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In case you missed it, watch Obama's first pitch at last night's All-Star game. Richard Jefferson has a last minute change of heart. Favre is still relevant for some reason. Lamar Odom is confused..or maybe his agent is absolutely retarded. Terrel Ownes is back on TV again...Baron Davis is twittering about Allen Iverson and quite possibly, the best free agent market you may have seen in recent memory.

aamir, iversonf.jpg

Not a whole lot of news today, but Allen Iverson is stealing headlines again...could you imagine Ron Artest AND Allen Iverson in the same city? Staples Center could be interesting for both teams this year. On the other end of the coast, there's an explanation of why New York is an absolute mess. It's a shame, almost. One blogger has ideas for Romo's next breezy. More to come...

Crying baseball players, crying broken-hearted girlfriends of football quarterbacks. And Kobe telling his 14 year old athletes that they won't be dunking on him at his camp. Some more trade whirls, and Pedro may have finally found a new team. Tito Ortiz, arguably a UFC legend isn't even allowed at their FanExpos anymore...and we very well may never see him in the octagon again. What's the deal with these Twitter contests?

With all these NBA players running around finding a "job," Dwayne Wade is trying to make sure he has a good one. But even though it's been a loud off-season, the MLB season hits the half way point. One blogger's got his awards, while other people are definitely wondering if Brady will be his normal self this year. Every's talking about dunks...or lack of it because of Lebron's little Nike stunt. At least Jordan Crawford is still talking about it.

Based on his Dwayne Wade really going to stay in Miami to win another ring? Doesn't seem so. But if it does, a few things will probably happen too...the MLB and Fox take a hit while some of us still think Megan Fox still can act. Greg Oden's out in Hawaii with the girlfriend being mild-mannered (for better or for worse) and Shannon Brown is staying in LA for less money. Quick read on why you should hate the media (all of us) and Cristiano Ronaldo has the world's largest press conference.

More NBA signings to start the week with Sheed and JKidd, but Allen Iverson is still jobless. And is Grant Hill going to Beantown? Too much power over there might be trouble. One writer has a new idea for Raider management and Tiger Woods has some words on how the Yankees run things. Ever heard of Olivia Munn? Probably not. She eats hot dogs, and word is she looks good doing it. Federer takes home number FIFTEEN. And Nike celebrates him with this new commercial spot (see above.)

There's a reason why NFL wide receivers have become full divas in the league. But the quite opposite of divas...UFC fighters are confused about their roles in fighting, and are fearful for their jobs. Who would've thunk? Throw that in with NBA trades and signings heating up, and we should have a pretty eventful weekend ahead of us....I hope. Ariza...Lakers of Cavaliers? Arest...Lakers or Cavaliers? Hedo...Portland or Toronto? Rasheed...Spurs or Celtics? And somebody thought trading for Zach Randolph was a good idea...again.

With free agency officially open in the NBA, the basketball addicts are out there telling the world about it. Where is Rasheed going? Boston? What about Allen Iverson? And Hedo? Who's staying and who's leaving? All while small stories live inside the MLB. Joe Girardi is doing some work. Vick and Bill Parcells? Oh and... who is going to win the 5th ring first, Kobe, Shaq or Timmy?

BSO. Get with it.

Remember Charles and Ed O'Bannon? UCLA legends? Looks like somebody found them, why they agreed to do an interview, not too sure. One blogger provides a good read on why the Rockets are now absolutely useless. Jason Kidd is considering playing at MSG apparently. Ozzie never gets old; now he's comparing White Sox and Cubs fans. Anybody heard of lucky underwear in Atlanta? And Anna Kournikova is getting into cat fights in Vegas.

BSO Daily Line. Kick it.

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So women call out their favorite MLB player...physically. We're nearing the MLB All-Star Game, which many deem useless, and we're still stuck with no football. The NBA Draft comes and goes with some huge trades and some rookie drama as well as some pretty questionable draft picks. Glen Davis may not be a Celtic next year. That could be big for Beantown. And one blogger has a curious thought about Larry Bird.

Took a quick hiatus, but the BSO Daily Line is back.

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