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Look don't tell her because it is a secret. She doesn't know I am doing this, but she has been nominated for model of the year at the 2009 Southern Entertainment Awards. I want to help her out because she has been a big asset to the site since she has come aboard, so what I need everyone to do is click the link below and be sure to vote for Kami2Hot for the 2009 Southern Entertainment Model of The Year and when she wins we will throw a party. Now I can't make it rain, but I will at least make it partly cloudy.


Hmmm looks like Shaq isn't out of the woods yet...

Just as we thought things were finally getting back to normal in The O'Neal household with Shaq & Shaunie giving their marriage another try, a restraining order was granted Thursday against Shaquille by Alexis Miller, a budding Independent Atlanta rapper, alleging that he stalked her.

Now according to Miller, 23, aka Mary Jane (her stage name) , she felt the need to file the order after Shaq not only threatened to halt her music career, but cause her great bodily harm. She also alleges that he intimidated her by making calls & then breathing heavily into the phone. Among the paperwork sent to the court is an email, in which O'Neal allegedly stated, "I dnt no who the $#@@ u think u dealin wit u will neva be heard from one phone call is I gotta make now try me. Sho me." . She further alleges that he's even willing to go as far as paying performers $50,000 each not to work with her. Apparently he didn't agree with her decision to end their year and a half relationship last month.

Per the restraining order that Judge Richard Hicks issued, O'Neal is prohibited from having any contact or even coming within 200 yards of Miller or her 19-month-old son (the child is unrelated to Shaq). The scheduled hearing is set for Sept. 4 with O'Neal , who resides in Florida, to appear before Judge Karen Woodson.

As I was reading about this around the net, I thought that the name Alexis Miller sounded familiar... So I did my research and wouldn't you know I have her saved as a friend on MySpace after running into her at the clubs in ATL? I made an attempt to see if Ms. Miller would care to share her side in an exclusive for BSO so I'll keep you updated on that. From what I know, MaryJane certainly likes the celebrities, especially football players *whistles* It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out and what this means for the O'Neals' reconciliation *eyebrow raised* It's a small world indeed.

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The new kid is at it again, this time dishing on the 100m & 200m finals at the 2008 Summer Olympics..Check out the video and leave your thoughts.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the relaunch of my site,, coming in October 2008..Its going to have a few surprises..*wink*

In the meantime, you can catch me on Myspace or you can call me at 404-496-5773 & we'll chop it up!:)

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