline or not either way he should worry about real gangmembers and not the media.

Read J.R. Smith's Twitter page...end of story, good job Robert

JR Smith Is A Gangbanger, Go Lakers!

And for those getting on Kobe, raping someone isn't as bad as being a gangmember, because gangs rape the community.

Robert Littal you are a moron.

All you people that don't believe he was throwing gang signs are idiots!!!!!!!! You may have a valid point if he didn't incriminate himself on twitter. For real...The dude has ties to bloods. It is obvious!!!! My friend Zach said he was even mentioned in a rap song...but i have know idea about that

Also, why are we going off what is Twitter account says. I have a twitter account, and out of curiosity, I looked up J.R. Smith, and there about 11 J.R. Smith's. I would not be surprised if you could get on Twitter and create a "J.R. Smith" and type up all those things and nobody would know that it wasn't who they say they are.

Riggs, that is one stupid comment. His name was mentioned in a rap song????? How about the Song "Air Force One" by Nelly. He mentions the L.A. Lakers and the Denver Broncos...does that mean both those teams are affiliated with gangs, just because they are mentioned in a rap song????

I got this link from BDL on yahoo and clicked on it out of curiosity and I totaly agree with what Robert Littal is trying to say. It's not what he means by it, its what the public percieves it to be. The only problem I have is a website titled "Black Sports Online". Can you imagine someone starting a "White Sports Online", they would instantly be called out as racists. Personaly I don't think racism will go away until these kind of sites and shows go away.(ex. can you imagine a show labeled White Entertainment like BET)

I doubt anyone would have a problem with "white sports online".

Also, minorities are usually given a green light to mobilize and promote their values and achievements. Hence the reason for black history month, Native American history month, Gay and Lesbian month, etc. There are also many minority groups who aim at supporting and empowering each other.

White people can do what they want, but since whites are the majority, much of what they do will be seen as abuse of power or an attack on the weaker minority groups.

I have not heard any public outcry about JR's in game behavior outside of this one columnist. The fact that so many players make the same exact sign with immunity, such as Hedo, shows that there is no real issue being addressed outside of the racist stereotypes that come with being black, having lots of tatoos, and being black.

I emphasize his blackness because I have yet to hear a reference to Chris Anderson (birdman) being a thug or a gangster. Mostly black guys are pinned with that today. seems a bit unfair and I doubt "white sports online" would address the racist tendencies of the greater white public.

Wow! Just reading these replies lets me know that many of us really don't get it. Basketball is a team game and JR Smith is playing well on a really good Nuggets team. More importantly, the extracurricular activity is not needed. It's bush league. It's hot dogging. It says hey everybody look at me. It is disrespectful to your opponent. JR exhibits an out of control personality on the basketball court. I hope his antics doesn’t cost him a lucrative contract in the near future. I can see GMs not liking that type of player on their team (e.g. the Bulls dropped him like a hot potato). I guess the JR stands for “Just Ridiculous”. It’s just like what Mike Singletary said, “can’t play with ‘em, can’t coach ‘em , can’t win with ‘em, etc.

I dont know J.R. but i am the same age as him and grew up in the exact same county as him. I've met his parents on several occasions I wont disclose why or how. He grew up in Millstone, NJ one town over from Freehold. I live in Freehold. Millstone is a hick/horse/rich farm area. Lakewood, where he lived, has some bloods in it, and so do many other areas around here. J.R.'s parents are extremly nice well spoken ppl. I dont know for a fact, but i'd guess that J.R. feels cool for throwing up these signs etc. Its pretty stupid in my opinion. Where im from theres real gang members and poser wannabes who think they're cool for throwing signs up and wearing colors. Gangs are a real problem, they should be toyed with, and if your making millions and supposed to be part of the elite of this nation then knock off the B.S. To anyone saying that the writer of this blog is a "house negro" i wouldnt be surprised if your walking around touting the same signs and talking the same b.s. and still BROKE. Every race in this country needed to assimilate to be succesful. Italians, irish, spanish, asian etc. They all need to use the right "manners" like it or not. Black people dont get a free pass. You cant take the heat get the Fk out the kitchen. We all know who has been oppressed, but sinking to stereo types and acting like your throwing something in white peoples faces isnt going to improve the situation, it'll only add to problems. It doesnt really matter what race you are, if you throw up gangsigns and act a certain way, you are not going to be accepted by society. Plenty of white ppl end up with the same conflicts. "Uncle Tom" as a phrase in my opinion, was invented to be used as an excuse for lack of motivation and lack of personal responsibility. Peace.

