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Brandon Jennings & Joe Budden Prove Why They Both Are Potential Busts

#1 mistake Brandon Jennings made was being friends with Joe Budden. If you are going to be a NBA star you can definitely do better than Joe Budden as your "hip hop" buddy. Having Joe Budden as your Hip Hop sidekick just screams out you are destined to be the 9th man on an eight man rotation team.

#2 mistake and this is up for debate, but regardless if Jennings knew he was being taped or not you can't be recorded by a rapper who claim to fame is not his lyrics, but by putting his girl's ass on camera.

*Sidenote* I respect that hustle. Keep yourself in the spotlight anyway you can even if that means exploiting your girlfriend's booty.


#3 mistake you are Brandon Jennings know you role and shut your mouth. You are the dude was so unsure of his draft position that he was scared to sit in the green room. Now you want to be the one running your mouth how you are the greatest thing since Michael Jackson's Thriller (RIP).

Here is a novel idea how about getting out on the court and becoming the best before claiming you are the best. Then you can have your sit down interview with the Joe Budden.

You can read the official transcript of the entire of the conversation here on The Sporting News Baseline Blog by Chris Littman


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Brandon Jennings will be a bust, but thanks for the picture

Who the fuck is you ?

you need to check up on your joe budden before you talk bad about him. he's one of the best lyricist ever. listen to mood muzik 2, mood muzik 3, halfway house and padded room. And it was a friendly conversation they had where they were joking. Just like alot of ppl do. Joe does the live feed all the time to interact with the fans. He had no clue brandon would say that. And joe also didn't know it was being recorded

#1 Joe Budden never recorded the aforementioned conversation, it was a live blog stream that someone else recorded and posted on youtube.

#2 Obviously you're not an advent Hip-Hop listener. I would have appreciated the attempt at humor and humiliation if you had stated that pump it Up was his only claim to fame(I might add the song gets continuous rotation in NBA arenas which accounts to residual income, something you can't attest to!) But to leave out the fact that his live stream is set to be picked-up by VH1 and he's formed a 4 man alliance with Royce da 5'9, Joel Ortiz, and Crooked I called Slaughterhouse! Which is at a fever's pitch at this point baffles me. Next time do your homework before you attempt to discredit someone for your own personal gain homey.

For you Joe Budden fans. I know exactly who Joe Budden is and for the 100th time just cause you can rhyme doesn't make you a relevant artist.

He had one hit and that was it. The only reason people talk about him now is gossip, beef and his girl ass point blank period.

Get out of your fantasy world and live in reality Joe Budden fan boys.

You didn't even mention the one hit. You just said that his claim to fame is his girls ass. Which is wrong. His claim to fame is "pump it up" and he is also one of the most popular rap artist on the internet. So what are you talking about? You also mentioned his lyrics which you obviously haven't listened to. So next time you come at somebody you need to do your research first

Who cares?!?!? If he was friends with Jadakiss or Jay-Z would that make the situation better? just because they're relevant artist

That point is Irrelevant to the fact that this kid has a big mouth

He said things similar in the past so I doubt being friends with a relevant rapper would make a difference.

I see a future full of gaffes from this guy

Who gives a flying fuck? Jennings talked some shit on his phone in a playful (pause) conversation to his friend, who cares?? No, seriously, who cares?? Do I need to say it again? Who cares?

Not to mention this whole blog is biased against Budden to begin with so I don't know anybody who would even take you seriously. You're just a dumb fuck with an opinion who unfortunately has created an outlet for himself to spread his bullfuckery. LOL @ you numbering your points like a 3rd grader because you can't put together an articulate article. Let alone a simple sentence because some in this blog don't even make any sense. Could it possibly be because this isn't a story you should be writing about? Seems like you have no content so you fill it with a pic of Tahiry. Now who's really using some ass to grab attention?

Oh yeah, and like people stated above- do your homework. You seem to know nothing about this man other than YOU probably just found out about him because of his girl's ass, forgetting that you and your life do not represent the other hundred thousand people who already knew about Budden before you. You're late to the game, you lost, shut the fuck up and write another blog about something you actually know a little something about.

