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Quick question football fans, if Jake Delhomme were black would he be on deck to get cut or enter the trading block? Seriously, what has he done since the Carolina Panthers bulldozed their way into Super Bowl XXXVIII? Hear me out before you lose your mind. Kyle Boller blew several years as the Baltimore Raven's starting QB. How long did it take for him to develop into nothing. Has the Rams drafted a QB of the future yet? Marc Bulger has been on his last leg for 4 years. Will Tony Romo get thrown under the bus by T.O.? After all how many playoff games have they won since he's been starting. And last but not least, why the hell is Carson Palmer still a 95 overall on Madden 2009? I forgot he was in the league. It's still out there, nobody wants to admit it. Racism in the media and front office.

Now lets compare and contrast each white QB to their black counterpart that hasn't receiving a fair shot by the media, fans, video gaming industry, and even black folks that are ignorant to the reality that football is still a EXTREMELY racist sport. Let's begin with Jake Delhomme. Delhomme has 1 SB appearance, losing to the New England Patriots. Since then he has seen the playoffs 2 other times with the most recent being the nickel he put up Saturday. He has a top 5 receiver on his team that makes up for several bad throws that should be interceptions. He has fairly decent career stats with 115 touchdowns and 76 interceptions in the same offensive scheme and coaching staff but he's 34 years old. Let's move on to former NFL MVP Steve McNair who opted to retire rather than play with diminished skills.He has a career 174 touchdowns and 119 interceptions WITHOUT EVER HAVING A PRO BOWL RECEIVER (Frank Wychek was a tight end). He had possibly the most heroic SB 4th quarter drives ending in "The Tackle". In his 13 year career without having a legit number one receiver, he never threw 5 interceptions in a game. Oh and he's only 35 a year older than Delhomme.

Kyle Boller was drafted to the Baltimore Ravens and was tagged the QB of the future. In the first round the nineteenth pick of the 2003 draft Kyle Boller was the second QB taken that year. He started the first 9 games of his career and posted a 5-3 record throwing 7 touchdowns and 9 interceptions. You think the defense had something to do with that? Please believe it. The Ravens had back to back defensive players of the year during his tenure as their starting QB, Ed Reed (2004) and Ray Lewis (2003) that are still his teammates to this day. Also to this date he has started in 42 games for the Ravens over a 5 year span. He has 45 touchdown passes to match 44 interceptions and 19 lost fumbles. Now let's move to Tavaris Jackson. Jackson, a second round pick out of Alabama State, Brad Childress drafted him as a "diamond in the rough" displays flashes of brilliance when given opportunity on the field. Often referred to as a right handed accurate Michael Vick he has received far less of a developmental chance than Kyle Boller even with their similarities. Both played with phenomenal defenses. Both with star RB's in their respective eras. The difference? The Vikings were quick to bench Jackson rather than develop him as thorough as the Ravens did Boller. And who can argue that he doesn't deserve a chance to start for them next season after the stretch run he had going into the playoffs, posting 8 touchdowns and 1 interception during the pivotal 4 game stretch to battle the Vikes into the playoffs.

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