Actually, looking at that video, J.R. looks like a "special" player. He could do the lead role in "Radio 2" or "Black Forrest Gump". I think Mr. Littal's point is spot on...this guy is a professional and needs to act like one. Screaming obscenities and throwing what appear to be gang signs (despite the "upside down 3's" claim) does nothing to distinguish this guy. JR, let your talent speak for you instead of your conniption fits and TV-MA antics.

Damon Cherico,

I see Chris Anderson as a drug addict. That's what he is, and his ethnicity won't change that. I find myself wondering if "Birdman" refers to his wing tattoos or if it originated with his using a kilo.

To those calling out Kobe for rape, remember that before he settled with the alleged victim that the case was on the verge of total collapse. That's the problem with settling, it makes you look guilty (although he was definitely guilty of adultrey and poor judgement).

I think this is a very poor argument. I can definitely see where you are coming from, but J.R. Smith did nothing wrong. He celebrated a three point shot that he made. I think the real problem, in and of itself, lies in the fact that young people (regardless of race) are at risk for being shot for possibly celebrating the way Smith did. That type of animosity is not going to be around any more or less because of what Smith did, but the fact that that type of animosity is present is what concerns me. Some kid might get punched or worse playing a pick up game for doing Mutombo's finger wag because some kid may feel insulted or be stupid enough to hurt someone for that. But I never once heard anyone complain about Mutombo's gesture. I don't think going after people like Smith for the gesture that he made makes any progress towards dealing with the real serious problem that young people face, and it doesn't matter if he or she is Black. All kids face that problem, some more than others true, but that does not mean it's a less serious matter for those who may experience it less. And his gesture wasn't disrespectful to the Lakers. He didn't point it at an opponent, and if he had it would have been called. Refs are all over stuff like that. That's why Dikembe wags only to the stands, and not to players. It's the playoffs, it's emotional; and deservedly so.

It looks like Blood sign and walk to me....of course this guy gonna say its something else, what's the point of that it looked ridiculous..dude is def. trying to be too cool GTFOH!

a gang sign 2 hours of basketball and you see what appears to be an upside down gang sign. a gang sign is either right or wrong, that is not a gang sign.that is pretty sad that you would have to find some bullshit like that. its the playoffs and i dont think any of you have been there so you dont know shit.

WOW! There are some real lamebrains on here! To the folks who know about his Twitter account, thanks for putting that out there...without even knowing all that though, I saw him throw up Piru!!!! That was NOT an upside down three...that's moronic to even say! lol! I know bloods who stay stackin and reppin they set...the same way he was during the game!! He really does need to stop before he ends up getting fined or something bad happens to him...smh.

p.s. Good Article...Keep speaking the truth.

That is mos def. his page....

if the commentators who produce this site are so concerned about the perception people have of "african-americans" - why don't you start by eliminating all the seperatist agendas that you promote within the 'black community' ??

first, cancel this "" website. we can only imagine the outrage that would be heard if someone created a "" website. blacks would be screaming racism and the pitiful white liberals would be falling all over themselves to apologize to your increasingly offended race.

second, let's get rid of the term "african-american." are you an american or not ?? why do you have this obsession to seperate yourselves from the rest of america by forever reminding us of your ancestoral background. all we have to do is look at you, see that you are black and then we can pretty much figure out where your ancestors started out.

i actually applaud the topic of this article by mr. littal in which he condemns actions that promote and glorify the criminal culture. i also notice the response he received for his trouble. for stating that he is against the thug persona that so many blacks in this country find attractive, mr. littal is called an "uncle-tom" and a "bitch" and a traitor to "his people."

just pathetic. desperately hanging on to a victim mentality has its benefits that black americans know all too well. eventually though, like every self-destructive adaptation to life, it turns on you and keeps you stuck forever in a miserable existence ultimately of your own making.

