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Somebody needs to help me out here. Like most people, I drank the 'Joe Dumars is an excellent GM' Kool Aid. Well, this summer has made me pour my glass right down the drain. His moves have defied logic to the point that his entire tenure needs to be re-examined. That whole Darko Millicic pick is looking more and more like the norm and not the exception now. Is Dumars another Isaiah Thomas, or am I hitting him a little too hard here? When it's time to evaluate GMs, you look at a few things: draft picks (not just who they took but when they did it), free agency (who they signed and who they let leave), and trades. And then you look at the wins and losses. You can make smart picks but if they add up to a losing team then you failed. So how does he fare? Let's see:


Overall, he's done a good job here. Three of the starting five on the 2004 title team were acquired by trades, so he clearly knows what he's doing here. He was able to turn what was looking like a free agent loss in Grant Hill into a sign and trade that landed Ben Wallace. Rip Hamilton was acquired for Jerry Stackhouse, who was a better individual player but didn't fit in as well with his teammates. And he got Rasheed Wallace in a three way deal for essentially a bunch of bench players a first round pick. Nothing to hate on there. Trading Chauncey Billups for Allen Iverson did what it was supposed to - create cap space for this summer and beyond. There have been other deals, but these are the most significant ones. Top to bottom, Dumars grades out well here.

Written By Robert Bonnette

nba lebron james dunk.jpgNow that the parades have happened, Championship and MVP trophies given out its time to check where every NBA player I've seen stands with these ever adjusting legacies. For my lifetime I'm going to go from 1982 to now. So this eliminates Wilt, Kareem, Oscar, Russell and those players I never really saw at all or enough of to add to my list. Also others who haven't played long enough or sustained long enough like Chris Paul and D. Wade who may be on this list soon.

In reverse order:

10 - Lebron James - There has not been a more physically gifted player. Of all the players that have come out of high school he was clearly the most ready. And unlike the others he came right in and made a difference. His game right now is based on athleticism and his knowledge of the game. And with that he already has a league MVP and arguably is the best player in the league. Once he develops a jump shot and or a reliable post up game he has the ability to rise to the top of this list.

aamir, playoffs.jpg

Goodness, it feels like the playoffs have been going on for months. Thirteen days to be exact. But wow, some of these series just kept going. In a perfect world, every series would have been a best-of-five, but the Bulls-Celtics series would be a best-of-seventeen. And I think we'd still be going into over-time every night.

The first round is ALMOST done, but we've already seen some things that have opened some eyes. The Rockets finally won a series! the 76ers have some kick to them. The Hornets are a disgrace to basketball, and quit on a good man. Byron Scott will be fired this summer because nobody on that team listens to him. Lebron is a beast. The Detroit Pistons are desolate (at least they have hockey). Tim Duncan lost his first ever first round series. Jerry Sloan might finally say goodbye to the NBA. Jason Kidd in Dallas worked out after-all. The Nuggets are scary. Brandon Roy is a top five guard in the NBA. Dwayne Wade is a G. So is Ray Allen. Oh, and Rondo was the first player to drop 19 assists and no turnovers since Norm Nixon...and they still lost. And the list goes on.

But let's take a look at some pretty interesting themes revolving the first round of the NBA Playoffs.

aamir, bulls.jpg

There are 30 teams in the NBA, but every year, there are only a number of teams that are considered playoff teams, and of those 16-18 playoff teams, there are only a few teams that are considered contenders. And in all honesty, it seems like that number is too small. I don't care how die-hard of a Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago or Dallas fan you are...your team is not going to make the NBA Finals. If you're lucky, these teams might make a little bit of noise, but that's about it.

For teams in building mode like Charlotte, Oklahoma City, Memphis and Minnesota, they understand they aren't at that level yet, and only aspire to reach that level. Minnesota, you may remember was at that level for about a year and a half.

An avid watcher of the NBA for over a decade, I have seen amazing teams come and go, dynasties built and dismantled and through it all, all these teams go through a window... and typically, it's not very big. And with the season officially over, and playoffs starting this weekend...allow me to explain.


"If rap was a game I'll be MVP, the most valuable poet on the M.I.C." Big L "MVP"

Doesn't matter if it is the rap game or the sports game debate over who is the true MVP will always cause controversy.

If you have been following me on Twitter you should know how hotly the NBA MVP topic has been debated (

The reason being everyone's definition of Most Valuable Player is a little different. Of course the only person's opinion that should matter is mine. Why you ask? Because I am a BonaFide Sports Expert and I only speak the truth.

So without further ado here is my 2008-09 NBA MVP:

1- Lebron James 28.4 7.6 7.4 48.9%

The King is the only person in the league who I believe is capable of averaging a triple double, but 28 7 7 while shooting almost 50% from the field is pretty impressive.
Add on he has led his team to the best record in the league, has improved his defense tremendously & has developed not quite a "serial killer" a mentality, but at least an "assault with a deadly weapon" mentally it all adds up in my mind to what should be an unanimous selection for MVP.

