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Believe it or not I think Brian Kenny of ESPN and Floyd Mayweather are friends. They need a radio or TV show together because this is pure entertainment.

I will say this for Floyd people don't like to give him credit for anything and he made some solid points about Manny Pacquiao past losses as well as the differences with his fights with Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton as oppose to Pacquiao's recent domination of the same fighters.

Now I love that Brian Kinney doesn't take any crap from Floyd and raises some solid points himself especially asking why Floyd won't fight Shane Mosley and why he didn't wait to fight Manny Pacquiao.

This is how interviews should be. Not all that lovey dovey softball stuff that normally happens. Pure comedey This is RL approved.


Before you read about Floyd Mayweather's return I implore you to watch this video of Roger Mayweather from the Press Conference. His take on "Trainer of the Year" was by far the funniest moment of my media experience in Vegas:

Money is back.

The worse kept secret in boxing was that Floyd Mayweather Jr. was coming out of retirement. He made it official in an early Saturday morning press conference at the MGM Grand. In true Mayweather form he showed up at the press conference "straight from the strip club".


It takes a lot to impress me. I have performed in front of 5000 people before. I went to The Ohio State University where our football team plays in front of 100,000 every home game. I have been to NFL games, NBA games, MLB games and I have even been to prize fights before. But never in my life have I witnessed a scene like I did in the MGM Grand today. For you to understand it I have to explain how it all started.


I got to the MGM around 12:30 and headed to the media center. At that time there were a lot of British and Philippinos mulling around, but nothing earth shattering. The media center is closed off to the public, so we don't have any idea of what is going on outside.
From about 12:30-2:00pm I worked on my "Robert Littal Origins" series which will debut either tonight or early tomorrow. Sent a bunch of texts out, twittered (, talk to a lot of media people and boxers (Dan Rafael, Bert Sugar, Bernard Hopkins, Shane Mosley to name a few) and avoided Oscar De La Hoya like the plague.

Shocking news: Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is preparing for a return to boxing.


Like we didn't know this was coming. Floyd Mayweather, who retired in June 2008, is looking to make his return July 11 on HBO, according to sources close to the pint-sized pugilist. This is a complete shocker to people who believe there's a chance that the sun might not come up the next day or look for things to fall in other directions when they drop them. These are the people who were fooled by Michael Jordan's first retirement.

I think my homie Money Mayweather was smoking that "Michael Phelps" when he did this interview with the BBC's Mihir Bose. Nomination for the quote of the year:

"This my man P-Rilla aka Chinchilla"

On the comedy scale this is a high eight especially when you add Ray J into the mix. I do know one thing Money is no BonaFide Sports Expert because he picked the Cardinals and Kurt Warner to win the Super Bowl, so maybe there is a Mayweather curse?

For someone who supposedly has a six million dollar tax issue he sure seems to be having a good time. I need those types of problems. Watch the video trust me you will be entertained.



Is anyone really surprised by Shane Mosley's performance against Antonio Margarito? I've been watching Sugar since his days of thunder in the lightweight division. But can you really be surprised of his dominance of the king of the welterweights who has a granite chin, Antonio Margarito? What about his body though? Shane Mosley put on a boxing clinic tonight starting with excellent work to the body and sense enough to tie up with the then champion when they got close. Several times it seemed as if he would end the night early. And eventually he did with the fighter whom NOONE has ever seen in trouble like that.

The fight began in controversy as the California State Athletic Commissioner ordered that the Margarito camp retape his hands when they found a foreign substance that hardens when wet or perspired on. Similar and ironic to the controversy that surrounded his label mate and middleweight legend Bernard Hopkins (who's trainer, Naseem Richardson, is also Shane Mosley's for the fight) for his virtuoso performances against Kelly Pavlik and Felix Trinidad who were both undefeated knockout artists. Richardson was also in the corner for both of those fights.

Who's the Champ?

