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Rafer Alston Slaps Eddie House In The Head..What Would You Have Done???

Let me first say I respect Eddie House for keeping his cool. It is the playoffs and he is very important to the success of the Boston Celtics so retaliation would have been the wrong move.

Now that I got that BS out of the way:

COME ON MAN!!!!!!!

Eddie you are a grown man and I don't care if you are in the NBA, WNBA, And 1 or NBA2K9 when you get slapped in the back of the head you have to do something.

I understand you can't punch him in the face (which is what I would have done), but you have to do more than just stare him down.

Ricky Hatton stared down Manny Paquiao, you know how that turned out don't you?

This is the NBA the land of the "fake fights". All you had to do is push him or something and the refs would have broke it up before anything happened.

To be honest when the stare down took place you looked scared. Rafer Alston had his chin out there for you to check and your bottom lip was quivering.

Man Up Eddie!!!!

If you are going to talk all that trash you can't let people punk you. That's your manhood.

As far as Rafar Alston is concerned that was punk move. He needed to get popped in his mouth. Just because you are getting lit up don't act like a bully by slapping people in the back of the head like you are Florida from "Good Times". You are not tough, that isn't what tough guys do and you lucky that Eddie House was shook or you would be still laying on the ground.


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eddie house sh*tted on him and he didnt need 2 slap him back because that would b a fuckin idiot move and he would get ejected.... shut your mouth

If it was me, I'd catch dude in the parking lot.....no cameras, no fans......

Slapped him like he was his kid

lolzzzzzzzz .... if it was regular season eddie house would have smashed him on the court ... but i give mad props to HOUSE for understanding what was at stake ... and being the bigger man ... but he should catch his ass in the parking lot...lolzzz

Matt first take a deep breath and calm down. Secondly read what I wrote. All I said is that he needed to do something. You don't let people slap you in the head. He didn't have to punch him, but he should have done something.

wow...eddie house should not have done anything. they need him not to get suspended. manhood? manhood is winning. all else is show. winning is what counts. you people that say he needs to "man up" are f^cking morons.

first of all, Eddie is a fucking bitch, he had no reason to bump into Rafer after he made the shot, secondly, if that was in the streets playin ball, and he did that shit, especially to me, I would've straight floored his bitch ass. And third, somebody tell Eddie to chill the fuck out with all that getting hype shit after he makes shots, have some fucking pride because you haven't been doing that shit for your entire career you journey men. I'm happy Rafer did that shit, I rather wish he decked him in the face but a slap is even more disrespectful, fuck Eddie House. That niggas bunz and he wouldn't have done shit playoffs or not.

Eddie House did "man up". He did what a real man does, walk away. Too much was at stake to do some punk-a** move that the NBA could suspend him for. Bottom line, Boston won, Rafer looks like a punk. Now House can walk up to him and say, "I'll see you in the parking garage, punk."

"That's what happens when you start bustin' somebody's azz" -Eddie House

^^^ True Story!

I like House, I'm from Boston and Raefer is my man fifty grand, but c'mon now.......If I was House I woulda had my fingers in Raefers face and talkin shit while I was damn near poking him in the eye, just to provoke his punk ass! LOL

Lots of stupid posturing here by internet tough guys.

Matt, u must be white. not like that matters. but it makes the difference in you understanding that House got bitch slapped from the back!!!! I know it's the play-offs but c'mon! It shoulda been a repeat of Pistons vs the Pacers, 11.19.04. FUCK DA PLAY-OFFS and FUCK DAVID STERN! MAN UP EDDIE! Light skinned dudes can't afford to lose no more points.

Eddie House sucks. Rafer is way better than Eddie ever will be. Eddie just thinks he's a Badass because he hit some 3's. Eddie is a little bitch and Rafer would be the shit out of him.

If Rafer pulled a punk move why should house respond?? You already lost by hitting a man from BEHIND! However, Rafer has absolutely no respect for house. You think he'll pull that shit with iverson or marbury?

Eddie didn't need to do shit. He clowned on Rafer all night. It's the NBA. It's basketball. At the end of the night House outplayed him. Anyone who says Eddie's a bitch for not hitting him needs to step back, evaluate your life, and grow up. Step out of the stone age. Fighting's not the only way to prove you're a man.

house slapped alston around enough with his play. no physical retaliation was needed. its easy to criticize when you are writing a blog, but i dont see you 'manning up' and talkin to house about it directly

eddie shoulda done something, but he was too confused because he didn't get a chance to raise up both his hands like he hit a game winner, even though it was just another shot. i think if he did something, boston would've been even more ticked off come game 3, and woulda killed them. but apparently the magic play better when their key players are out. we'll see what happens game 3.

anybody in bean town know where eddie house gets his beard trimmed? homie keeps his facial digs tight.

I stand by my post. You don't let a man slap you in the back of the head. That is unacceptable.

Not saying he had to Derek Fisher him, but he should have done something.