Its funny how you point out that JR smith doesnt care how he is looked at for throwing up a symbol (upside down three, piru love, 3003, his address, last 4 of his social,etc) but yet you really care, you care enough to bash him. you have too much time on your hands. theres only a few people who care what he threw up, yourself (tokens) and of course, caucasions who have nothing better to do than nit pick at the non-caucs. if it was a gang symbol, well...bad on him, hes dumb for it, theres always a time and place for doing your own thing, but should you care, not so much. As far as you "having to explain your actions to hundreds of people who already think the NBA if full of "thugs", well, thats nonsense, because you don't HAVE to do anything but sit on your staircase horribly dressed with your jackson five smile and chill. ...JR throws it up so you dont have to. Happy blogging brotha, peace be with you

Just to comment on Tenn Smoothie's post....
First off, Im going to go out on a limb and say you are caucasion. That would probably explain why you agree with Mr. Littal's blog here. Its completely parallel to caucasion thinking. duh. caucasions think damn near everything blacks or african americans or darkies do is thugish or ghetto or something ignorant. I get tired of hearing caucasions calling something thuggish or ghetto. everything from baggy jeans to the way blacks walk, caucasions are always calling it something, its cultural, get some. Its not what you do so you dont like it, and in tern, deam it as something negative. suck it up and press on, worry about your own. As far as the term african-american goes, it is a term that was created by whites, so for you to comment ignorantly that blacks should stop reminding you caucasions of the black ancestory is just stupid. your bad. go blog about roger clemens or the nuggets dope head "birdman" with his thuggish tatoos and rediculous hair styling. is he a thug, because when he blocks somebody or puts a point on the board he throws his hands up and acts a donkey, is throwing it up for his he a thug now, probably not, hes just a white basketball player who is caught up in the moment.

I like how you edited my comment to take out the part where I told you to edit your article. If you're going to be a journalist, learn how to edit. Since you refuse, I'm going to do it for you:

Let me make one thing perfectly clear(:) I don't care what JR Smith says he was doing. I don't care that he says that he was doing the "upside down 3.(" the period goes inside the quotations marks) I simply don't care(,) because it doesn't matter.

You are a young (,) black man covered in tattoos on national TV (,) flashing what appear(remove the 's') to be "gang signs.(")

Now(,) you might not care because you have millions of dollars, a big house and a lot of cars. You might not care about what the general public thinks.

But I care (,) because while you are living in the lap of luxury (this phrase doesn't make any sense) there is a young(,) black male with a tattoo who is going to (be) looked at differently even though he is college educated.

I care because tomorrow I will have explain your actions to hundreds of people who already think the NBA if full of "thugs.(")

I care because somewhere there is a sixteen (16 you use numerals for numbers above 10) year(-old) kid who looks up to you that may flash an "upside down 3" on a basketball court and get shot for it. (This statement is ludicrous, by the way)

That is why you should care. Stop thinking about yourself. Stop trying to be so cool. Stop trying to act like (a) gangster when you are definitely not.

We(--) and when I say we, I mean us(we) black men (--)have enough to deal with(,) than(without) you acting like a fool trying to show how "hood' you are.

Grow up and smarten up(,) JR.

Also, I don't need to be Malcolm X to spot a house negro. Please make these changes so that you can actually show this article to potential job employers and be taken seriously.

Sorry, Cheddar Bob, I actually missed a couple things. You need a comma after "looked at differently" and you need to change "NBA if full of thugs" to NBA IS full of thugs. You also have a double quotation mark before "hood" and a single one after it.

No need to thank me.

Does anyone actually know whether that twitter account is genuinely JR Smith's and not that of a 14 year old bedroom imposer?

His real account seems to be (locked)

I hope the day comes quickly when dumbass people stop using Twitter as a reliable source of information. There's 16 J.R. Smith from the Denver Nuggets twitter accounts and your all quoting from different ones and stating it as fact. Unless JR Smith himself tells you what his twitter is I'd take all 16 of the twitters with a grain of salt because only one will be true, if that. Not surprising though, even ESPN started writing articles off of what people put on Twitter then having to retract it every time because it's a fake account.

