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Robert Littal vs. Dwight Howard's Ex-GirlFriend Twitter Incident..You Make The Call


I must admit I might be the greatest Tweeter of all time ( Lord knows I am better than Diddy and Soulja Boy. I have had some legendary twitter conversations for the Cheating Commandments to Mike Brown offensive sets, so if you aren't following me you definitely should start because you are missing out.

Last night I was getting my Tweet on during the Magic vs. Cavs game (I normally twitter during every major sporting event in real time). I was doing what I do when I made a crack about Dwight Howard. To put this into context I joke about everyone while I am twittering. No one is immune to my wrath especially when I am on a roll. I mix in humor with real analysis about what is going on during the events. It is what makes people want to follow me. With that being said here is what I said verbatim last night:

"Dwight Howard knocked up the 1st chick he played "Bed Gammon" with & she just happened to be a Magic Cheerleader. "Pimp Focus" not strong"

I got a few replies everyone had a good laugh and I went about my business of watching David Stern gurantee that Lebron and the Cavs made it to a 6th game.

About twenty minutes later I received a random Twitter private message from a young lady. This isn't unusual because you know I am Robert Littal. The young lady though was the mother of Dwight Howard's child.

Suffice to say she wasn't very happy about my comment. She went on tell me how she and Dwight met (according to her before he was drafted) and her current career (she owns a dance studio). She also explained that because of the internet, blogs and media in general it is tough on athlete's wives/girlfriends because they are always describe as gold diggers and hos.

She wasn't hostile or acting crazy so I apologized via Twitter for the comment. It was just me joking around, but sometimes I have to remember THE POWER OF LITTAL (does JR Smith ring a bell?), so I should be a little more careful with my words.

With that being said she does raise an interesting point.

What is on or off limits when dealing with an athlete's personal life?

Normally I steer clear of it. If you want to Kobe Bryant it up in Colorado or have a female in every state like Shaq more power to you. If you want be try to be the new Shawn Kemp like Travis Henry you have to deal with the consequences. It isn't any of my business, but you can't be sensitive if you are these women dealing with athletes and entertainers.

The fact of the matter is a lot of these women are suspect. Just last night i was alerted to a site called The site trains women to "catch a baller". Seriously I am not joking the site trains women to be able to catch athletes and entertainers. It has a freaking GPS system to alert women when a "baller" is in their area and where they will be located. So excuse me if I am not that concern about the plight of these women.

The situation with Dwight Howard in general is what people perceive as being true. I summed up in 140 characters what everyone is already thinking, so you have to have thick skin. While Dwight Howard's girlfriend was speaking with me there were four or five people saying that what I said was exactly the truth and I shouldn't apologize at all.

I am a reasonable guy and I give people the benefit of the doubt, so I had no problem apologizing. If she is how I described in the Tweet that is a reflection of her not me.

By the way I refuse to reprint the Tweet from another young lady who says she is Dwight's mistress I refuse to do it. This isn't TMZ people this is BSO.

I would love to hear your opinions on this. Are these females being treated unfairly or are they what they appear to be to the general public?


A couple of things have come to my attention. First off I have it on good authority that the young lady in question and Dwight Howard are no longer together. I also have it on good authority that at the time of baby conception they weren't together. Also there seems to be a question of who financed the Dance School that she currently owns.

Does that change my opinion on the subject? It does slightly only because I was led to believe that they were together and that was a bit of a deception which one could say confirms my initial belief about what happened.

Does this change your opinion?


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Littal stays in some controversy. How you going to have a Twitter incident with Dwight Howard's baby mommy? LMAO

By the way I heard the same story as you about him knocking her up.

As oppose to do they have for brothers like me

I think for the truly genuine ones who actually care about the person and not their status a little. But that's the price you pay when you are involved with someone famous. Is it fair? Probably not but it is what it is.

Me personally I don't feel the comment was off limits. It was funny, but at the same time disrespectful and stereotypical. If I was her I would've ignored it and just chalked it up to media being media. But I do understand why she felt the need to speak on it. To me she's in such a good position for herself and her family, I really could give a shit about what random people I don't know say about me. She has to know they're just trying to make headlines to become relevant.

