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Michael Jordan has finally made it to the Hall of Fame!! In celebration, Gatorade released a Limited Edition Jordan series package. The package is dedicated to MJ's soar to greatness and is titled "23 Then. Now. Forever." Only 23 tastemaker packages were created. The package includes a Gatorade "G" sports towel, six limited edition Gatorade bottles signed by Michael Jordan and an exclusive Sony portable reader system with a special message from MJ himself.


I was able to get a sneak peak at the new Michael Jordan's Gatorade Championship Brand that will be debuting in stores across the country soon.

I think most would agree that the two brands you immediately think of when you think of MJ are Nike and Gatorade, so bringing him back into the fold is a no brainer in my opinion.

The "I WANT TO BE LIKE MIKE" Gatorade campaign was one if not the greatest campaign of all time.

nba lebron james dunk.jpgNow that the parades have happened, Championship and MVP trophies given out its time to check where every NBA player I've seen stands with these ever adjusting legacies. For my lifetime I'm going to go from 1982 to now. So this eliminates Wilt, Kareem, Oscar, Russell and those players I never really saw at all or enough of to add to my list. Also others who haven't played long enough or sustained long enough like Chris Paul and D. Wade who may be on this list soon.

In reverse order:

10 - Lebron James - There has not been a more physically gifted player. Of all the players that have come out of high school he was clearly the most ready. And unlike the others he came right in and made a difference. His game right now is based on athleticism and his knowledge of the game. And with that he already has a league MVP and arguably is the best player in the league. Once he develops a jump shot and or a reliable post up game he has the ability to rise to the top of this list.


Yesterday we compared Lebron James plight to a very young Michael Jordan. Today we are going to compare the plight of Kobe Bryant to an older Michael Jordan.

Legendary athletes in any sport when their physical skills start to erode their mental skills peak. When they no longer have the ability to physically dominate they get by simply on their athletic IQ.

Fans in general, especially if they are in love with the player don't like to acknowledge physical slippage. To the train eye though it should be obvious.

If you have been engaged in the Kobe vs. Lebron debate one thing should be clear, Lebron is a physical monster right now. This brings us to Darth Kobe.

aamir, bulls.jpg

There are 30 teams in the NBA, but every year, there are only a number of teams that are considered playoff teams, and of those 16-18 playoff teams, there are only a few teams that are considered contenders. And in all honesty, it seems like that number is too small. I don't care how die-hard of a Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago or Dallas fan you are...your team is not going to make the NBA Finals. If you're lucky, these teams might make a little bit of noise, but that's about it.

For teams in building mode like Charlotte, Oklahoma City, Memphis and Minnesota, they understand they aren't at that level yet, and only aspire to reach that level. Minnesota, you may remember was at that level for about a year and a half.

An avid watcher of the NBA for over a decade, I have seen amazing teams come and go, dynasties built and dismantled and through it all, all these teams go through a window... and typically, it's not very big. And with the season officially over, and playoffs starting this weekend...allow me to explain.


While competing in a debate at one of the the topics was who were the most "clutch" athletes off all time. I thought you would be interested in my list.

1- Michael Jordan

You can sum up MJ's clutch skills in two possessions. 1998 NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz everyone remembers the shot over Byron Russell that was a serial killer putting a dagger in the heart, but what I remember more was the steal of Karl Malone to get Jordan in position to make that shot. It is the little things that are the difference between a great player (see: Karl Malone) and a legendary players (see: Michael Jordan).

Being clutch is always about hitting the game winning shot. It is about making all the plays to get you in position to make that shot. No one was better than that than Michael Jordan. There has never been a better "serial killer" in the history of sports.

2- Joe Montana

Being clutch is also about being calm. So it is no wonder Montana got the name "Joe Cool". The famous story of him kidding about John Candy being in the stands as he prepared to take the 49ers down the field for the winning score in the Super Bowl against the Cincinnati Bengals is legendary.

The best players never get caught up in the moment they embrace it while others run from it. Montana was a classic case of the QB you want to be under center. You want your best players to play their best in the biggest games and that is the Super Bowl and there was no one better that Montana in those pressure moments.

aamir, allstar kicks1.jpg

BSO Writer, Scott Koral started the dialogue about Nike shoes at this year's All-Star game. (see article here.) So let's go off of that and detail who's wearing what this year.

I went through most of my sneaker blogs last night and have compiled a pretty good list.

So for all the sneaker heads out there, much appreciated.

Check out Lebron's and Kobe's special edition kicks after the jump.

To start the NBA All-Star weekend in fashion this weekend, the Jordan brand will be showcasing their next 60 second commercial spot for the "Become Legendary" series.

It features Rip Hamilton, Carmelo Anthony, Joe Johnson and Chris Paul.

Check it out. It's unreal. It also features Jordan's new sneakers, the Jordan 2009. See if you can spot it. For pics of the Jordan 2009, see an older post on my blog. This has got to be one of my favorite Jordan commercials in this series that doesn't feature Jordan himself.

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