Funny how clearly "conservative" white men come on here (i am too white, and posted above, was mainly interested in the J.R. story as im a basketball fan) and act like complete biggots.

I truely commend the author of this post for his courage b/c two things are holding him down

1) Ignorant black people who call him an "uncle tom" for speaking out about his opinions AND

2) Igonorant white ppl who find some way to try and perpetuate their ridiculous anti-black rederict, by using the author as an example for their stupid cause, thus making out to be even more of an "uncle tom" to ppl of his ethnicity.

***********"scared of disrespectful black kids" "vulgar rap music" "So many black men with their thug like mentalities" By saying this you are proving the authors point. that he doesnt want or need any more MISperceptions about him from ignorant fools like you. how about dorky white kids who grow their hair out, jump off buildings b/c they watch jackass, ruin your local office building with skateboards???? BOTTOM LINE- THIS SOCIETY HAS ALOTTA PROBS WITH POP CULTURE AND MIMMICKING THE MEDIA. Its not a black issue.*************

ANyway arent black ppl when acting "thug/gangster" really just mimmicking white members of the irish/jewish/and most of all Italian mafia? or figures from the "wild west" Gun culture and outlaw culture are American phenomenons not African-American ones. Ignorant biggots.

BTW i still stand by what i said. J.R. and any other proffesional anyplace in this nation has not buisness throwing up gang signs. its not commendable and its not acceptable. thats that. enough ignorance.

Funny how clearly "conservative" white men come on here (i am too white, and posted above, was mainly interested in the J.R. story as im a basketball fan) and act like complete biggots.

I truely commend the author of this post for his courage b/c two things are holding him down

1) Ignorant black people who call him an "uncle tom" for speaking out about his opinions AND

2) Igonorant white ppl who find some way to try and perpetuate their ridiculous anti-black rederict, by using the author as an example for their stupid cause, thus making out to be even more of an "uncle tom" to ppl of his ethnicity.

***********"scared of disrespectful black kids" "vulgar rap music" "So many black men with their thug like mentalities" By saying this you are proving the authors point. that he doesnt want or need any more MISperceptions about him from ignorant fools like you. how about dorky white kids who grow their hair out, jump off buildings b/c they watch jackass, ruin your local office building with skateboards???? BOTTOM LINE- THIS SOCIETY HAS ALOTTA PROBS WITH POP CULTURE AND MIMMICKING THE MEDIA. Its not a black issue.*************

ANyway arent black ppl when acting "thug/gangster" really just mimmicking white members of the irish/jewish/and most of all Italian mafia? or figures from the "wild west" Gun culture and outlaw culture are American phenomenons not African-American ones. Ignorant biggots.

BTW i still stand by what i said. J.R. and any other proffesional anyplace in this nation has not buisness throwing up gang signs. its not commendable and its not acceptable. thats that. enough ignorance.

Glad to see so many here properly tear you a new one.

One could argue that you have done as much damage with this poorly written article as the very thing you ignorantly railed against. This cut-rate piece of hackneyed drivel is hardly a shining example of black intelligence.

Next time, I strongly suggest you take a moment to think before you write...and maybe invest in an editor of some sort.

I would also suggest that on occasion you step down from your high horse and actual visit some of the communities for which you feign concern.
You'll find that we are not all "thugs" or "gangstas" or idiots incapable of deciphering the difference between entertainment and reality...however disappointing that may be for you.

Yall need to ease up on the white people all he did was get alittle hype and use the same sign the refs do.I do understand the article but none of you know what he meant an you have no right to keep useing white like we dont like black people through all these comments!

Wow dude your a fuckin faggot

wow, to whomever wrote this article... Not that J.R. smith doesn't act like a jackass, but maybe proof-read your column before posing it if you're going to chastize someone for being imature and lacking intelligence. That was painful to read. '...I mean us black men have enough to deal with than you acting like a fool trying to show how "hood' you are..'. I mean, read your crap over, mr high and mighty, so that I don't have to explain the next day that all of us (epecially, those playing 'journalist' in their spare time) are not hypocritical, half-way literate dim-wits., there's some irony for your ass...

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