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I've written about this before so I don't want to beat a dead horse, but I hope the readers of this site aren't fooled by the federal government's attempt to influence public opinion of potential jurors in Barry Bond's upcoming perjury trial. The information that they are leaking pertains to Barry's use of steroids, specifically letting people know that they have a match between BB's blood & DNA and the needles that were used to inject Bonds with HGH and other anabolic steroids.

But for those of you paying attention, Bonds never said he didn't use steroids. BB said that he never KNOWINGLY used them. Personally, I doubt that, but the man is innocent until proven guilty per the Constitution and the government has to prove that BB knowingly used steroids. And they can't.

It's very similar to when cops kill unarmed people and then say they feared for their lives so the killing was justifiable. The law says that prosecutors have to prove that the cops didn't fear for their lives. That's impossible to prove, so essentially cops have a license to commit murder. Barry can claim that he didn't knowingly take steroids and if his former personal trainer continues to keep his mouth shut there's really no way to prove that he did. Period. It's a smart legal strategy.

So the government's plan now is to put out so much negative information against Bonds that potential jurors will be influenced, will feel hatred and envy towards Bonds, and will already believe he's guilty before the trial even starts. In so doing, it's going to be much harder for Barry to get a fair trial, if not impossible. It shows how biased the court system is against BB in that the judge approved the information to be unsealed so the media could release this prior to trial. I won't say this is unprecedented, but it's highly unusual.


Count me among those who hopes Barry beats the rap. Not because I think he's innocent of steroid use or even innocent of perjury, but because of how the media tried the hardest to make him the face of steroids. Now I'm not saying they all got together and came up with the idea. But it's obvious over the years that so many of the tv guys, writers, and radio hosts gave it to Bonds with both barrels while holding their fire on everyone. It took a bad appearance in front of Congress for Mark McGwire to get any real heat, and Roger Clemens had to make a fool of himself in a 60 minutes interview for any real suspicion to come up. Bonds got it as soon as he went after the 70 home run record after ballooning up like the Michelin Man. Yes, it's obvious he was on the juice, but it was obvious with McGwire and Sosa as well. And Clemens late career resurgence screamed steroid (or HGH) use but nobody cared much.

Barry got tagged as the face of steroids not so much because of any actual use of them but because he was reportedly a jerk. To the media, to his teammates, and even some fans. OK, there's more than enough evidence over the years to come to that conclusion. And I'm sure that the fact he was about to break some serious records made the baseball media elite want to hurl. I also think that even if Bonds had been totally clean the media still would have hated on him. That's what you get when you get snippy with them. If Brett Favre treated the media like Bonds did we'd have read a zillion columns and articles about whether or not Favre should have been suspended being for being a pill popping drunk instead of the syrupy stuff we've been handed all these years.

Written By Robert Bonnette

Here's Another Hit, Barry Bonds

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In a continuing effort to crack down on misdeeds and mishaps of the financial sector and automotive industry, the government is sparing no expense in the time and money it is dedicating to sending Barry Bonds up the creek without a paddle. After all, it's the menaces of baseball such as Bonds and Roger Clemens that are the real threat to this country, not the economy, healthcare, financial institutions and fortune 500 corporations or education.

Most of you will remember Bonds scandal broke in 2001, when suspicions of performance drug enhancement use ran amuck shortly after Bonds hit a record 73 home runs in one season, shattering the record previously held by Mark McGwire. During a raid of Bonds' ex-trainer, Greg Anderson's home as part of the BALCO investigation, federal authorities "coerced" Anderson into giving an interview resulting in the name dropping of some of his most distinguished clients including Estalella, Santiago and two other former Giants' players, Armando Rios and Marvin Bernard, the same clients' who will act as witnesses for the prosecution when Bonds' faces perjury charges at his upcoming trial set on March 2nd in San Francisco.

Also joining the lynch mob are Tigers outfielder and Bonds former workout partner, Gary Sheffield in addition to retired Oakland A's outfielder Jason Giambi and his brother Jeremy Giambi who all allege that they were obtained drugs from Anderson after being introduced to him through Bonds.


I was doing a little research for an article about Josh Hamilton when I was led down the path of stories written about prejudice in baseball. That wasn't the angle I was going to take with this story, but man, there were thousands of articles published in the media and on the internet on the subject. From Willie Mays, Strawberry and Gooden versus Howe's coverage on their various addiction problems and varying degrees of coverage (yeah I know this was before your time).

Many writers obviously have different opinions on the MLB's stand on equal treatment of its players or lack thereof.

Most recently a lot of sports analysts have had major opinions on Josh Hamilton and his herofication (that's not a word by the way) because he's been able to overcome his addiction to drugs and because a star again in baseball.

I'm sure by now everyone, mildly interested in sports, has heard Hamilton's story. He was drafted #1 overall and was considered to be the next big thing in baseball. He soon fell under the control of the crack pipe and, as with all addicts, his occupation and family became obstacles to getting high. Once he hit bottom and later succeeded in maintaining control over his habit, he became this year's great story. And of course, understandably, Major League Baseball has made him this year's poster boy. His performance in the All Star Game's Home Run Derby only helped fuel MLB's marketing campaign that had him posterized and his name repeated dozens of times on every ESPN Sportcenter broadcast since MLB's spring training started.

Written By Antario Holmes


So let me get this straight. Major League Baseball has absolutely no place for Barry Bonds. None. Zero.

