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T.O. The Sports Anchor? Must See Video Plus Calling Out Bias Sports Media

You might love T.O., you might hate T.O., but whatever your feelings are for Terrell Owens the one thing you have to give him credit for he is damn entertaining.

There hasn't been this much excitement in Buffalo since they invented the Buffalo Wing.

Is there any question that T.O. is one of the top one or two most popular players in the NFL? He has crossed over into the mainstream consciousness. Just say the name Terrell Owens and the ratings go up no matter what is going on.

In the video above T.O. takes his turn at sports anchoring for Channel 7 News in Buffalo. Not surprisingly he is better than most sports anchors, but I digress.

One last thing I have seen many media and online publications who are already predicting doom and gloom for T.O. in the Buffalo and my response to that is:


I have no problem with someone giving an unbiased opinion on the chances of success/failure in Buffalo for T.O., but a lot of these articles and videos are slanted so much they aren't even trying to hide their disdain for Owens. Most can be summed up like this.


The bias mainstream media at its finest. The city of Buffalo is happy, the Bills are happy and T.O. is happy, so instead of injecting your personal feelings into the matter just let it play out and report the facts as they go along.

Where I do believe Owens has been the source of a lot of his issues in the past I cannot stress enough how much the media has played into his downfall in a lot of his situations (yes I am talking to you Ed "anonymous sources in the Cowboys locker room" Werder).

Owens is an "attention whore", but at least he isn't taking steroids, killing dogs or breaking off table legs. Let him breath.


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classic T.O.

I was killing that popcorn

I do not approve

Great article! I totally agree that the media's bias against T.O. is excessive. I am in no way a Bills fan, but I would love to see T.O. succeed. If all these other criminals and bad guys get second chances in the media time and time again, why can't he? I have always said that for all of T.O.'s faults, at least he is not a criminal. He has never tested positive for anything and his work ethic is outstanding. Kudos to you on a great piece.
*and yeah, he was definitely killing that popcorn lol...GO 'BOYS!*

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