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Stock Down: Everyone in Cleveland (Including Lebron)!

I gotta hit everyone here. Lebron first, for his bush league lack of sportsmanship. Look, I know you're mad that you lost, and that your teammates aren't quite up to snuff, but you still shake your opponent's hand and gave them their respect for beating you. That's two years in a row now. If you want to blow off the media, I understand. Who wants to answer dumb questions while avoiding some gotcha attempts to bang on your teammates? But again, shake your opponents hand please. Next up, the other Cavs players. Nothing personal, just business: you guys aren't good enough. I hope Mo Williams enjoyed his All-Star trip this year, because he won't be going back anytime soon. He nor the other Cavs guards and wing players were able to get shots off against Orlando; Lebron is the only guy on the team who can create his own shot, and that will constantly doom them unless they get someone else who can. Which leads me to my next target, Danny Ferry. The GM is supposed to be the most cold blooded, realistic person in the organization. Everyone else, from the players to the owner, is prone to letting their feelings override the truth. Ferry looked at his team's record and was satisfied that the roster was good enough. Yes, there were rumors about them trying to make a trade deadline deal, but nothing transpired.

Written By Robert Bonnette

aamir, kobe dwight.jpg

But still, let's not discount the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Denver Nuggets. As we've been doing since the first round (which seems like months ago), let's do a quick recap of what we saw in the third round of these incredible yet inconsistent playoffs.

While we get ready for the Los Angeles Lakers and Orlando Magic this coming Thursday, there's still much to talk about when it comes to the rest of the league, and namely the runner ups of each conference.

Let's do a third round recap.


Only if I'm bleeding from the top of my head would I seriously say something like that. Dwight Howard is better than Andrew Bynum, and if I ever change that statement, you'll know that something has gone terribly, terribly wrong in either Dwight Howard's career or my mental state.

But when I watch Andrew Bynum play, I see him doing some of the things that I want to see from Dwight Howard. No, not pouting or getting shoved out of the way. I'm talking about post moves. For the first six to eight minutes of every Lakers game, Andrew Bynum is one of the top three centers in the league.

The Lakers throw the ball into Bynum, he sets up and he goes to work. Hookshots, drop steps, up-and-unders; he's a "Dream Shake" away from being Hakeem Olajuwon. He follows shots, he rebounds, he changes the shots of opponents...and then after the first eight minutes are up, he's done for the night. If Lakers' games were only one quarter long, the Lakers would have lost about two games all season and Bynum would have been in MVP contention.

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According to X17, Andrew Bynum and Rihanna were having dinner together last week in Beverly Hills, at Mastro's Steakhouse. Word is, this is the first time Rihanna has been seen out there with another stud since Breezy, who is apparently downgrading with Natalie Mejia?

In regards to Rihanna and Drew, a source told X17: "They looked very couple-y, sitting real close to each other in the car."

No word on any of this yet, but maybe we'll be seeing Rihanna courtside at a Laker game soon? I can see it now... Pick and roll with Chris Brown and Andrew Bynum all while Rihanna is cheering, jumping up and down. Oh wait...that's Shannon Brown.

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There are 30 teams in the NBA, but every year, there are only a number of teams that are considered playoff teams, and of those 16-18 playoff teams, there are only a few teams that are considered contenders. And in all honesty, it seems like that number is too small. I don't care how die-hard of a Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago or Dallas fan you are...your team is not going to make the NBA Finals. If you're lucky, these teams might make a little bit of noise, but that's about it.

For teams in building mode like Charlotte, Oklahoma City, Memphis and Minnesota, they understand they aren't at that level yet, and only aspire to reach that level. Minnesota, you may remember was at that level for about a year and a half.

An avid watcher of the NBA for over a decade, I have seen amazing teams come and go, dynasties built and dismantled and through it all, all these teams go through a window... and typically, it's not very big. And with the season officially over, and playoffs starting this weekend...allow me to explain.

Round 1 was last June. Round 1 was murder. No, it was worse than murder, it was utter annihilation. No worse, it was a precise and chiseled model destruction.

Round 2 started Christmas Day, with a little bit of revenge; I suppose you could say. But on June 17, 2008, in Boston, Massachusetts, the Boston Celtics beat the Lakers by approximately 18,663 points. (39 points victory + 1 point for every fan in attendance of that game - I simply don't think 39 points can describe the amount of beating the Celtics put on the Lakers the whole series.)

And here we are... back in Boston. Without Andrew Bynum, and the Lakers definitely hoping that Kevin Garnett decides to play with the flu come Thursday evening (Can somebody tell me why KG refused to take his flu shot during training camp?).

While it is only a regular season game in Boston tonight, this game might be the most watched game this season. And for only one real reason.

aamir, bynum hurt.jpg

Lakers Center, Andrew Bynum's MRI revealed a torn MCL which will keep him out 8-12 weeks, which will surely test the Lakers with a tough few games with Boston up on Thursday, and Cleveland on Sunday, both road games.

More on this as it develops in the coming days.

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AP Photo

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Yeah, he's soft. Yeah, he's still immature. Yeah, he has been known to shy away and become non-existent when he is needed the most. And yes, the first time he played Shaq, Shaq dunked on him so hard, he will forever be on one of Shaq's greatest posters.

But Andrew Bynum is still also, only twenty-one years old, a baby to some. So sure, he's soft, and sure he gets tired and will make some careless mistakes with the ball. But if you haven't seen Andrew Bynum play basketball, then you truly are missing out on something special.

True, Pau Gasol is the second option on the team, and is the most consistent Laker on the team this year. And anybody believes Bynum will never amount to anything more than an average center int his league will be quick to point out Bynum's stat line against bigger, more physical centers like Orlando's Dwight Howard (3 rebounds).

But believe it or not...Andrew Bynum is slowly becoming the player the Lakers had truly hoped for. Andrew slowly evolving.

Into an idea called greatness.

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