Point blank period.

What a fucking stupid post. Manhood? If anything, Skip was trying to reclaim his manhood after getting shit on left and right by Eddie and Rondo. You don't gotta prove your manhood to a bitch that slaps you while your back is turned, especially when you are trying to win another RING.

Obviously we have a bunch of individuals here that thinks it is ok to get slapped around.

I am not pro-fighting or pro-conflict, but if someone slaps you, you just don't throw your hands up.

But if you guys want to get slapped around more power to you.

and for the 100th time I am not saying he had to do something stupid, but he should have did something besides looking like he was about to piss in his shorts.

EHouse did just what he was supposed to do, kept his cool and his wits about him in a heated situation. If you knew him personally then you'd know he ain't no punk! Punching that guy or pushing him around would have hurt him and his team. But don't worry Alston will get his, so if you are a betting man... please, bet on that!

robert littal you are a "little man". and an idiot. maaaaaaannnn he shoulda done somefin yo! put tha whoop on his aise. how did an ebonic talkin moron like you get to be an editor?

ok well first of all..i agree that you cant be slappin people in the playoffs..it is a crucial time on both sides of the ball...but how are you gonna say dont get punked and then your gonna say that you would have punched rafer alston...BS...you wouldnt have done anything at all..you prolly would have run down the court and acted like nothin happend...i give eddie props for gettin in his face and lettin him know whats up

haha... look ima die hard magic fan, and umm yes, we got our asses handed to us.. but skip had to do that.. honestly, gettin blown out like we did, you gotta do something to spark up your team.. its not like anyone else showed any kind of emotion.. but wow, skip slapped his headband into a 360 lol

It's not ok get slapped around but you don't respond by "fake fighting" When you get slapped, you either bite hard or do no nothing, not posture for tv cameras to show how tough you are. I keep forgetting that this is the "smack dvd" age where everyone is suppose to puff their chest out for a god damn camera.

I just find it funny that media tells players to concentrate and not lose his head, but when he does it they bash him for not manning up. That doesn't make any sense. They tell Howard to be more aggressive, he smashed Dalembert side the head and now he's overboard, y'all gotta make up your mind for real, do you want a guy to smash a guy back or keep his head, there's no two way street here.

I mean nobodys talkin about the fact house bumped him after the play. Skip's a street baller, he just aint gonna let that shit fly

shut the fuck uyp suck my dick


lol. this site keeps the black man down.

Your all fucking retarded...Eddie did the right thing, u say he was supposed to do something, yet not hit him, or stare him down...Alston is gone next game...i think Eddie did exactly what we needed, and thats beat up the magic, make them lose a player for next game, and carry our momentum

LOL, gotta love the internet, where even guys in cuff links and jeans sitting on narrow ass stairways are arbiters of who's a punk and who has no manhood.

Alston is the bitch in this situation. You get all salty because some guy is shitting on you over and over, do something about it in the game. Oh wait, that's right, you can't, because you still have that abominably horrible jumper that kept you stranded on the And1 tour for a million years.

So instead, smack him like a five-year-old girl when he's turned around. House would've laid his ass out if this were a pickup game, but guess what? It's the NBA, and House did the smart thing. Didn't back down but didn't throw any blows, then CANNED ANOTHER FUCKING THREE the next possession. Who was the asshole at that point? The guy sitting on the bench or the guy still lighting it the fuck up IN THE GAME?

He doesnt need to man up. in doing what he did he proved hes the better man. dont put him down for being smart. next time you play in the NBA and get hit, you go ahead and fight back. youll land yourself and ejection, suspension, and a fine. good luck. he did exactly what he needed to do.

Eddie House did "man up". You don't hit a man who chose to slap you as his method of violence. Because that man isn't a man at all.

Man, in the end Eddie did the right thing by taking the high road and hitting a three while ole boy was left sitting on the bench watching; however, I was kind of wanting to see a fight in any other situation. This is the NBA and Alston will be sitting out the next game.

Judging from the comments posted so far, over 70% of the people think that House did the right thing.
Think about it, why would you even take the chance of pushing somebody back or anything else when you're already "busting their a**" on the court?
Yeah House might have pushed off a little after he made the shot, but Rafer should have came back with jumper or a three of his own. Instead he slaps him in the back of the head (which was hilarious, but still a punk move).
Look at the Kobe and Artest situation. Kobe jammed his elbow into Artest's neck while trying to get position, and he did it on purpose. Punk move. But Artest didn't go slapping Kobe or anything, even though he was the one called for the foul. He just got in Kobe's face afterwards and told him "Elbow me in the neck again, elbow me in the neck again" (and he should not have gotten ejected, but that's a whole notha story).

If Rafer really wanted to "retaliate" because he thought House pushed him or elbowed him in the stomach as he said, he could have gotten in his face and said "Try something like that again". His slap to the back of House's head only made the situation worse, especially since he now might end up being suspended for the next game.

