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The Steve McNair Murder Case Doesn't Make Sense

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I am not a detective, but I have watched every Forensic Files ever made and I know when something isn't right. I am going to go over three points of the Steve McNair murder case that makes absolutely no sense to me:

1- How and why did she get the gun?

Police say the gun found at the murder scene was purchased by Miss Kazemi on Thursday. The police say they have not determined if the gun was purchased legally or not.

That is the first point that baffles me, it seems like it would be pretty easy to figure out how the gun was purchased. Was it from a store? Does anyone have a receipt? What was the location of the purchase?

Secondly Miss Kazemi was only 20 years old and you have to be 21 to have a license to carry a gun. The gun allegedly was purchase just hours after Miss Kazemi was charged with DUI while McNair was in the Escalade McNair had purchased from her.

Does any of this just seem a bit odd? You get pulled over by the police for a DUI with your superstar ex NFL Quarterback boyfriend and hours later you are buying what appears to be an illegal gun.

Then two days later both she and McNair are dead.

What was her motivation for buying that gun? There had to be a reason right? Are we being lead to believe after the DUI arrest that set in motion a plot from Miss Kazemi to murder McNair? I think that is a little farfetched if you ask me.

2- What in the blue hell were McNair's boys doing at the Condo instead of calling the police?

I want you to read this very carefully.

McNair's boy Wayne Neely who rents the condo with him, gets to the condo on Saturday afternoon and sees McNair and Miss Kazemi dead and the first thing he does is call McNair's other boy Robert Gaddy.

Neely then waits for Gaddy to get there (remember McNair and Miss Kazemi are dead in the living room). Gaddy gets there and then they decide to call the police.

Anyone else thinks that is strange? I don't how I would react to seeing a friend's dead body, but I am pretty sure one of the first things I would do is call the police.

Even if I was in a panic and called a friend first, I am shocked that Gaddy didn't tell Neely to call the police. Who lets his friend stay in the house with two dead bodies while he gets there?

Why did they wait? That is the million dollar question and I don't think it is as simple as they were in shock. Even if you take Neely's word that he was traumatized Gaddy could have called the police before he got there. It simply doesn't make any sense.

Was there something in the Condo they didn't want to the police to see? What was there true motivation for waiting almost an hour to call the police.

3- The Gun was found underneath her body.

This is where watching Forensic Files does help. I know for a fact when someone shoots themselves in the head the force of the shot causes their arm to go the opposite way of their body. So if you are right handed and you shoot yourself your body goes to the left and the gun is normally off to your right.

How in the blue hell did the gun get directly under her? I don't think it is physically possible. Did someone move the gun (Neely or Gaddy) or was someone else the shooter?

Those are just three of many weird things about this whole tragic situation. I don't know what the police final ruling on the matter will be, but I know it won't be the complete story.


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Yes, it does. When you lie to a mentally unstable twenty year old,who probably only had twelve hours of community college under her belt, take her on mini vacations, and purchase a seventy thousand dollar car, and then tell her you are not going to leave your wife. What you think she is going to just cry a little and then calmly show him the door. As for his friends, they were trifling. They knew what the pad was for, maybe they were trying to cover their own necks. At any rate, the whole thing is just sad.

I think she killed him and then herself. This time Steve just picked the wrong jump off, and his wife Mechelle just fell off. Back in the day, she would have had this bimbo biotch's head on a silver platter! Mechelle was crazy and everybody new it.

This is a sad, sad situation. May he rest in peace now. My prayers are with the family.

With # 1 I know there are several ways for an underaged person to buy a gun legally. Even with a record. So that's no mystery, but # 2 and # 3 are questions that need to be asked and answered. But with # 2, my cousins found their mother dead in the attic, they stayed in the attic three days before someone decided to check on their family because no one has heard from them. But they were three kids topping out at age 10.

