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There is nothing wrong with going to strip club. It's perfectly legal and since Michael Vick is now a free man he can do whatever he likes.

With that being said when I heard that Vick was spotted at a strip club with Allen Iverson of all people three words came to mind:


Allen Iverson
During his prime, Allen Iverson was one of the most enigmatic, intriguingly talented professional athletes in the entire world. With the cornrows, tattoos, gangster rap career, gun possession charges and press conference tirades all defining his image, Iverson was as polarizing a figure as the league had ever seen.

His eccentric persona translated beyond the basketball court more so than any of the 400 plus other players in the NBA.

Last April, one of the toughest players to ever dribble a basketball gave hint that his playing days could be over quicker than his performance had indicated. When relegated to the role of instant offense off the bench, Iverson first struggled and eventually gave an explanation to the media.

aamir, jkdn.jpg

As Dallas found almost every way to lose the game tonight and still won, this upcoming summer crossed my mind. What's going to happen this summer? Even crazier, what is going to happen next year?

We already know that next summer, the NBA elite become free agents. The 2010 offseason will truly shape the NBA for the next few years with it being a King's Summer, where Lebron will have the whole league at his disposal, being a free agent. But it's also the summer of Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Tyson Chandler, Manu Ginobili, Richard Jefferson, Joe Johnson, Tracy McGrady, Yao Ming, Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzki and Michael Redd, each of whom can become an unrestricted free agents in 2010.

But with Atlanta already out this round, and Dallas presumably already gone (even with tonight's win), who could be moving this summer?


You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? Well this picture can only be described in one word:


A lot of the things you hear about Allen Iverson aren't true, but pretty much everything you have heard about him in Detroit has been true. With that being said this was a bit harsh by the ABC Crew but for some reason I can not stop laughing at it.

I love the way they even included turnovers and Billups is almost beating Iverson in that as well.

For the longest time, I did not like Allen Iverson. I thought he was just another guard in the league that wanted to shoot, shoot, shoot. He would put points on the floor, yes. He would cross everybody over to the ground, yes. But that's all I saw him as. I didn't see anything else.

Then, he got to the NBA Finals and started playing my Lakers. At that point, the Lakers had not lost in the playoffs, and were on pace to become the first team to be undefeated in the playoffs. Then...Allen Iverson happened. He took over, and ended the game with that infamous jumpshot in the corner, and stepped over Tyronn Lue. Ironically, at that point...I developed an undying respect for Allen Iverson.

Or so I thought.

Pistons 105, Celtics 95. That right there should put the "Iverson experiment" to rest, with the Pistons starting a two game win streak against two of the NBA's best in his absence.

It wasn't Iverson's fault, because he's not coaching the team. I don't know what Michael Curry's reasoning was for benching Richard Hamilton because Larry Brown was the last Pistons coach worth listening to. It could have been because he looked into Iverson's soul and saw angels flying in it. It could have been because he was afraid Iverson would have thrown a chair at him for the demotion. Either way, it didn't do anything to improve chemistry on the floor.

aamir, airows.jpg

Looks like the Allen Iverson of the old is back. The cornrows are gone. His hair has been one of AI's signature looks, but he's come to All-Star weekend with a tight fade, as he once has when he was a rookie in Philadelphia. Check out the video below of the reaction of the rest of the Eastern Conference All-Stars when he shows up in the locker room with no rows.

aamir, allstar kicks1.jpg

BSO Writer, Scott Koral started the dialogue about Nike shoes at this year's All-Star game. (see article here.) So let's go off of that and detail who's wearing what this year.

I went through most of my sneaker blogs last night and have compiled a pretty good list.

So for all the sneaker heads out there, much appreciated.

Check out Lebron's and Kobe's special edition kicks after the jump.

aamir, ai rip.jpg

A few weeks ago when Detroit Pistons shooting guard Richard Hamilton came back from an injury, both Hamilton and Allen Iverson made it clear that they do not want to come off the bench. In an article written at the same time, I stressed that it might be better to have AI come off the bench because of his scoring prowess, and start Hamilton. Still, the answer, no pun intended, remains to be seen. Curry's decision ended up being to start Iverson, and bring Hamilton off the bench.

Losing 8 games of their last 11, the Pistons are still finding their way. Not a thought many Pistons fans as well as people around the league expected with Detroit being such a successful team in the Eastern Conference for the past five years.

But in the home game tonight against the Houston Rockets, I noticed something I don't think I have ever seen before.

aamir, ai and rip.jpgDetroit Pistons starting shooting guard, Richard Hamilton returned from a nagging injury this week their game on Wednesday against the Indiana Pacers. He had a sub-par game, going 4/13 in thirty minutes, ending up with 9 points. It's a good thing starting shooting guard for the Detroit Pistons; Allen Iverson started and scored 23 on 19 shots.

See anything wrong with that?

The Pistons started Rasheed Wallace at center, putting Tayshaun Prince and Rip Hamilton at forwards and Rodney Stuckey and AI in the backcourt. The Pacers are no powerhouse, but a front court of Danny Granger, Troy Murphy and Jeff Foster outrebounded and outscored the Detroit Pistons trio.

With such a small line up, coach Michael Curry will be writing his own ending as the Detroit Pistons head coach, as it will prove to be the decline of the Detroit Pistons. He has a choice to make... he has to decide whether to bring Rip or AI off the bench.

*I'd love to hear your comments on this*

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