House responded in a very smart way and did nothing that would cost him or his team in the next game. I'm 27yrs old, and I'm black also, and I can honestly say that I would've done the same thing House did. Not that I'd wanna let somebody smack me in the back of the head and "get away with it". But there's cameras all around in the NBA, so you don't have to worry, that person doing the slapping will get what's coming to them. This ain't StreetBall Mr. Littal, there's no need for that kinda retaliation (pushing, shoving, fingers in the face, etc.). It's the NBA, most actions get taken care of. And Rafer might need a suspension to remind him about that.

Oh, and I was born in Boston and will always be a Boston Fan...but I ain't gonna lie, I rewound that back again and again and was crackin up watchin that noggin get slapped and the headband spin, haha.

I don't agree with your post. Eddie did the correct thing by not retaliating. I'm very proud of him for keeping his cool because I don't think I would have been able to remain calm.

House can play house with me!:) Robert you baffle me. First Artest is crazy for his reaction and then House is a byatch because of his.

I think Eddie House did the right thing in
in that situation. Most people would fight
back and then they would get ejected from
the game and their team would lose cuz the
guy that is making all the shots is no
longer in the game. so for Eddie not to hit
him back that was the most professional and grown up thing he could have done. People dont make any sense sometimes, cuz if Eddie hit him
back then there would be articles saying something like that wasnt the right thing
to do, he should have just let it go and
even when he when he did that people
are writting articles saying Eddie House
should have done something. House cant do
anything right for these news reporters
can he? At the end of the day Eddie House
was the bigger man and we won cuz of it.

ATTENTION....Raefer Alston's been playing bball for a long time.Anybody that has been participating in the sport knows that when somebody gets the best of you.YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO GET THE BEST OF THEM ON ANOTHER PLAY NOT SLAP HIM BECAUSE YOUR GAME IS OFF.Raefer disrepected the game of basketball.He is the loser in this one....And the highlights are all over ESPN.LOOK AT THEM.Eddie House didin't act like he was scared or it never happened.he came back to him face to face and said his words.AM I RIGHT???

"By Aedom on May 7, 2009 12:01 AM

first of all, Eddie is a fucking bitch, he had no reason to bump into Rafer after he made the shot, secondly, if that was in the streets playin ball, and he did that shit, especially to me, I would've straight floored his bitch ass. And third, somebody tell Eddie to chill the fuck out with all that getting hype shit after he makes shots, have some fucking pride because you haven't been doing that shit for your entire career you journey men. I'm happy Rafer did that shit, I rather wish he decked him in the face but a slap is even more disrespectful, fuck Eddie House. That niggas bunz and he wouldn't have done shit playoffs or not."

Very well said. Eddie House is garbage and needs to quit acting like he's the shit after every shot he makes. Act like you've been there before and you'll be there again. House deserves to get knocked the fuck out

Skip spun his headband around, Eddie should of did something, take lessons from Kirk Hinrich and man up

Whatever! he did the right thing by not hitting him back but truth of the matter is that dude was scared.

If you look at the replay, House gives Rafer a cheap elbow shot. Fuck that I'd have slapped his ass too for elbowing me. Whats up with his attitude. Talks a lot of shit hyping himself up jumping around like a moron after every shot basically showing up the other team. Totally lack of respect if you ask me. If you wanna hype yourself up, do it walking away and not looking at the other team. Just cuz he won a ring it dont mean he's the shit. Fuckin Journeyman.

House is just a b1tch. He CLEARLY ELBOWS Alston and you can see his elbow rising up into the air after the hit. Alston is not a bitch like House. Watch this replay:

I got ur man up littal, i got mo points than u and mo money nigga

If you ever want to become enemies for life with a black man go ahead and slap in the back of the head and see how that works out for ya. With the exceptions of like , Carlton from Fresh Prince and Wayne Brady, any black man will go on search-and-destroy mode.

It's nice to see that most black sports fans are not complete thug morons like Mr. Littal.

According to this site:
Walking away and continuing to do your job = Whitey!
Thugging out and getting ejected by resorting to violence = True Blackness!

Pretty sad.

AND STARTING LINEBACKER FOR THE LA LAKERS................................................DEREK FIIIIIISHERRRRRR!!!!! LOL LOL

to anyone who said eddie house was smart, excuse my french but u r out of ur fucking mind and ima tell u why. first and foremost im a celtics fan and we didnt stand a chance at winning that series and all yall knew it so what fuckin difference did it make him getting suspended or not. secondly to all yall that said he was the bigger man ur wrong he was the dumbest man. let me smack u like my damn child and see what the hell u do. stupid ass get smacked and still lose the damn series how the hell u think he feel now? like a damn idiot.....also none of us know rafer personally to call him a punk but what we all witnessed is he aint too much of a punk, thats just like saying ron artest wasnt scared of ben wallace. real people do real things meditate on that shit.

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