The only part I will say I disagree with Damon is that I personally didn't make the comment to become relavent. I did it to be funny. It is never personal with me unless it is Duke because I hate them with a passion. lol

What is the term you use? Noho? I think that describes her.

That's a really touchy situation... I dont think you should have spoke on it IMO.

Well, Robert I don't feel that way about every journalist in the media, not even most. But there is enough of them around for me to make a generalized statement, I believe you did it because it was funny, not to intentionally aggravate anyone.

Well, Robert I don't feel that way about every journalist in the media, not even most. But there is enough of them around for me to make a generalized statement, I believe you did it because it was funny, not to intentionally aggravate anyone.

Ok whose to say that the young lady is telling the truth she probably just wanted some media focused on her, Robert continue to do you if its funny then people should laugh and not take everything so serious.

Love LaLa

wow, look at the mug on that kid...lmao

The issue really is that most of the girls and women that the sport stars impregnate fail to have any substantial foundation (financial and otherwise) prior to their encounters with these grossly overpaid men. So it is difficult to give them the benefit of the doubt. It is very rare that you hear about a baller gettin' a doctor pregnant or even their wives doing something other than look cute after the fact.

Geez leave the poor guy alone do you know how many people YOU have slept with do you know if you have a kid out there somewhere so what if he has some money to back up some dance studio? Can we just think that he a real person and a real life person and seems to be a really nice guy. Who cares if she was a Magic Dancer who else to make Magic with........he is human

i think a DNA test should be arranged!! dwight is fine and that baby...............well maybe he got his looks from his mama!!!

No, they were NOT together at time of conception and she was NEVER his girlfriend! They were just kickin' it all that time. Get it right!

FREEDOM OF SPEECH...pple talk all the time, say what you want to say you are grown! Dont ever apologize for your opinion! Doesnt she have better time on her hands? All I want to know is how did she find out about your comment so quickly! Look man, I think real woman dont have time to reply to comments that they claim arent true. She cant be getting too much money from him cause her hair looks like a hot mess (nappy) and Dwight Jr. needs a brush. I got a daughter and you dont let your child out the house w/o brushing their hair. I can send her one from Walmart--$2...pple got millions but forgetting personal hygiene! How about you spend your time being a mother and stop worrying about Twitter! lmao at that! Single Mothers, we gotta step our game up! I am beefing but that's sad to me a black woman borderline embarrassing!

You are so wrong, her and Dwight had a relationship, he didn't just knock her up, she didn't look for him and neither is she a gold digger. I personally know the both of them and you all have it so wrong, yes she has a dance studio, she also has a college degree and she has danced all of her life, with major dance company's she is not a magic cheerleader either. You were right to apologize to her and I think that was very classy of you to do that. People in the media only create these extra stories because they don't know the truth. She did not persue Dwight, he persued her after she told him no time and time again and the baby came years later. It was not like he met her in the strip club. All the negative comments are from haters, seriously don't you all get tired of putting our people down? You have it so wrong.

YOu guys are so sad, you were right to apologize to her,because you put another black woman down for absolutely no reason, just to make a joke. What if that was your mother or sister. You people have no idea, I know them both personally and all I can say is you have it all wrong. And to MsP she has many things to do and just like the person that wrote this article was on twitter, so is she and the rest of the world. Also the babys hair is definently not nappy its a photo. How can people be so judgemental about others as if you lives are so perfect. Dwight persued her, it was not a one night stand , they were in a relationship for years. She has a college degree and is employed and her family is not broke. And yes they still love eachother and who said they weren't together. You all just make up what you think you know.

And what the author said wasn't an opinion it was a LIE and infact Slander.

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It is what it is. When you decide to be the significant other, baby mama, wife of anyone famous it comes with perks and burdens. She and her friends can't fight every battle and go after everyone on the internet that says something about her and her intentions. If she knows what happened and if she is genuine then that is all that matters. If she was not who cares! People are entitled to their own opinion UNTIL it's about you or someone you know. If you can't stand the heat then don't put yourself in a situation to be in the kitchen.

"What people think about you is none of YOUR business".

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