OK OK OK you right..couldn't they just dust her for prints and residue? The price on their home dropped $800K the same day they were is it possible the wife had a HINT and said this is the kid of stuff you will be losing for this it really worth it? Also thie condo is 6 miles from the family home??? HMMMHMMM HMMM Now I haven't ever found anyone dead and pray I never will, but I am thinking bro should have called the POE POE and stood is it that no gun shots were heard in this relatively quiet area? FIVE GUN SHOTS? I know if this is a SHOCK to the wife it is AWFUL cause she don't know whether to be MAD or SAD... I wish we could just REWIND and one of his BOYS stopped him and said YO what are you thinking buying this KID a Caddy? Taking her on trips? and acting like you going through a MID LIFE CRISIS...get over it and take your back behind home to your wife and children.

Ok Damon I am with on her being able to get the gun, but why are the police having a hard time figuring out where she got it from?

Sad but true. the jump off didnt finish high school in Orange Park Fl..(Jacksonville, FL) She was always nutty, didnt attend school regularly and liked to get high and party. He Knew!! and let this bish end his life. The condo is used for Sport and everybody knew she was a jumpoff but her.

Steve McNair's case should forever be taught to entry NFL players (rookies). His is a [tragic] case on how NOT to be a playa.

I think wifey knew about the whole affair and had Steve killed. Maybe Steve Mcnair had always been a cheater but perhaps something about this particular affair really pushed her over the edge. Its one thing to cheat, but when a married man is out spending all kind of money and buying expensive gifts while the wife is stuck at home with the kids its easily enough to push a normal woman too far. Being that the wife would be the beneficiary of McNair's estate and NFL pension, she could easily afford to hire a killer.

On a side note; does anyone remember the Rae Carruth trial back in 2002?

I agree with Shon. the rest of the girls were probable beautiful and the relations quick. But this chick was average and seemed to have him under wraps. A women can deal with a man that cheats physically. But, they can't take a man that cheats emotionally. Plus her ego couldn't take the fact that this average chick was taking her man.

How and why did she get gun??? how many reasons do u want, u make it sound so farfetched that she can get a gun, how was she high n drinking when she wasn't 21??? she moved to tn 5 years ago with her bfriend.. at 15, how n why did she do that???
furthermore, did the police say the gun was directly under her body, or did they just say it was under her body???

Reggie Bush better sleep with one eye open.

take off the tinfoil hat rob...the simplest answer is usually the right one. Dat bitch bodied mcnair. Pimp focus not strong.

What a shameful and horrible way to die. Cheaters never win.

After hearing that ballistics tests are ongoing I realized that a gun found at the scene may not be THE gun used in the murders. If she grabs the gun for protection then the killer sends a bullet through her head, she drops the gun and falls on it. If the spent bullets don't match then that is absolute proof that Steve McNair was murdered and she was executed.

The gun purchase?
She goes out after her "encounter" with the Memphis police and buys a gun for protection. Who is she so afraid of? The boyfriend that showed up to get the car from the cops? How about the cop that brought her in, the same cop that brought McNair in on a previous incident on a charge that didn't stick.

The noise at the condo? There are two days in the whole year that popping noises get ignored in an otherwise quiet neighborhood, July 4th and New Years Eve.

The gun purchase?
She goes out after her "encounter" with the Memphis police and buys a gun for protection. Who is she so afraid of? The boyfriend that showed up to get the car from the cops? How about the cop that brought her in, the same cop that brought McNair in on a previous incident on a charge that didn't stick.

The noise at the condo? There are two days in the whole year that popping noises get ignored in an otherwise quiet neighborhood, July 4th and New Years Eve.

In quick response to rpf2701, there is plenty of noise near that condo. Second Avenue always has something going on and it's basically a 2-iron away from the interstate. More than a few people have been shot in that area over the years.

1) I don't believe Jenny purchased the gun at all seeing as how Mac always had a number of guns available. She was underage, which means she's not going to get it from a legal dealer. And if she allegedly bought it from someone under the table, it's not like she's going to get a receipt for it. Someone who knew her gave/sold the gun to her. In an interview, Jenny's ex stated that he advised her to get a gun. You make the call.

