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Back when I was at The Ohio State University I use to do a school sponsored radio show (yeah I was even Bona Fide back then) and I remember when the 1998 draft was approaching I was 100% behind the Colts taking Ryan Leaf over Peyton Manning. Since I was a lot louder than I am now I would tell anyone who would listen that Leaf would be much better than Manning. My theory was that Manning could never win the big game whereas Leaf was physically better and had the type of demeanor to handle pressure situations.

I wasn't that far of far off about Manning choking in big games but in hindsight I probably should have taken into account he was awesome in all the other games. Leaf on the other hand well even the great ones like myself deserve a mulligan.


Two nights, two NFL Draft parties & BlackSportsOnline reporter Corey Parsons was on the scene. Here is some inside information from Mr. Parsons on the Official ESPN The Magazine Draft Party & the Official NFL Draft Classic party:


2009 ESPN Magazine Draft Party:

The 6th annual ESPN party was held on Friday the 24th in NYC at ESPACE and featured DJ Spinderella and a live performance from Fabolous. Corey was impressed by the ESPN party:

"Say what you want to about the WWL but they know how to throw a party."


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With the NFL Draft about 24 hours away. We will be providing you with links from around the web of the latest draft news and rumors. This will be updated frequently so be sure to check in throughout the day.

Also I will Twitter live coverage of the Draft tomorrow starting at 3pm Eastern:


Lions: Stafford's The Guy

Surprise Pick Coming In Top Ten?

Bills Exploring A Trade To Land Andre Smith

Jets Interested in Sanchez

Broncos In Play For Sanchez

Curry Predicts Lions Will Sign, Draft Stafford

I'm really not feeling all of this hoopla over Matt Stafford or Mark Sanchez right now, and if you ask me I wouldn't take either one. Especially not for $30 million-plus guaranteed. You see, there's two kinds of draft hype:

1) On the field hype, where the draft gurus/GMs/etc get amped over what guys actually did on the field and the physical traits they displayed there (accuracy, explosiveness, hands, etc.).

2) Draft season hype, where people get all worked up over 40 times, interviews, wonderlic scores, and the like, but don't have any on field basis for their sudden increase or decrease in enthusiasm for certain players.

Now from my experience paying attention to all this stuff, the first brand of hype is usually more reliable than the second. The first brand is what gave us Peyton Manning, Donovan McNabb, LaDanian Tomlinson, Dwight Freeney, and many others. The second leads you to Matt Jones, Mike Mamula, Ryan Leaf, and Kyle Boller. Now of course you get exceptions to each rule every year but I just don't think you should increase a guy's grade because he ran a good 40 or exuded confidence in an interview if his game film suggests he's not all that. At the same time, downgrading a guy who clearly showed and proved on the field because he ran a bad 40 or hada bad interview isn't a good idea either. What's really crazy, if you remember, is that a lot of people were honestly believing at one point that Leaf was a better choice than Manning. Despite years of game film and his pedigree a lot of people fell for one year of Leaf highlights and his superior arm strength and would have made him their choice if they were picking first.

Written By Robert Bonnette


Mock drafts are dumb. Similar to instant draft analysis which are also dumb. Then again Mel Kiper Jr has become a multiple millionaire because of them so maybe I shouldn't be such a cynic.

Speaking of Mel let me tell you a little story. A lot of people ask how I came up with the title "Bona Fide Sports Expert". Many people thinks it makes me sound arrogant and egotistical which is all true, but not because of the name. The name is an inside joke that only a few people know about, but I am about to share with you. We started BSO around the same time of the NFL Draft in 05 (damn we have an anniversary coming up). I was sitting around with some friends watching the draft and every time Mel Kiper would come on the screen he would be introduced as:

"Mel Kiper Jr. Draft Expert"

Now Mel has a lot of knowledge about that draft but to be honest his guess on player evaluation is as good as anyone else in the world. It is just an educated guess. My homie Syko Red said I should have a title too and I jokingly said:

"Sure I will be Robert Littal Bona Fide Sports Expert"

And the legend was born. Here is the official 2009 BSO NFL Mock Draft with very limited insight because I am just guessing like everyone else.

