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Lebron James Game Winning 3 with One Second Left To Beat The Magic

I have been getting on Lebron lately about he WWE/Paris Hilton antics after he gets fouled and cramping after game one (which is all fact by the way), but don't get it twisted:


Simply put he just saved the Cavaliers season and if they go on to win the NBA Finals this shot will be remembered like Jordan over Ehlo.

There is a time when a Superstar becomes an Icon. Was this Lebron James Icon moment? That is for you to decide.

But it has been a long time since I have seen a shot as clutch as the one he just made.

I have been hesitant to give him this title, but I think it is time now:


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The Magic may not recover from that.

His legacy needed that...

his legacy is growing....

Oh my he got the serial killer tag

Magic are done...some shots you just can't recover from and they have taken enough of them already. Game 3 is crucial...if this series is going 7, Magic needs to win it, or else this could be over in 5.

You trippin Rob...

He hit a clutch 3. Out of the HUNDREDS of times the Cavs have needed him to and he couldn't/wouldn't even touch the rock. He's still got some growing up to do man. PLUS, if Orlando took a game winner from BIG BABY DAVIS and being sniped to death by Ray Allen they can surely regroup and come back from this. The series is 1-1...let's not get too ahead of ourselves here...besides, Cleveland is SUPPOSED to win @ home, right?

umm guys...the cavs blew two double digit leads at home...they are lucky to be tied and not down 0-2. To be honest this looks like la in 04 vs the pistons. Kobe got the buzzer beater over the pistons in game two and they were swept. I wouldnt be surprised to see the cavs down 1-3 when they come back to the q, orlando has their number.

Jordan over Ehlo is still more epic lol. But great show though.

Lebron saved the season, but the Cavs are still in trouble.

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