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There was a point in time where the Heavyweight Champion of the world was the most important and most recognized person in sports. Obviously that day has long gone. There was a point in time where the fights meant more than a winner and a loser, they had political supremacy on the line. Obviously that day has long gone. There was a time where fighters fought and we all watched. That day has gone. With big money fights not living up to expectations and the alphabet soup of boxing destroying the credibility of the word Champion, 2009 looks promising. But we cant forget that boxing hasn't broken it's promises to us before.



As Manny Pacquiao and Oscar de la Hoya put the finishing touches on their respective training camps in preparation for this Saturday's showdown, let's analyze some key elements of the fight.

1) Size: Some are saying that the size differential won't be much of a factor. They talk about Roy Jones vs. John Ruiz or Billy Conn vs. Joe Louis etc. But the majority of fighters who came into a bout with size disadvantages were outstanding boxers. Pacquiao is a fighter, someone who comes forward non-stop with all pistols firing. This plays right into De la Hoya's hands. Advantage De la Hoya.

2) Speed: Pacquiao has the speed advantage but does he have the power to hurt De la Hoya Oscar's fought Mosley, Hopkins, Julio Cesar-Chavez and so one. He's felt power and only Hopkins was able to knock him out. 35 yrs old or not, it's tough to envision Pacquiao being able to hurt De la Hoya. Advantage De la Hoya.

3) Stamina: De la Hoya tires as fights go into the later rounds and Pacquiao always seems to come on stronger the longer the fight goes. If Pacquiao can take the fight into later rounds, he may be able to pot shot De la Hoya, move in and out, and rack up points in the hopes of winning a decision. Advantage Pacquiao.

As the Economy is crashing you can always count on Money Mayweather to point on how much money the rest of of don't have. You know I am a big fan of Money, but homie this is not the time and the place to be whipping out millions of dollars in cash for everyone to see.

People are losing their homes, their savings, their kids college funds and etc, so do me a favor save the flossing for another day. We are trying to get a black man to be the president of the United States and this is not the time and the place.


When I first read this story on about how in August someone broke into Floyd Mayweather's bedroom window proceeded to steal seven million dollar worth of jewelry some many things came flooding into my mind.

"That's some damn expensive jewelry"

"Guess his bedroom is on the 1st floor"

"You would have thought if they were coming to steal some stuff they might have taken something a little easier to pawn off than custom made diamond encrusted jewels or find some of those money stacks Floyd always has on him"

But the #1 thing I thought of above all else and excuse me if I get a little hood right here:

"If this fool has seven million dollars worth of jewelry in his house why wasn't it in a damn safe?

I mean seriously Floyd is worth at least 20-30 million maybe more and he doesn't have a safe? You can go to Walgreens and buy one for $20. Who has seven million dollars worth of jewelry just lying on the bed? If I have $7 lying on my bed and left home I would be nervous about someone breaking in.

Ironically Floyd is put out a $100,000 reward for the return or arrest of the people who stole his property. Seems pretty cheap considering:


I like Floyd but considering some of the senseless violence that has been happening against athletes lately it maybe time to take a little shine of the bling before he ends up being buried with it.

*Here are additional details of the story*

Las Vegas, NV - One afternoon in late August, someone broke into one of Floyd Mayweather's homes and made off with his personal jewelry. This week Mayweather issued a $100,000 cash reward for information leading to the return of his property.

Mayweather confirmed that the jewelry is estimated to be valued at $7 million and was taken from one of his Las Vegas homes. The offense occurred on August 17, between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. The thieves apparently broke his bedroom window and entered while he was out of the house. No one was hurt and security is working around the clock to ensure that cameras and professional guards are posted. Only the jewelry was observed to be missing.

Anyone with information on this crime can call Sherbrooke, Jelan and Associates at (678) 457-5858 or (404) 786-1321. Callers could be eligible for an immediate cash reward of $100,000 and may remain anonymous.


Here is an exclusive pic of the one of the robbers breaking into Floyd's mansion.


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