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Wait Richard Jefferson Paid Off Kesha Ni'Cole Nichols For Being a Runaway Hubby?


"I'm not trying to buy her off. She just has a lump sum to help her move on."

I looked at that statement by Richard Jefferson in regards to the six figure lump sum he paid to his former fiancé' Kesha Ni'cole Nichols.

The same Kesha Ni'cole Nichols that Jefferson left standing at the alter by breaking up with her via email.

For a long time as I stared at the statement I had the Chris Webber face.


What part of the game is this?

Seriously what part of the game is this?

Does he understand he has set back not just athletes, but men in general at least 100 years?

When will athletes learn you just can't buy your way out of everything. Richard Jefferson should have been a man about the situation from the beginning, but the fact is he screwed up and thinks money is going to make it all go away. In reality he just set the "free agent" market for groupies. Wouldn't be shocked if groupies started to higher Drew Rosenhaus to represent them during breakups.

I remember the good old days when you could just break up with a woman and that would be it. Now if you are an athlete to get rid of your woman you have to pay her to go away.


Am I the only that thinks is the craziest thing of all time?

These young ladies might as well have a credit card machine attached to their G-Strings.

If I break up with a women what will she want from me? Do I have to buy a Coach bag for her not to Twitter about our relationship?

People wonder why so many women are attracted to athletes and this is exhibit A. What other profession can you get $100,000+ just to stay quiet? It is a recession, that's good work if you can get it.

I love this quote from Miss Nichols friend:

"She just wants to keep this as quiet as possible and move on. She's doing just fine."

I would be doing fine too. I am putting it out there for every female in the world to know, if you want to use me up and public humility for $100,000 I am more willing to do it.

There is no truth to the rumor that Lebron was scheduled to be their videographer.


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I didn't think there was anything more pathetic and d-baggish than wearing Ed Hardy, but the post above proves me wrong. Shilling for Ed Hardy on the internet is much more pathetic, LOL.

He probably didn't want to end up like his friend Steve Mcnair.

yet again another athlete with no game he should be ashamed of himsel

This Aint Nothing New. Athletes And A List Movie Stars Have Been Doing This For Years. Instead Of Paying For Years W/ A Divorce And Kids. 1 Lump Sum To Go Away

I'm with you Littal. This is a very sad day indeed. That dude should have just chunked up the deuce and kept it moving.

I'm with you Littal. This is a very sad day indeed. That dude should have just chunked up the deuce and kept it moving.

Rob you gotta think about it. Let's say you are a high profile athlete, and you leave your wife to be at the alter (d-bag move) and she's just left there with her life altering decision. Now let's say she has a little bit of info about your personal life, how you have a certain fetish about schoolgirl outfits. Or that you like to watch underage Asian porn? Or that you like having your asshole eatin out or a small vibrator while she's blowing you? I'm saying, if that's the case, how much of that 78 million dollar contract you signed in 2004 would you spend to shut her up?

Nathaniel, is there something you'd like to tell us?

I don't wanna tell anybody anything. I'm just saying, people with a lot of money have weird fetishes. Why do you thik Kobe paid that girl in colorado even though he was cleared of raping her? Prolly because she knew that telling about his "kink" would ruin his reputation.

Nathaniel has a point

Girlfriends can collect alimony even if they were never married. They call it Palimony and its used against rich people. Lump sum just skips the messy trial process

i read her comments from her appearance on GMA. i thought, "wow! she's handling this extremely well". now i know why. if you'll excuse me, i have to go back to having no faith in humanity.

maybe i'm in the minority. but if my future husband dumped me days or whatever before the wedding, the last thing i would want is his 'blood' money. i would be at the ups store sending him every single momento from the relationship.

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