So what exactly is your problem? You don't like Budden because he isn't a "relevant" artist? What defines "relevant" in your (small) world? Radio and TV appearances? Clothing line or cologne? Is that it? As if because he doesn't have that, it makes Joe less of an Hip Hop artist than some others? Do you honestly believe that? You are an IDIOT with a childish, not to mention ignorant mind state. Delete this "ARTICLE" and save yourself some humiliation.

You're a self proclaimed "BonaFide Sports Expert" so stay the fuck out of Hip Hop.

Likwid E In all likelihood I know more about hip hop and the music industry than you.

You come off as a fan which is understandable.

Once again the only things Joe Budden are known for in 2009.

1- Gossip
2- Drama
3- His girl ass

When one person can refute that then we can talk. He put Jennings in a bad spot and that is not what your "boy" is suppose to do.

My site and I will talk about whatever I like and if you didn't care you wouldn't have made a 6 paragraph comment

Lmfao, do you even know who Likwid E is?^^

I surely does and that is why I said what I said. I know all about him and I also know more about the music industry than he thinks but he just talking sideways to someone he thinks doesn't know what he is talking about.

Once again sounding like a "fan" which is all he is going to be until he learns more about the reality of the industry.


likwid e is in the music industry u fuckin idiot

I'm not a fan of Likwid E's music but saying u know more about the music industry than him is just fucking stupid. Ur just a random sports nobody who isnt even connected to hip hop in any way so u really dont know what ur talking about. How r u going to tell someone who is IN the music industry u know more about it than them? Ur just talking shit right now to save face. Like he said ur expertise is not hip hop so stay out of it and leave it to the artists and fans.

Be nice to Robert guys. Try to remember back in high school when you were in math class and everyone knew the answer to the question on the board except the person sitting next to you. Would you make fun of that person for being stupid?? (probably). It's not their fault they're slow.

As for knowing more about Hip Hop and the music industry than me, you're reaching right now so I won't even begin to address such bitchassness. Okay Dhalsim?

And as for Budden so far in 2009? Slaughterhouse, Padded Room & JBTV just to name a few.

You sound pretty desperate right now. I don't care about you or your site. When I said "Who cares?" I was referring to Jenning's statements he made.

Also, Googling me for 10 seconds doesn't count for knowing "all about me" when I'm sure this afternoon was the first time you've ever heard the name Likwid E. Even if you did know who I was before this, it makes your rebuttals and outrageous claims of superior Hip Hop knowledge just that more ridiculous.

All you're doing is showing us that this blog's purpose is for dragging Joe's name through the dirt and you could really care less about what Jennings said.

You are a sports blogger. Stay in your lane.

STFU Likwid. Budden is IRRELEVANT. What did Padded Room do? 100k? GTFO of here with that BS album. Dude got put on the shelf for 10+ years. PUMP PUMP PUMP IT UP.. then he tried to hit gold again with TOUCH AND GO and FAILED, so he resorted to LOW BUDGET E-PIMPIN of his "video vixen" girl. If it wasn't for her ass, the name Joe Budden would be a trivial pursuit answer.

Budden sucks.
The smart kid in the class uses ebonics. (Likwid E?)
Instead of making a point, you get emotional and try to discredit the writer.
If you are truly in the music business, and you seriously sign your hater comment by your artist name, hoping it will lend you credibility, then defending Joe Budden should be the least of your worries.

In case you are out of touch with rap music, Joe Budden is the definition of a no-hit wonder. He is a running gag that never stops being funny because there were people who (most from Budden's family) who thought he would blow up and make a good song one day. Every passing day, the name gets more laughs. Hence the reason why Brandon Jennings, someone with real potential, should disassociate from someone is seen as the laughing stock of rap music.

His girlfriend's cankles are not impressive either, but at least she knows where her best feature is.

haha... if anything, i think this post and subsequent conversation shows how irrelevant Brandon Jennings is.

