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Somebody needs to help me out here. Like most people, I drank the 'Joe Dumars is an excellent GM' Kool Aid. Well, this summer has made me pour my glass right down the drain. His moves have defied logic to the point that his entire tenure needs to be re-examined. That whole Darko Millicic pick is looking more and more like the norm and not the exception now. Is Dumars another Isaiah Thomas, or am I hitting him a little too hard here? When it's time to evaluate GMs, you look at a few things: draft picks (not just who they took but when they did it), free agency (who they signed and who they let leave), and trades. And then you look at the wins and losses. You can make smart picks but if they add up to a losing team then you failed. So how does he fare? Let's see:


Overall, he's done a good job here. Three of the starting five on the 2004 title team were acquired by trades, so he clearly knows what he's doing here. He was able to turn what was looking like a free agent loss in Grant Hill into a sign and trade that landed Ben Wallace. Rip Hamilton was acquired for Jerry Stackhouse, who was a better individual player but didn't fit in as well with his teammates. And he got Rasheed Wallace in a three way deal for essentially a bunch of bench players a first round pick. Nothing to hate on there. Trading Chauncey Billups for Allen Iverson did what it was supposed to - create cap space for this summer and beyond. There have been other deals, but these are the most significant ones. Top to bottom, Dumars grades out well here.

Written By Robert Bonnette

aamir, kbdwight finals.jpg

We had been together since nearly October, and when we began our year together and collectively, for the good and bad, we had many dreams and hopes. I had dreams for Championships and countless wins for my home team while you had hopes for another successful season with no tainted images that have so feverishly filled previous seasons thanks to gambling officials and unbelievable fights amongst players and fans.

And while you leave in celebratory fashion as you do every year, this year you leave me yearning for more. You leave me with so many questions. You leave and leave me with no choice but to wait impatiently for...what? Even this, you have failed to give me as you walk into the shadows of Los Angeles riots and parades with trade rumors flourishing under you.

Don't leave. Please.

My new favorite dance group The Jabbawockeez had a little dance off with some KG, Kevin Durant and DWade (come on DWade loosen up a bit man you too

Now I know you don't want to see me breaking it down a bit. I can get my two step on a bit. In lieu of that check out to find out exactly "What's G?".

In this video, Alicia hangs out at the T-Mobile Party, visits the Dwyane Wade All-Star Luncheon for charity and interviews DWade, Alonzo Mourning and American Idol winner Jordin Sparks, catches up with Jason Terry from the Mavericks at the Phoenician and chats with Common on the red carpet.


Once again remember every time you visit the MissionG website Gatorade gives a dollar to charity. So you not only checking out the coolest website not named BlackSportsOnline, but you are also helping out a good cause.

Without question this was the best part of the 2009 NBA All-Star game on Sunday. Unfortunately it happened during the introductions (the game was a blow out or "blowed" out if Emmitt Smith was watching). Shaquille O'Neal gets down with The Jabbawockeez and I must say that I am very impressed. Shaq is not a small man, but he has a little MC Hammer in him. He is a much better dancer than he is a rapper.


Shaq & Kobe went on to receive co-MVP honors. It reminded me when New Edition got back together with Bobby Brown. Good times I tell you, good times.




These pics are from Jay Z's and Lebron's "Two Kings" Party. You know "Ya Boy" always gets the inside scoop so here are some pics that normally you would see next week, but because you check out the The Infamous BlackSportsOnline you are seeing today.

By the way if you even needed to know why Vanessa Bryant topped our "Top 100 Athletes' Wives" just look at the picture below. Anytime you can make me turn my attention from Beyonce that means you are doing something right.


Lebron is not doing to bad for himself either:


So besides getting his "Mc Hammer" on in pregame introductions Shaq also had the play of the 2009 NBA All Star game with this beautiful "Give & Go" with Chris Paul where he passes the ball between an unsuspecting Dwight Howard's legs.



With so much going on this weekend in Phoenix Arizona, its hard to keep track of who is doing what, and how players are interacting with one another. is doing something pretty cool this year, allowing you to check out the best moments throughout the day and watching video clips. Seen in the thread below, you can see how the East players react to Allen Iverson's new hair-do. You can see interviews with Lebron, Kobe, Shaq singing, and more.

Watch the video feed below and browse thru some of the best moments of the weekend.

e-mail aamir

New Spalding commercial featured this weekend during All-Star Saturday night. Very welld one.

Check it out.

aamir,k d.jpg

And the sophomore dominance continues. Rocking some bright, bright orange Nikes, Kevin Durant dominated the Rookie-Sophomore All-Star Game with relentless defense and some incredible offense. Durant led the Sophomore team with 45 points on 17/25 shooting and 7 rebounds, beating the rookies 122-116. 45 points marks the most points scored in an All-Star game (42 by Wilt Chamberlain) and also beats the previous record of 36 held by Amare Stoudemire.

An entertaining game, the Durant proved to be too much for anybody on the Rookie team. Michael Beasley led the rooks with 29 points. This gives the rookies a 7 game losing streak to the sophomores.

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