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Steve McNair isn't a Hall of Famer

I know this probably isn't the best time to go here, but I had to because we all know that there's a tendency to overstate people's greatness when they pass on, especially if it's early. There was some discussion of McNair's Hall of Fame worthiness when he retired, with the verdict coming down against. Now some chatter came up again, and it needs to be said definitively that he isn't, and that the sportswriters who choose not to vote for him aren't being racist. When you look at all the metrics that we can measure him by, he come up short across the board. No rings, no eye popping stats, a .500 playoff record, and only three Pro Bowls. The only things in his favor are his MVP award in 2003 and his 30,000 passing yards, which don't mean as much as they used to (28 other quarterbacks have at least 30,000 passing yards and only half of them are or will be Hall of Famers). He was very good, often great, but he just didn't pass the necessary benchmarks to cement his case.

Written By Robert Bonnette

......To the highest degree.


Here fight fans were, waiting for a Rashad Evans vs. Rampage Jackson title bout this summer. With the sport gaining appeal, an all African-American main event would have been major for Dana White and UFC. No, I'm not being racist or impartial, but it is what it is. UFC big wig Dana White knew that Evans vs. Jackson would've tapped into a market that is thirsty. And with Directv satellite we all could have enjoyed in in HD. What a shame.

Remember this?

Look, I'm all for the rights of the handicapable to live out their dreams. I firmly believe that they can do whatever they set their minds to. And like most people who haven't replaced their hearts with a cast iron furnace, I'm a sucker for a feel-good story about a guy with no legs who ran a marathon or a kid with no hands winning a Madden tournament or something like that.

But sometimes, the effort to be inspiring goes a bit too far.

Kyle Maynard is an aspiring MMA fighter who has no arms or legs past his joints. The word is, he was a pretty good wrestler in high school, but since there's no real money in professional amateur wrestling (mostly because there is no such thing), Maynard decided to do like all amateur wrestlers are doing these days: Become a shootfighter.

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