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Clinton Portis Channels His Inner Sisqo


I am going to be honest when I first saw this picture (after I checked out the girls) this is what I thought.

Then someone said that Clinton looked more like:


Doesn't know what this means for the NFL season and the Washington Redskins if anything.

Hopefully Portis doesn't start acting really strange like say Stephon Marbury, but for now we will just laugh at his mid-life want to be a weird R&B singer crisis.



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Dude looks mad gay. I swear i thought dude had lipstick on. Dunno, i thought he used to dress up just to take pressure off himself now i'm start to second guess that assessment. Who knows if he doesn't go "DE LA HOYA" in his hotel room.

The gay dar goes beep beep beep

Rob.... who cares? Clinton Portis hasn't done anything relevant in a long time.... neither have you. You run a site called Blacksportsonline claiming to have the ear of the black people. You are the "Bonafide" sports expert, but lately you seem only to post stupid TMZ esque posts like this one here.
Honestly nobody cares about half the shit you guys post up anymore, if it wasn't for Robert Bonnette and Amir I wouldn't come back. You are losing your fanbase, you are losing me as a reader because you seem to forget what your base is looking for. You haven't posted anything relavent in a LOOOOONG time. I support you because you are a buckeye... not now but really soon you are gonna lose me....

He looks about 270lbs in that pic and that necklace is the same one that the naked cowboy wears...

he looks like shelton benjamin from the wwe

This nigga look like Carlton from the episode of Fresh Prince he dressed up as Macaulay Culkin on Halloween. Hilarious.

Deion H we are just having a little fun that is all.

big papi is dominican dumb ass, lol

What bothers me more than the pic is he doesnt produce like he should but he has time to do these silly photo ops..we all use to say he does this to stay loose and to focus..this may be true but over the last 2 wondering what he's staying focused on and getting loose for..clinton a redskin fan from long are no redskin..but i hear the T.O. show may be looking for sidekicks

Damn Deion H, smoke a blunt and chill man. There really is no sports news to report until football kicks back up. Basebell is boring as hell. Even ESPN gave ATH/PTI a week off because sports news is that slow. If it bothers you that much though go to ESPN and read the daily Favre and LeBron report. I just heard Favre woke up this morning, ESPN exclusive!

is too great to dance very well

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