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I will be honest the sports media as whole (myself included) tend to focus too much on the negative figures in the sports world and not enough on the positive role models out there like Candace Parker.

ESPN the Magazine is doing something that I think is both innovative and groundbreaking. By putting a very beautiful and very pregnant Candace Parker on their latest issue they have become the first men's sports magazine to do such a thing. I commend them for thinking outside of the box and doing something a lot of men's magazine would see as taboo.

For millions of young women out there it shows them that their potential is limitless and that they really can be anything that they want to be.

As far as Mrs. Parker you couldn't ask for a better role model for not just young women, but everyone. Intelligent, talented, determined and absolutely glowing from her pregnancy if my young daughter grew up anything like Candace Parker I would have known I did a great job.

This issue of ESPN Magazine hits newsstands tomorrow and you can signed up for a subscription here (which is what I would do if I was you).



Candace Parker is the best female basketball player in the world. I would argue that if she wanted to she could hold her own in NBA that is how talented a player she it. But beyond the skills, the national championships and the MVP awards there is a person who is a role model to millions of female athletes. A person that is an inspiration to so many young women that she has only scratch the surface of her potential effect on people. So when Adidas came to me with a new program that Candace is the face of I wanted to make sure all of my readers had an opportunity to check it out and get involved. Here is the information:

Adidas announced today that starting February 1 it will host an enter-to-win promotion encouraging women to share their real stories about training struggles and successes. Three entrants whose inspiring stories receive the most votes will star in the new women's 'Me, Myself' campaign alongside Adidas basketball star Candace Parker.

"Adidas presented this project early on and it really hit home for me. It was a determining factor in my decision to join the Adidas family," said Parker. "It celebrates women of all ages and athletic abilities and shows that despite our struggles we can achieve our impossible."

This distinctive and inspirational new women's imagery celebrates individuality, confidence and motivation through a series of intimate portraits depicting women during key moments in their fitness routines and daily lives. The campaign features real women alongside Parker, 2008 WNBA MVP and Rookie of the Year, and throughout the month of February, consumers are invited to become the New Face of the 'Me, Myself' campaign:

* Consumers can place their photo in the 'Me, Myself' campaign creative and share their stories and sources of inspiration both in-store and online at


Congrats are in order for WNBA MVP Candace Parker and NBA Star Sheldon Williams. The couple, who wed in November, are expecting their first child this spring.

In related news, Las Vegas Bettors are now taking action on how long it will take for Baby Williams to begin being recruited by Division 1 Pre-Schools.


If there were more action like this in the WNBA, I might have to watch.


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