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The ESPYs Were Cool & What Not..But Vanessa Bryant Stole The Show


When we talk about athletes we speak about "aura" a lot.

It is obvious to see what separates the legends from the very good. Vince Carter is a very good player, but Kobe Bryant is a legend. Chad Pennington is a very good quarterback, but Tom Brady is a legend. In essence some people just have a star quality that outshines their competitors.

The same could be said in regards to women. I will be the first to admit I have been blessed to have met and befriended some beautiful women in my day.

Honestly the young lady who helped me cover the ESPYs killed 99% of the ladies on the red carpet (sorry no picture but you can follow her on Twitter The young lady who I went to the after party with ( people kept stopping us because they thought she was Kim Kardashian (no one thought I was Reggie Bush by the way. Shocking isn't it).

I am not star struck and it takes a lot to impress me. So as the Red Carpet went on at the ESPYs there were some cuties who passed by. Kimberly Glass the volleyball player, Serena Williams and all the athletes' wives, girlfriends and jump offs looked very nice.

But then the MJ of NBA Wifeys stepped on the red carpet and shut the building down. This was a destruction like when Jay Z put Prodigy on the Summer Jam screen ("twinkle toes you breaking my heart" I love that line).


Vanessa Bryant delivered the ether and it burned hot.


What people don't understand is attraction comes in many forms. Of course there is physical attraction which is important, but at a certain point that is just one element. Vanessa isn't the finest woman I have ever seen. I heard she is a bit crazy and what not, but the attraction for me is how she played the game.

She has played it so perfectly since she was 17 years old, that it is the blueprint for all women who have ambitions to grow up an marry an athlete.

She maybe the only wife of an athlete I know of, that if her husband left her, the public would turn against him. D Wade leaves his wife no one cares, but if Kobe left Vanessa it would be on the front page of every newspaper, website and blog in America. Hell it would probably lead the news in China. She got the game on lock.


That young lady PIMP FOCUS is strong which is why before I leave LA, I am going to try to get a job as their pool boy so I can be her male NoHo 24/7. I mean I am Robert Littal.





I like breasts (I mean I REALLY like breasts), but I'm feeling sorry for Vanessa's. They look like they're in a great deal of pain in that dress.

Yea agree with That dress is killer but isnt a good look for her breasts.The cup look its trying hard not to runneth over and gasping in pain in the process. Where's her stylist?Not a good look.Other than that she looks nice

Qiana I was so hoping the cup ran just don't know

Kobe looks straight gecko in those glasses

That's what I meant by the Juanita comment but at the same time I really wouldn't care that much what they do. As for the Aladdin pantsuit thingy that's a $5000 fine and house arrest for a week. What was going on in that last picture down her sides...Her Pimp Focus may be strong but she needs to drop Betty Bestfriend who beat her to the tunnel faster than she could get there at half time and get with Stacy and Clinton so they can show her "What Not To Wear!"

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