2) There is a credit union with cameras that is in close proximity to that complex. Depending on the angle, there is a traffic camera that could have POTENTIALLY captured what was going on. High-end condo communities generally have a security camera somewhere on the premises. One of these cameras captured SOMETHING. Neely and Big Daddy were both in the condo awhile before they called the police, but the details are sketchy. I'm of the belief that they probably took time to get their stories straight before calling the police. Neither one of them would have the technical knowledge needed to fool a highly trained forensics team.

3) RL, I'm in agreement with you here. The evidence as presented doesn't make sense. The gun residue is not going to match the gun found at the scene.

People are discounting the ex-boyfriend AND his friend who was said to hold a grudge against Mac. In fact, the friend's Myspace page alluded to a possible feud with Mac. The fact that this person has not been mentioned by the police publicly as they have with the ex leads me to believe that this friend could be a suspect. With no signs of forced entry, the killer(s) and victims knew each other. People are being too quick to rule this as a murder-suicide in order to satisfy the public.

The more I read the blogs and updates,The more I believe a third party was involved. We all seen the thong,bikini, and skimpy dress photos of this broad. She isn't some "random crazy chick" (Kate Faber) This girl knew what she was doing. She's getting money and gifts. So what if Mac drops her?? She has a nice sized bank acct and a sympin BF to run back to. That's not a recipe for murder. I know the popo are going to take a look at the bf. He may be a reverse OJ.

I guess it all makes sense now after reading the statements made by the Nashville Police Chief. She apparently placed herself next to McNair on the couch and when she shot herself, she eventually slid off the couch onto the floor where she landed on top of the gun. Wow!

Well my conspiracy theory has been crushed. Its good that she fell on the floor instead of his lap because that's where that crazy bitch belongs.

do you know that Dorsey Levens is getting inducted into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame this weekend?

You should do a story on that.

This is a long the lines of what I’ve been thinking myself. As a woman, you don’t kill ‘sugar-daddy’. Especially when you’ve only been together a few months; instead you begin with manipulation tactic levels #2 or 3. I’m assuming she had already gotten to step 2. She in no way could have been trying to get him to divorce his wife so early on. If she was, then her massive immaturity was extremely “over” showy. This for a man of wisdom and experience would have been a huge red-flag. He would have disappeared like a vapor, so fast. He would have known very early, this was not his first 'jumpoff'. Not saying that she wasn’t “in love” in her mind; she was very young; she was probably in love on the first date; or when he asked for her number for that matter. She had just gotten the Escalade for Gods’ sakes; she was preparing to set up housekeeping with him (manipulation level #4 coming on the horizon), NOT kill him. She would show him that she loved him best and she was better for him. And to get pregnant.

My biggest problem has been Norfleet, for one, and the shooting for two. Four shots two on each side of the body. The head at close range (the fatal shot) and the others, at least 3ft away that was over kill, which is hatred. She is lying on the gun. Doesn’t add up to murder-suicide. Norfleet on the other hand has been my prime suspect all along. I’ve not seen a picture of him, up til now, but he’s the one obsessed nobody else. Oh, and the ‘RIP’ text that he sent just before the discovery of the bodies by police. I hope the PD is plotting a little cat & mouse trap for him and he gets himself snagged for life or death penalty. To me; ‘trace’ GPR translates someone held her hand with gun and shot her (there was none of her/his brain matter on her hands)her hands would have been covered with it all. Does anyone know the calibar of the gun. I don't think she had any experience with weapons. Bonafied you're right about the way she was lying. One other thing; the kill shot to the temple at close range & later the other 3 shots from 'at least 3ft away', according to police. Not a female thing, one shot he's dead & pop she does herself. Also, according to Norfleet, when he spoke to the local news media, he said she was not suicidal she was looking forward to being with Steve. His words.

Oh, and the fact that he/Norfleet was with her at the gun purchase. I think he talked her into buying it for him and he hid in the car during transaction. Mrs. McNair didn't do it, Norfleet did it. He was loosing everything, his high school sweetheart & probally his 'first'. He stayed around her so he could get her back. He has all the motive.

Just my take. Things don’t add up logically. Then again my feminine perspective is different than other females. Now, if I’m looking for money and the lifestyle not to mention the notoriety [clearly he had all that and more], my goal would be to try “hard as hell” to win him completely over first; and that takes time and lots of... you guessed it, manipulation. Not murder.

