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We have had some very good games so far in the 2009 NCAA Tournament including my Alma Mata The Ohio State University going down in Double OT to Lebron James' High School team errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I mean Siena, but we haven't had a true buzzer beater until today.

If you didn't know Demetri Goodson today you will definitely know him by the time you wake up in the morning. He went coast to coast Tynus Edney style for the win.

In a very interesting subplot the Western Kentucky coach swears he called a timeout before the ball was inbound.

The ball was put into play so fast it is really hard to tell if they have a valid dispute. More importantly than complaining about that maybe just maybe he should have schooled his team on how to stop the ball first before running out at three point shooters but I digress.


You know there are times when you see something and all you can say is:


When I saw this picture of Andre Smith from his Alabama Pro Day that was my first thought. Smith is providing a blueprint of what not to do if you want to be the #1 pick in the NFL Draft. First he gets suspended for the Alabama Bowl Game for improper contact with an agent. Then he comes to the combine out of shape and goes missing we he realized he was screwing up. He had almost a month to prepare for his Pro Day and he comes in looking like he has been bathing in Sausage McGriddles.

Successful college football and basketball coaches make a lot of money. Do they deserve it? In some instances yes, in others no. But is it really that outrageous that many of them get big salaries? I don't think so. The Jim Calhoun press conference incident that happened a few days ago has really shined some light on this. I know Calhoun was harsh with the 'reporter' asking him stupid questions about his salary, but in my opinion the dude deserved it. For those who haven't heard, the guy asked Calhoun in a post game press conference whether or not he'd give up some of his salary due to the recession that the whole country that we're in right now. Calhoun got pissed, told him no, then the guy went off on his attempt at gotcha journalism by asking the coach if $1.6 million was enough money. Calhoun told him that he made more than that, that he should shut up and get some facts, and that the UConn Basketball team brings more than $12 million a year to the university. Now I've heard Calhoun get praised for going off on the guy, and get ripped for it. I'm in his camp.

Written By Robert Bonnette

Signing Day happens to be a very big day for college football and basketball. Wednesday, it was football's turn, and LSU, Alabama, Miami, USC and Ohio State all got banner classes.

One student-athlete missing from all the hype is one of the top runningbacks in the nation, Bryce Brown out of Wichita (KS) East High School.


Why? More after the jump...

For the weekend.....

NFL Playoff Picks:

My choices went 2-2 last week (I picked all four road teams). This week is the usually the one where road teams go to die; will that hold up this year? I say yes. Carolina beats Arizona (the Panthers have too much offense and more than enough defense for the Cardinals), New York beats Philly (Giants get the lead, don't turn the ball over, and the Eagles are forced to throw it 45 times to their crappy receivers), the Titans beat the Ravens (count me among the believers that the less beat up Titans have more in the tank and persevere in what is likely to be a brutal game). Can the Chargers beat the notorious home field choking Steelers in Pittsburgh? I say no. Daren Sproles will no go crazy on the Steeler defense the way he did last week. Remember that even with his huge day it the Chargers won in overtime. With him get pounded by Harrison, Woodley, and co., a 300-plus yard day isn't happening. The Chargers were 8-8 for reason, and we'll see it this weekend.

Written By Robert Bonnette


Our good friend George Cook at had the distinct pleasure to sit down and talk to the first African-American head coach at Yale University Tom Williams:

They covered a wide range of topics including:

* The added pressure to succeed being a black coach.

* The unique challenges of coaching at an Ivy League school

* "The Game" against Harvard

* What his first game as a head coach will be like.

I listened to the interview and it was very enlightening on the challenges he faces as well as his excitement for the job, so I definitely recommend you take a listen:


Everyone told you UF's Percy Harvin had an ankle sprain. Everyone said he'd be close to full speed for the championship game...even Harvin himself.

For the last six weeks, Harvin had been limited to nine plays per practice.

Then, in the championship game, Harvin rushed for 122 yards and added 49 more receiving, and scored on a 2-yard run in what Urban Meyer called "one of the guttiest performances I've ever been around."

All of it done with a hairline fracture in the ankle.

(Tebow carries Harvin to bench after TD vs Oklahoma)

More after the jump...


Before I get to the breakdown of the game there is one thing that is bothering me and it simply has to be addressed. I understand that Tim Tebow is a great college player, but whoever voted for him over Percy Harvin for offensive player of the game should have their ass kicked by Brock Lesner. If Harvin doesn't play effectively the Gators lose it is as simple as that. I understand Tebow is "God's Quarterback", but show some intelligence when handing out awards.

Now with that off of my chest let me talk about the game a bit. Once again everything I mentioned in my "5 Reasons" video came true:

1- SEC supremacy

They are undefeated in BCS championship games.

2- Defense

Oklahoma came in scoring about 700 points a game and was held to 14. A 4th down stand, an end of the half interception and a game changing 4th quarter interception sealed the game.

3- Heisman Curse

Sam Bradford played ok, but similar to other Heisman winners he struggled when it matter the most.

4- Tim Tebow

Shook off horrible early decision making that lead to two interceptions to lead his team on big drives to win the game.

5- Percy Harvin

Best player on the field point blank period.

A couple of things are obvious.

A quick note...congratulations to the Florida Gators for winning the 2009 BCS National Championship game, 24-14 over Oklahoma.

Fox's Chris Myers asked quarterback Tim Tebow, the offensive player of the game, if he would return for his senior season at Florida, and Tebow did not exactly say yes. Most players of his caliber will consider it, but not always jump to the NFL. Will he stay?

(Gator Nation prays Tebow stays)

More after the jump...

The bogus BCS National Championship game is almost upon us so it is time for another "5 Reasons" series. Watch the video for an interesting take on why Florida will win the National Championship with a little help from Austin Powers. If you would like to read the written reasons as well as predictions for the other BCS bowls just keep reading.

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