Also I want to point out to the D Wade supporters who say that Lebron has the far superior team to the Heat. While I agree that the Cavs are better than the Heat, we aren't talking about the 86 Celtics here. You are talking about a team that gives quality minutes to Wally Szczerbiak for goodness sake. Lebron has taken a team filled with B- and C level players and led them to 65+ wins. Considering they will have more wins this year than the Celtics had last year with three hall of fame caliber players on their roster tells me all I need to know about The King. That is why he is my MVP.


Lebron gets a bonus MVP vote from me for helping me come up with the phrases "Pimp Focus" & "Reject Bench". If you don't know what that means Google it and you will see what I am talking about.

2- Dwyane Wade 30.2 7.5 4.6 49.1

Here is all you need to know about D Wade:


Five-time NBA All-Star and 2006 NBA Finals MVP Dwyane Wade is currently having the best regular season of his career and is in consideration to receive his first-ever season NBA MVP award. The Miami HEAT Guard is currently leading the league in scoring (30.2 ppg), and registers in the top ten in assists (8th - 7.5 apg) and steals (2nd - 2.19 spg). He will also become the first player in NBA history to have 500 assists, 100 steals and 100 blocked shots in a season (NOTE: The NBA officially began to keep track of steals and blocks in the 1973-74 season).

To celebrate this historic season, Converse will reissue a limited amount of the WADE 1. The WADE 1 was first launched before the 2005-06 NBA season and was the first-ever signature shoe for Dwyane Wade. He wore the shoe during a breakout NBA season where he led the Miami HEAT to their first-ever NBA championship and recorded the third highest scoring average in the NBA Finals with 34.7 points per game.


Ask anyone about a deadbeat dad and you will get a mixture of responses. Some, tinged with the hurt, bitterness and resentment of a mother, daughter or son left forlorn and abandoned from a immature and heartless "man" concerned more about his own self-interests than raising his child while others share a story of an upstanding man attempting a life of shared custody only to be bombarded with accusations of being a deadbeat simply because he has no desire to be in a romantic relationship with his child's mother. Both scenarios are all too common and although the single parent household epidemic knows no color boundaries, it has hit no racial group harder than the Black family.

These days, the two parent household is a rarity. With a 50% divorce rate, there's a 1 in 2 chance that a romantic relationship ending in marriage will not eventually wind up in divorce court. Studies have concluded that children that are a by-product of a fatherless home often fare worse in life than those in a two parent home and are subject to greater bouts of depression, violent behavior, emotional stress and earlier experimentation with drugs, alcohol and sex due to poverty (Ketteringham: Associated Content 2007)


So when Litall text me about Chris Bosh, affectionately nicknamed CB4 Chris Bosh, face of the Toronto Raptors' Chris Bosh, being sued by his former live-in girlfriend, 28 year old Allison Mathis, for child support, I was initially confused.

aamir, lbbos.jpg

Yesterday, I broke down the Western Conference, and the possibility of teams breaking through and getting past the two best in the West - the Lakers and Spurs. Today, it's the same story, only in the Eastern Conference. Can anyone actually beat Lebron and his Cavs or the defending Champions?

For the longest time, Orlando was right there, and many said they had the right pieces to be playing side by side with Cleveland and Boston. But Jameer Nelson's injury has put them in limbo. True, Rafer Alston was a great replacement, but Jameer Nelson was built to run this Orlando team. Like the West, the East too has dealt with huge injuries to players (Jameer Nelson, Ben Wallace, Kevin Garnett, Josh Smith, Elton Brand, Michael Redd, Allen Iverson, Devin Harris). But it's a long season, and teams have worked their way up to this point. Thus far, we've had a unanimous three teams at the top.

After that, we have four teams fighting for the 4rd seed through 7th seed, and arguable six teams fighting for the final 8th seed. But all that aside, is any one better or able to beat the Cavaliers or Celtics?

Let's break it down.

aamir, dw.jpg

For a moment, lets put aside all the MVP chatter involving (Lebron, Kobe and Wade). With Dwayne Wade's 50 point game two nights ago, he became the Miami Heat's all-time scorer. It's a historic feature, but there's more to it than simply just passing Alonzo Mourning for the franchise leading scorer tag.

Alonzo Mourning had 9,459 points in 593 games. That's roughly a 16 point average. D-Wade? He put 9,460 points on the board in the third quarter, and ended the game with 9,489 in only 380 games. That's a pretty much a 25 point average. It's not some outrageous Jordan statistic; because it's not Jordan. It's Dwayne Wade. But with all he has had to deal with and play through, Wade has become the Heat's all-time scorer in incredible fashion. Already in the same sentence with other Miami Heat legends (Mourning, Tim Hardaway, Jamal Mashburn & Dan Majerle) Wade has put himself at the top of this franchise now, as holding the highs in both scoring (9,489 points) and assists (2,536).

For the record, Glen Rice is third on Miami's scoring list with 9,248 points.

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Ask just about anyone who are the two best players in the NBA and you will either get:

Kobe Bryant


Lebron James

We are all guilty of sleeping on the baller who could be the best player in the NBA right now:

Dwyane Wade

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