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Forget all the stuff about Brian McNamee, steroids, perjury or misremembering. If Roger Clemens slept with a 15 year old girl when he was 28, that makes him a pedophile. Am I the only one who sees this? Am I the only who finds it a bit disturbing that a 28 year old man meets a 15 year girl singer in a bar and invites her back to his hotel room?


If this were Barry Bonds, hell if this were you and I, do you think the media would gloss over this huge fact. I don't like to accuse people without facts, but since Clemens has proven to be a liar of gargantuan proportions and the country singer in question Mindy McCready has publicly said that she will not refute anything in the New York Daily News story, I find it hard to believe that this was just an innocent relationship.

I have pointed out several times if there is one person in the world who is taking Clemens for his word, he or she is an idiot. But, I am going to take it a farther after this latest allegation. Anyone in this world, solar system or universe who believes anything that Roger Clemens has said has to be seen as clinically retarded and needs to be institutionalized immediately.

It is one thing to be shooting steroids in your ass and lying about, but it is a totally different thing to be almost 30 having sex with a 15 year old. That is just disgusting, creepy and criminal and something that shouldn't be glossed over because it is Roger Clemens. I wonder if he is a fan of R Kelly?

I use to think that Roger Clemens was just an arrogant liar, but now I am starting to think that he is a truly disturbed man who thinks he is bigger than life and can do and say whatever he wants just because he is Roger Clemens. I hope he gets what he deserves.

Written By Robert Littal


How's it feel Indiana (and Kentucky)?

There are fewer things that bring me more joy than watching these high and mighty college fanbases (and boosters) get what's coming to them after running a good coach out of town because he isn't good enough for them. Every few years one of these schools, who's supporters act as if they have a birthright to Final Fours and BCS Bowl Games), runs a good coach with a winning record out of town because he isn't winning enough, then hires some guy who is supposed to be a big deal to replace him. And of course the new coach does worse than the guy who supposedly wasn't good enough. In Kentucky, Tubby Smith was finally cahsed away after many seasons where the Wildcat fans were complaining about never getting further than the Elite Eight. Now they have their new coach in Billy Gillespie, and they stink (by Kentucky standards). And in Indiana, first they ran Knight (who's behavoir was perfectly acceptable until they started losing in the first round every year) then they got rid of his replacement Mike Davis even though he got them to the Final game in his second season and had a winning record. They chose Kelvin Sampson to replace him, even though he has some shadiness in his past, because Sampson was the winner they needed. Now Sampson's cheating ways are being put on full blast, and they feel stupid. And don't get me started on Notre Dame football. These programs all deserve what they get. This isn't 1970 anymore, and you can't just expect your team to be great because it always has been, If you have a good coach who follows the rules, wins more than he loses, and gets to postseason play, support him! Or else you risk looking like the guy who dumped his 40 year old wife for a 24 year old 'upgrade', only to find her stealing all his money sleeping around on him.

Please don't get tired of Roger Clemens!

The last thing I want to hear from anyone in the media is that they are tired of Roger Clemens. Don't want to hear it!! You people never got tired of trashing Barry Bonds, so don't get tired now. The stories are similar. Yes, Roger obviously did something, but we don't know what. Same as Barry. We also have a not so trustworthy character serving as the rat, with Brian McNamee taking the place of Kimberly Bell. But you'd better stay on this story with the same intensity that you did with Barry, and the four letter network had better stop running these legal experts out there to say that McNamee's got nothing to say we shouldn't listen to. If a dumped mistress with an ax to grind can be considered a credible source, then so can McNamee. Now can somebody please implicate an owner or Bud Selig in SOMETHING so that we can get to the real heart of the matter?

The NFL Hall of Fame still sucks!

Yes, they let my man Art Monk in. But that doesn't mean they're off my list. I'll go into it more in a separate piece, but as far as I'm concerned they still stink out loud.


I could write you 3-4 pages on the Congressional hearing today featuring Roger Clemens vs. Brian McNamee. I could talk about Jose Canseco Pool Parties, bloody asses, tape phone calls and hidden syringes, but what is the point? You have already made up your mind on who you believe and you know if you believe Clemens I think you are an idiot. With that being said I just want to bring up two points about the hearing and I want you to think really hard and draw your own conclusions.

1- Andy Pettitte says he did it.

No one questions Andy Pettitte honesty not even Roger Clemens. Everyone says he is a stand up guy, a very religious guy and someone who won't lie. So do you really think he "Misremembered"?

2- Clemens's Wife.

To me this more than anything proves Clemens's guilt. Clemens states that McNamee shot his wife in the ass with HGH in their bedroom, but he had no knowledge of it. I am going to re-write that sentence in bold:


So let me get this straight Clemens never took steroids or HGH but his wife who isn't a scientist to my understanding lets his personal trainer into their bedroom and lets him shoot her in the ass with a substance she has no knowledge of and decides not to tell her husband about. Clemens finds out McNamee does this to his wife and does nothing. I don't have to be Matlock to figure out this makes absolutely no sense. Clemens is a liar can we please move on now?


Some of you said I am beating a dead horse into the ground with my "Roger Staying Lying" campaign, but until I get every single person in the USA, China and Cockfighters in the Dominican Republic on my side I will be like Puffy "Can't Stop Won't Stop".

Andy Pettitte is one of Clemens best friends. More like a little puppy dog in my opinion because wherever Clemens went Pettitte followed (Houston & NYC). If anyone would lie for Roger Clemens it would be him and guess what he did when he was disposed by Congress?


What more proof do you need? This is the equivalent of Robin turning in Batman for smoking Bat-Weed in the Batcave before killing the Joker (I read comics sue me). Clemens is a clown and just because you bring cookies and milk to Congress doesn't mean that you aren't a steroid cheater. Right now Clemens is a Pete Rose hopefully he will be man enough not to lie for the next 10 years.

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