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On August 4, 2009, we will be hosting an online auction to raise money in order for Golden Sierra Life Skills to continue to teach and guide those in need. The auction will be hosted online by - a site that is partnered with eBay and eBay Giving Works to fundraise and conduct auctions for non-profit organizations.

To kick off the online auction, six items will be up for bid including:


So Lebron smoked the "Ricky Williams" in high school and this is news why?

Very similar to the ESPN Outside the Lines crew who seem perplexed about what goes on in strip clubs, high school kids smoking weed is not a phenomenon.

This video is courtesy of

They definitely get all the credit on this one. They scooped with a lot better quality video.


Am I the only one who thinks this Lebron video is taking on a "Blair Witch Project" feel? Maybe once debuts the video (6:45PM Eastern) they can turn their attention to some other great mysteries.

Did John Wilkes Booth have help killing Abraham Lincoln?

Was there really someone on the grassy knoll?

What role did the FBI play in the murder of Martin Luther King?

Why in the Disney Cartoons Goofy could speak, but not Pluto? They were both dogs. (that has been bothering me for years)?

Most importantly I want to know:


LeBrondunk.jpgSo there's the rumor going around that LBJ got dunked on by a college player in a pickup game. So what? I say rumor because we won't be able to see it thanks to Nike yanking the tapes. Well, as far as we know Nike decided to yank the video evidence. Or did they?


Shaq has played with some of the best players of our generation.

1- Prime Penny Hardaway
2- Kobe Bryant
3- Dwanye Wade
4- Steve Nash
5- Lebron James

You would think with these types of wing men he should have more than four titles but I digress. Lets examine each relationship and then I will tell you why you should feel uneasy if you are a Cavs fan.


I knew it was going to happen it was just a matter of time. It always happens to the "ultra" good. It happened to Jordan, it happened to Wilt, it happened to Barkley, it happened to Stockton and Malone, it happened to Kobe (different reason) and etc.

When are spectacular good you start to be defined not by "stats", but by "Championships" and Lebron James is about to find out about this the hard way.

nba lebron james dunk.jpgNow that the parades have happened, Championship and MVP trophies given out its time to check where every NBA player I've seen stands with these ever adjusting legacies. For my lifetime I'm going to go from 1982 to now. So this eliminates Wilt, Kareem, Oscar, Russell and those players I never really saw at all or enough of to add to my list. Also others who haven't played long enough or sustained long enough like Chris Paul and D. Wade who may be on this list soon.

In reverse order:

10 - Lebron James - There has not been a more physically gifted player. Of all the players that have come out of high school he was clearly the most ready. And unlike the others he came right in and made a difference. His game right now is based on athleticism and his knowledge of the game. And with that he already has a league MVP and arguably is the best player in the league. Once he develops a jump shot and or a reliable post up game he has the ability to rise to the top of this list.

aamir, kobepup.jpg

Could this be the final Nike Puppet commercial? Some of us hope so. But only Nike knows how many they could continue to do. If only Shaq was signed by Nike...

Now, there's over 10 Puppet commercials...but this one, a celebrating Kobe and a bummed Lebron...may prove to be the last one.

aamir, bso headshot.jpg

And here's another one campaigning Lebron for the 2010 season.

When will they stop?

aamir, bso headshot.jpg

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