Fuck you

Yeah, this writer doesn't know what he's talking about. Everyone knows Joe Budden is the greatest retard to rap since Bubba Sparxxx.

LOL @ blacksportsonline wtf?

The funniest part of all of this is that the things that Joe Budden said in the conversation were all of the things the rest of us had been thinking in the days leading up to and following the draft. This passage here holds particularly true:

"Jennings: No, I was at the hotel. This is what happened right. My agent is like "Well, we ain't hear nothing .We ain't have no guarantee." So we makin' phone calls and s*** and n***** is saying like "The workouts is great and everything and he's the best point guard but we don't know yet, we just don't know."

Budden: They didn't say that about Rick Rubio, number one, and number two they didn't say you the best point guard. They said your jump shot is shaky, you got some potential, but your work ethic is bull****. You averaged 3 points."

Further, why is the author of this article trying so vehemently to A.) Prove to us he knows something about anything related to hip hop music and B.) Show us how detrimental this "situation" is to Brandon Jennings career? The guy is posting in his own comments, for Christ's sake. It's not that serious, dog.

End of the day, the only reason this conversation is hurting B.J.'s career right now is because writers, nay, bloggers like Robert Littal are trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Technology is great until it allows average writers with below average intelligence to broadcast their words for all to see. It's a lose-lose after that, as it dumbs down the readers and empowers the lackluster writer.

Sorry Robert Littal, but I wouldn't quit my day job if I was you, pal.

Yeah i actually read the whole damn thing, including comments. This Robert guy or Sports analyst should stay in your lane fam. You DO sound like you're dragging Joe's name in the dirt and I saw the same shit you did. How do you blame on man for another man's actions? That's like saying I'm you friend but I got locked up so it's your fault. For a PROFESSIONAL, you come off as a novice. Stick to what you know bruh.

Greatings, to GoogleReader!

Joe Budden is nice but irrelevant. Not because he can't rhyme but because the industry is different now where being able to rhyme isn't required (see Soulja Boy). Nevertheless, he isn't that relevant. But besides that, that was a dumb conversation. Lack of maturity shown and poor choices made. Someone please tell this kid he will be back in Europe if he can't make better decisions than that.

Joe Budden is nice but irrelevant. Not because he can't rhyme but because the industry is different now where being able to rhyme isn't required (see Soulja Boy). Nevertheless, he is irrelevant. But besides that, that was a dumb conversation. Lack of maturity shown and poor choices made. Someone please tell this kid he will be back in Europe if he can't make better decisions than that.

1. Joe Budden is a very good rapper. Regardless of whether he'll sell records or not. Selling records is extremely hard these days whether you're Mariah Carey, Jay-Z or Joe Budden.

2. Just because you know sports/write a blog doesn't mean you don't know anything about music or whatever. How many of you out there have jobs? Does that job define everything about you? Or do you have outside talents, interests and expertise? Chances are just about all of you do so stop putting other people in a box that you ain't trying to fit in yourself.

3. Jennings should probably realize in about 5 minutes that this is the big leagues now and he has to be careful with what he says cause people are gonna try to exploit him and run with it. It's ok to have confidence and state your opinion but know that criticizing others isn't going to make your game any better. In short, just play ball for now and fall back on the extra stuff.

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who r yu to sit here and tlk about my cousin yu needa stop dick ridin joe and take that hatin shit somewhere else.

who r yu to sit here and tlk about my cousin yu needa stop dick ridin joe and take that hatin shit somewhere else.

If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.

This was a wack-ass, hate-inspired article. Regardless of Soundscan, Joe Budden is 1 of the Greatest Lyricists to ever bless the mic period (Mood Muzik 1-3, Halfway House, Padded Room, Slaughter House). He & Jennings had an ordinary shit-talking convo that many of us regularly have with our "boys." IDK how the shit got recorded & sent to da masses, but you bloggers are always so ready to spark some Bullshit... Move On.

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