If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.

If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.

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re:: By TLC on July 17, 2009 5:50 PM

I'm with you every time I read or hear about this story I cannot get my arms around the 'murder/suicide' theory.. I can understand being angry and shooting someone 4 times but then they would all be in the same general area not 2 in the head and 2 in the chest.. The blow back from the gun for an inexperienced shooter would have sent some shots wild.. Yes this was an angry shooter and overkill.. And the 2 friends being inside that condo so long before calling 911, I would have thought when the first friend walked in he would have called 911 immediately just in case these people were still alive..

This is more the jealous boyfriend or jealous wife syndrome but I guess this was the easy way out for the cops & now they'll close the books.. Sad though that the killer may still be out there..

Thank YOU. Seriously! I am NOT a detective, I just play one for fun--this particular case seemed like a no-brainer to me. I started proclaiming Norfleets involvement before McNairs death was declared a murder.
As a woman, I would never kill myself over a man. I can sit and ponder a million and one other things that I could do inretaliation out of anger and frustration and suicide would NEVER make the list. (nor would I murder but that's just me).
The gun situation from begining to end is, well, interesting. I have fired a handgun at a target before--to say that I had some accuracy the FIRST time I fired would be laughable. I find 4 successful shots to be over the top--beyond ANGER--that would be HATRED in it's purest purest form. I am not saying she didn't fire a shot, but my guess is that IF she had fired just one, she would have immediatley had REGRET and begun wondering what had she done--hmmmmm, maybe even left and went to say, NORFLEET's place in panic since he oddly enough seems to be her go to guy when she needs help. Which in and of itself is FASCINATING---girlfriends stick together--we call each other not an old boyfriend or a "guy"friend. Regardless, I don't think she fired at all. Safe to bet that the girl LOVED him and would have not caused him physical harm to the point of death, then kill herself. Obviously, she contributed to Norfleets disgust for McNair--it's no wonder he hated him--or was it really her? She was the one who never drew the LINE IN THE SAND with her ex-Norfleet. Again, calling him the night of the DUI,buying a handgun together, going to his place the night they both died and on and on...he apparently had no respect for boundries or himself either to let that go on. My guess is because he LOVED her and as he claims in his "music" he would show them both one day, right?
I believe that there will be new details in the case one day and Norfleet will be the headliner.

The area of the shots into McNair still bothers me.. Two to the chest and one on each side of his head ? That scenario just makes no sense to me.. As a woman if I were going to shoot a man and this was my first try with a gun I pump all four shots to the biggest part of the target 'his chest' one of them would have been bound to hit his heart and if I were that angry at him I wouldn't care if he laid there and bled to death.. But why take the time and slow methodical maneuver to shoot him twice in the chest than go to one side and shoot him once in the head and then walk to the other side and shoot him in the other side of the head.. After the first two shots I don't think I could have walked from one side of his body to another by then my anger at him would have turned to fear and shaking and I would have dropped the gun.. But then that's me.. It still reeks of someone very angry at him and she was just the afterthought to make it look like murder/suicide.. I never read anything about them finding gun residue on her hands but then I might have missed that.. And if it were me and I had the hot's for a married guy and found him cheating with still another girl I would let his wife in on all this info and tell her everything; that's a woman scorned..

First things first - she didn't do it, and I agree with all points by Bonafide. Here are a few more things to consider:

1) How do you fire FIVE gunshots and have a TRACE AMOUNT of gun residue on your hands, which leads to inconclusive tests?

If you fire one shot, you're going to have residue on your hands AND clothes, unless you have on a plastic suit and gloves.

2) Steve's murder sounds EXECUTION STYLE. Who shoots someone twice in each temple AND twice in the chest? I would say someone that was extremely pissed.

Now, I'm not saying that wifey did it because she found out Steve had a jump off, but the girlfriend definitely didn't do it either(see Bonafide's points above about where the gun falls).

Anyway, we'll know if wifey did it if we see her on the tv show "SNAPPED" in a few years.

If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.

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Excellent site. It was pleasant to me.

sVRgtQ If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.

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