Written By Robert Bonnette

Barry Bonds: The Example

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It's a sad state of affairs in baseball today. We all know of the effects of the steroid era, as the sport, which was once America's game is now simply licking its wounds behind the NFL and NBA. Now, we as fans sit and watch Barry Bonds historic ball get turned away from Cooperstown .If this is the case, no one from the era except Ken Griffey Junior should even appear on the ballots to the hall.

If the Mitchell Report did anything, it proved that the steroids era was in fact the steroids era. Either they all should go in or none of them. It's disturbing to see that while Bonds is being made an example of, (Being blacklisted and having his records asterisked among having his history denied by the hall.) the rest seem to be living their lives, even when Bonds has yet to even have a positive test.

The question is why he is continually made the example?

Written By Adam Thomas


The start of the 2008 Major League Baseball season has begun and it seems as though everyone is excited but me. Barbecues, beer, and baseball. The beginning of summer, the start of warmer days, of new beginnings.

MLB is enjoying enormous success, with record attendance levels, huge television contracts, and a ridiculous amount of coverage spent on ESPN. (Why have baseball highlights on Sportscenter and then an hour long edition right afterwards on Baseball Tonight. Isn't the NBA being sold short?).

But underneath the happy little smiley face that MLB is fronting to the nation, there is a very dark and sinister side. It's a side of baseball that is threatening to make me disown the sport. I'm a fan; I go to games, watch highlights, keep up with the stats, etc. I played Little League Baseball and fell in love, and it's been a love affair ever since. Now why do I suddenly feel guilty about being passionate for baseball?

It's because what they're doing to Barry Bonds is criminal. Isn't it ironic that the San Francisco Giants had no problem playing Barry last year, collecting money, benefiting from the huge crowds and television exposure, and basking in the glow of Barry knocking ball after ball into McCovey Cove. And now, not so silently, they are removing everything associated with him at the ball park, trying to cut all cords. This would be bad enough under any circumstances, but how about this: Barry has never been convicted of knowingly using performance enhancing steroids.

It's pretty sad when an individual who gave his heart and soul to an organization has that same organization remove all ties with him based on allegations. This is what our country has become? I know this is sports and not a legal forum, but doesn't every person deserve the benefit of having an assumption of innocence unless proven otherwise?

Evidently athletes don't. And especially Black athletes don't. I'm not someone with my head in the sand and a pair of blinders on. It's not lost on me that Barry, who hit 28 home runs last year and hasn't admitted guilt or been proven guilty, can't find a job while Jason Giambi, who admitted guilt, gets cheered every time he walks to the plate. What a joke, but I'm not laughing!

Hasn't the media learned the lesson that you should always give the benefit of the doubt to someone just like they, themselves, would want that benefit of the doubt were they ever accused of something. I thought we all learned that in 4th grade.

Look what happened to Kobe Bryant. If you read the papers or watched TV, you saw immediate speculation of how many years in prison Kobe would do. Never mind that he might not be guilty. He got his name trashed, his image and marketability forever tainted. Even McDonalds, one of his sponsors, dropped him like a bad habit before the case ever even hit trial! It didn't occur to the media that Kobe is rich, and the woman who accused him of rape might be full of hot air? You don't have to be Perry Mason to see the woman had a motive to make such an accusation. It would be cheaper for Kobe to just pay the woman off rather than pay a high powered legal firm to represent him. That's true even when he's innocent! I'm thinking that's what that woman thought. Only she didn't realize Kobe's an ice-cold assassin who would call her bluff during the day at court and go drop 50 on some team later that night. That's gangster.


It has been reported that the baseball player's association may be looking into why no team is signing Barry Bonds, suspecting possible collusion. Okay I'm all for players' union sticking up for its players, but this may be going too far.

Of course, we've all been bombarded with the whole Barry Bonds career mess: home run king, allegedly shot up on 'roids and lied under oath about it; blah, blah, blah. The posters on ESPN had a field-day talking about how Barry should be out of baseball because of his character issues.

This is a part of my response to them: "You idiots know good-and-well you don't care about a player's personality as long as the team that player is on is winning.

"People didn't like Dennis Rodman's personality or Rasheed Wallace's, but they sure rooted for the team when they won an NBA championship, (Rodman with the old Pistons and the Bulls, Wallace with the new Pistons). Babe Ruth was no saint either (a heavy drinker, womanizer, and gluttoness eater from the looks of his body), but he is still honored as one of the best. Ty Cobb was a racist pig, but people are still talking about how great he was. The point is that players who are jerks come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Most people don't care that they are jerks as long as they are winners!

The issue isn't really whether Bonds shouldn't play because of his character. It's whether any team wants to spend any money on a guy who is 43 and can't really run. Granted, he still may be a productive player, but there's only a handful of teams who have enough money to pay him, and they can spend their money a lot more wisely.

Written By Kent Robinson


So Roger Clemens is being murdered by the public for being a bold face liar and conveniently for the bias mainstream media a report comes out late last night that Barry Bonds tested positive for steroids about a month after he hit his record breaking 73rd home run. Every media out in America ran it as breaking news and once again Bonds became a much easier target than Clemens. Funny thing though the report was incorrect because of a typo and the information had already been reported a few years back. Instead of an immediate retraction it was buried by the majority of the mainstream media. Look we all know that Bonds used steroids, but lets face the facts Clemens is what is going on right now and by trying to use Bonds to deflect criticisms from Clemens just shows how much the media doesn't want their Golden Boy to have shine taken away.

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