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ortiz-ramirez2.jpgThey need to release all the players names that failed the Performance Enhancement Drugs test in 2003. Major League Baseball doesn't control the list and we know the players thought it was an anonymous test, but at this point as a player wouldn't you rather all the names be released instead of being scared that it could come out at anytime?

With David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez's name being released from the list recently, basically the top home run hitters from the past 5-6 years are on the list including, Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod came out after his name was released and "sort of" admitted that he used steroids. It was big news on ESPN and in the papers for a couple of days. Commentators went on and on about how it damages the game and what the kids will think. You know what the kids think? They think they like to see Big Papi, Manny and A-Rod hit long home runs.


I am not going to lie for the 1st five innings of the Rays vs. Red Sox game I was watching "Unsolved Mysteries" on the DVR. I have been obsessed with that show since I was a little kid. As you know or probably don't Robert Stack was the original host but alas he is dead now, so they have this new guy hosting not exactly the same but I am still fascinated with the stories. Yesterday I was watching the one about the guys escaping from Alcatraz.

Wait you are wanting me to talk about the game right? Sorry about that.

I start watching the game around the time BJ Upton crushes one of the monster to make it 7-0 and I at that moment I started to come up for ideas for my "5 Reasons" video.

When Papi finally hits a home run to make it 7-4 I asked my homie BRoe:

"Miracle Comeback?"

His answer:


Not the Boston Red Sox! They wanted to trade Manny Ramirez so badly they sent him and $7 million to the Dodgers. And, Craig Hansen and Brandon Moss went to the Pirates. All they got in return was Jason Bay, a two-piece snack with a biscuit, no cole slaw and not even a cup of water!

Manny's annoying but that annoying? The Boston Red Sox have effectively closed the books on their postseason. There is no way they're getting deep in the playoffs without Ramirez protecting Ortiz! The Yankees can walk Papi now with impunity! What are the Red Sox going to do? Threaten them with Jason Bay?

Don't get me wrong. Bay is having a great year! Actually he's having a better year statiscally than Manny is. But come postseason I don't see the Yankees, Rays, or Angels' even remotely fearing the idea of pitching to Bay straight up.

But that's not the only head scratching trade today.

Written By Antario Holmes

manny ramirez.jpg

Manny Ramirez has more RBIs than any other player in Major League Baseball since 1993. He was the 2004 World Series MVP. He's an 11-time All Star. He has 9 Silver Slugger awards. And he has 2 World Series rings. So why are the Boston Red Sox itching to get rid of him?

This kind of reminds me of the Dave Chappelle skit titled "When keeping it real goes wrong." The Red Sox management is tired of the shenanigans, I get that! And anyone who's ever been in charge of anything can testify to having the one guy on your squad who's a pain in the ass but is also the best player on the team or your best employee. But drawing a line in the sand right now does what for the Red Sox exactly?

It's not like Manny has them by the short ones; no player is that valuable. But at this point in the season with the Red Sox having a real chance of a repeat World Series Trophy, would you pull Manny's leash right now or would you continue what you've been doing ignoring his behavior?

Written By Antario Holmes

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