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Today's media day in Orlando brought smiles across the Orlando organization as Dwight Howard continued to be his enthusiastic self. Earlier on in the playoffs, Howard stressed frustration at Nike's MVPuppet Campaign pushing for a Lebron-Kobe duel. But to Howard's credit, he ensured that this wasn't happening this year. We all know how that ended, but that hasn't prevented Howard from having fun.

Today, a reporter gifted Dwight with his own Dwight Howard Puppet. Howard then had a conversation with his puppet, to answer a number of questions reporters were probably already going to ask.

The conversation via Third Quarter Collapse, after the jump.


Before you read my final thoughts about Kobe Bryant to truly understand what I think we have to go back in time. To see the true evolution of Kobe through my eyes via snippets of my most famous Kobe Bryant articles.


Opportunity is like a female that both you and your friend have been wanted to get with for a very long time. Luckily for you this time she knocks on your door first, but you are sleeping or cutting the grass in the backyard and don't hear the door. Unfortunately opportunity is impatient and quickly moves on to your friend who is more than happy to take care of her.

Right now the Orlando Magic are watching opportunity play some "Bed Gammon" with the Los Angeles Lakers.


If you are the Orlando Magic the one thing you can not do is panic. Yes you were embarrassed last night, but losing game one doesn't mean you have lost the series (actually if you are playing against a Phil Jackson team it does, but work with me here).

Your fans are losing their minds, you coach looks like he rather be shooting his next porno than coaching and you looked like a deer in the headlights under the bright lights of LA, but all is not lost.

Dwight Howard didn't have his best game last night, but he had the best commercial. Check out the Vitaminwater spot that Superman produced and directed himself.

Check me out breaking down the NBA Finals and why I believe the Lakers will win. You will also get guest appearances from Ron Jeremy and The Rock.

I will be twittering live each game of the NBA Finals:

For the written version of the pick just keep reading & if you don't mind hype up the story by clicking the BallHype Arrow:


Unless you've slipped into a slight coma for the past week or so, you know all about the crushing upset the Orlando Magic pulled over the Cleveland Cavaliers, or, as most sports announcers would rather call them, the LeBron James'. You've probably also seen the Los Angeles Lakers, or, as Jerry West would like to call them, the LeBron James', pull out their respective Conference Finals' win over the Denver "Knucklehead" Nuggets.

Disappointments aside, forget about whom you'd rather see, take a moment and celebrate the NBA in all its glory. The Magic has proven that you don't need a bandwagon full of supporters to throw it down on your way to the Promised Land, and Kobe has proven that even a habitual complainer and a borderline scientologist (sorry, his press conferences remind me of Tom Cruise's interview with Matt Lauer) can prevail--to a point--without the Big Nickname mumblin' and stumblin' under the basket.

What we're going to witness, hopefully, is a full seven-game series of pure, unadulterated, highly entertaining basketball, with the winner being able to achieve the feat with gamesmanship, grace, and only three flagrant fouls per game.

For all the Sports Betting types out there, this one may be too close to call.

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But still, let's not discount the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Denver Nuggets. As we've been doing since the first round (which seems like months ago), let's do a quick recap of what we saw in the third round of these incredible yet inconsistent playoffs.

While we get ready for the Los Angeles Lakers and Orlando Magic this coming Thursday, there's still much to talk about when it comes to the rest of the league, and namely the runner ups of each conference.

Let's do a third round recap.


Obviously didn't Lebron didn't read my "Open Letter" to him a couple of weeks ago about him being a "drama queen".

Last night after being destroyed by the Orlando Magic in Game 6th of the Eastern Conference finals "The King" acted more like a spoiled prince. Lebron refused to shake hands with any of the Magic players and then decided he was to "angry" to attend the post game press conference which is required by the NBA. Instead Mo Williams was forced to the podium to congratulate the Magic and explain why the best team in the league would not be going to the NBA Finals (by the way I have gotten on Mo Williams a lot in this series but he has my respect for doing a stand up job in that press conference).


I must admit I might be the greatest Tweeter of all time ( Lord knows I am better than Diddy and Soulja Boy. I have had some legendary twitter conversations for the Cheating Commandments to Mike Brown offensive sets, so if you aren't following me you definitely should start because you are missing out.

Last night I was getting my Tweet on during the Magic vs. Cavs game (I normally twitter during every major sporting event in real time). I was doing what I do when I made a crack about Dwight Howard. To put this into context I joke about everyone while I am twittering. No one is immune to my wrath especially when I am on a roll. I mix in humor with real analysis about what is going on during the events. It is what makes people want to follow me. With that being said here is what I said verbatim last night:

"Dwight Howard knocked up the 1st chick he played "Bed Gammon" with & she just happened to be a Magic Cheerleader. "Pimp Focus" not strong"

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