Also check out Historical Analysis on why drafting a Junior QB is not the greatest idea.

A Historical Perspective on the Unsuccessful History of Drafting Junior QBs in the First Round.

1- Detroit Lions: Georgia QB Matthew Stafford

The Lions went 0-16 last year but didn't change their GM so do you really think they are going to make the proper choice? #1 picks should be unanimous especially quarterbacks. Half the league thinks Sanchez is better and he only started 16 games. What does that say about Stafford?

2- Saint Louis Rams: Baylor T Jason Smith
Orlando Pace is gone and even with him they couldn't protect the QB. Easy choice.

3- Kansas City Chiefs: Wake Forest LB Aaron Curry

The kid just makes plays all over the field. Safest pick in the draft.

4- Seattle Seahawks: USC QB Mark Sanchez

Matt Hasslebeck is on his last leg. Boom or bust for Sanchez.

5- Cleveland Browns: Texas Tech WR Michael Crabtree

Unlike Braylon Edwards who will be traded Crabtree can hold on to the ball.


Damien Woody.jpgdeionsanders.jpgdwoods.jpgErin Andrews.jpges.jpgespn7.jpgfab.jpgfab11.jpgfab1.jpgFat Joe  Al Harrington.jpgJosh Freeman.jpgkkkm.jpgliris crosse.jpgMatthew Berry.jpgsc.jpgspin.jpgStrahan.jpg

Same stuff, different year

I do this every year at both BCS time and NCAA Tournament time. That is, I call bs on all of us who beef about how the NCAA handles its championship selections in both football and basketball, because for all our beefing we still watch the freaking games. And even better, we watch the big names schools we rail against but tune out when our beloved mid majors make it a long way. The proof is in the ratings, folks. Let's keep it real, now. If Michigan were to make the final four, a whole lot more people would tune than if Utah St. got there. We saw this in 2006 when George Mason made their run of all runs, only to draw a smaller than usual television audience once they played in the semifinals. Even a big name school like Florida doesn't necessarily equal big ratings since they're not a historical basketball power. We might say we don't want UNC vs. UConn in the Final but we're all lying.

Written By Robert Bonnette


NFL hopefuls draft stock rises and falls based on what NFL coaches, scouts and team executives see on the field turf and hear in the interview rooms at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. It's a big FREAKIN deal. The combine itself is all about money. The players who work out there are in essentially a job interview, auditioning for future employers. With that being said, let's take a look at who helped and hurt themsleves the most sa far at the combine.


Robert Ayers, DE, Tennessee: He enjoyed a standout week at the Senior Bowl in January, and in his meeting with the media over the weekend said all the right things that leads one to believe he is willing to work and make the most of whatever chance he gets.

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock likes Ayers so much, he called him the 12th best player on his list.

Pat White, QB, West Virginia: There are some teams who still aren't sold on White as an NFL quarterback, but those who saw his performance during drills over the weekend can't deny the fact that he was very impressive, and might even tempt some team into giving him a shot at quarterback. At the very worst, he has at least convinced teams that he can be a very good asset to have in the ever changing offenses of the NFL.

Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, Maryland: Darrius Heyward-Bey ran the fastest 40-yard dash among wide receivers and running backs at the scouting combine, perhaps even securing a place in the first round of the draft. Considered a fringe first round pick at best with second-round grades, Heyward-Bey seized the moment at the combine with a 4.30 time in the 40. He not only ran well, but performed well in his position drills.

Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia: Due to the lack of quality QB's at the combine, Stafford's decision not to throw was a big win for him. He will instead throw at his pro day on March 19. He now has a few more weeks to work on the things he knows the scouts will look for. Stafford did look decent in his agiliy drills and ran a decent 40 time.

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